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Are you looking for a sugar daddy? Or maybe you are an established man looking for a sugar baby? C. S. Lewis famously said: “This moment contains all moments”.  It means any moment in life can lead to infinite possibilities. So this moment, right now, is the moment that will change your life permanently.

• Finding an arrangement to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship on your terms

You don’t have to be stuck in a traditional relationship which includes a lot of drama, stress and manipulation. Also, how many people in traditional relationships are happy? Not that many! Yes, that’s why we are introducing you to the new lifestyle: sugar daddy dating. An arrangement is a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, everyone gets exactly what they want without playing games or lying. How beautiful and honest is that!

• Getting exactly what you want

Dating a sugar daddy is the most rewarding and satisfying experience in life. And you’ll get what you want with honesty. Clearly, a sugar baby is spoiled by a sugar daddy because the sugar baby gets allowance and gifts. Meanwhile, the sugar daddy gets the companionship of a beautiful young woman. So that’s the perfect combination! But of course, you have to establish terms and conditions from the beginning and stick to your rules. Mutual respect is a must.

• What an arrangement is & what an arrangement isn’t

An arrangement is a genuine connection and a mutually beneficial relationship with honesty from Day 1. However, an arrangement is not manipulation or lying because you don’t need to manipulate any one or lie in such a relationship. In contrast, you have to play games in a traditional relationship which is becoming increasingly less popular every day now.

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