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Why FWB dating apps & millionaire dating apps are the most sought-after on the market?

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According to a recent study on Google, “FWB dating apps” and “millionaire dating apps” are the most popular search keywords in the online dating space on the Internet in July 2019. Further examination reveals that this phenomenon is probably caused by the growing stress in modern-day society.

  • Many people who are joining fwb dating apps and millionaire dating apps are not technically single.

There is a new word “situationship” in this day and age. It means two people are not really in a relationship, but there is definitely something going on between them. In this hook-up culture, situationships are probably more common than relationships.

When a man and a woman are in a situationship, there is no commitment. It is said that there are four stages of a relationship:

1) admiration;

2) chemistry;

3) commitment;

4) compatibility.

Without Stage 3, no one is really thinking about Stage 4. With only Stage 1 and Stage 2, it is not even a relationship.

As many people are in situationships rather than relationships, a growing number of online daters are looking for FWB dating apps and millionaire dating apps because these two categories are well-known for NSA relationships.apps for dating

By the way, FWB means Friends with Benefits; NSA means No-Strings-Attached.

Indeed, if you are not really in a relationship anyway, why not look for someone else at the same time? There is nothing wrong with seeing multiple people at the same time if you don’t have a commitment in the first place.

When you have several friends with benefits, you can easily expand your social network. This is even more effective than taking a networking course taught by a professional.

As far as I know, a large number of successful people (including celebrities) made it because of the support from their friends with benefits. Yes, when a friendship is best characterized by intimacy, many things become easier instantly.

Having a friend with benefits is just like having a partner minus the stress. We all know stress is inevitable in traditional relationships because no one actually enjoys responsibilities.

Yet in an FWB scenario, you can basically ask for each other’s help without any embarrassment or stress. So, a lot of people have joined FWB dating apps to look for this type of friendships.

Anna and Sandy met each other on an FWB dating app in 2019. At that time, Anna was looking for another job because her boss didn’t give her enough work (she only went to work two days a week). However, Anna didn’t know anyone in that area because she moved to that city from overseas.

After she met Sandy, her life has become unrecognizable because Sandy introduced a very good job to Anna. Now Anna is working for Sandy’s best friend who is a CEO of a successful company.FWB dating apps

Anna and Sandy are still friends with benefits today.

Lucy and Gareth met each other on a millionaire dating app before wealthy dating apps were removed by Apple. Because Gareth was not really looking for a relationship (he was looking for an arrangement only), Lucy started an arrangement with Gareth.

Now Lucy receives allowance from Gareth every week and all she needs to do is to go out with Gareth twice a week. She doesn’t have to work anymore – she just needs to go to the beach and coffeehouses every day.

“Even though millionaire dating apps have been removed by iOS, people can still access these apps on Google Play Store where everyone has free speech,” says Lucy, “My relationship with Gareth is actually an arrangement, but I think it is also a kind of relationship because we genuinely like each other.”

  • The most common qualities of people who are successful on FWB dating apps and millionaire dating apps:

As I see it, there are some very common qualities of those who are successful on millionaire dating apps and FWB dating apps. Let me explain.

  • People who are successful on fwb dating apps & millionaire dating apps have realistic standards. They don’t have a long shopping list which is too romantic. Instead, they have very practical standards – the person they are looking for should give them the right things they need, e.g. a good time in the bedroom, powerful connections, financial benefits, etc.
  • People who are successful on these dating apps maximize their strengths.Most women who are successful on these apps maximize their beauty by growing their hair long and losing weight. This isn’t the most mainstream topic in the western culture because I can’t really say “If you want to become more attractive, you should grow your hair long and lose weightas most men will find you hot if these two elements are present on you” – a blue-pilled woman will feel offended if she hears this. Yet a red-pilled woman will hijack what sexually arouses men and use that to her advantage.
  • Those who are successful on these apps don’t care what other people think about them.Don’t let others control your life. In fact, most people aren’t even thinking about you because they have their own problems to worry about.wealthy men dating apps
  • The unusual habits of highly successful people on millionaire dating apps may surprise you.

I’ve met lots of hugely successful people on wealthy men dating apps due to the nature of my work & a lot of them share the same habits.

First, these rich men prioritize their health and wellbeing. As Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “The most important thing in my life is not my business; it’s the health and wellbeing of my family.” He is absolutely right – as a matter of fact, most wealthy men agree with him.

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of a multi-billion-dollar company in the United States. He goes to bed before 9 o’clock every night and hasn’t used an alarm clock for at least ten years. He says making sleep a priority is the No. 1 reason why his productivity is tremendous and his company is very successful.

Kate Northrup is a 7-figuge business owner who goes to bed before 9 o’clock every night as well. Her motto “Body first; business second” is extremely powerful. I’m very impressed by her after reading her book Do Less.

I’m not saying these people are on millionaire dating apps. What I’m saying is I’ve met lots of successful people on wealthy dating apps and they all share the same habits with celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu and Kate Northrup.

Second, these rich guys have very active love lives. This may surprise you – most rich men aren’t spending all of their time working extremely hard. Let’s be honest: Even Bill Clinton had time to hook up with random women when he was the president of the United States. How many rich men are as busy as the president of America? Clearly, the majority of rich guys have time to date hot women.women want to date

If you’ve read The Old Money Book: How to Live Better While Spending Less – Secrets of America’s Upper Class (written by Byron Tully), you probably know that the author argues that most upper-class men never date women that they know they wouldn’t marry. That’s how they save time.

Yes, Byron Tully comes from an old money background and his argument is possibly true. But how many people would tell others about their active love lives? If Bill Clinton’s affair wasn’t exploited by his enemies, very few people would know his active love life.

That is to say, Byron Tully’s rich friends and family members probably didn’t tell him about their active love lives, so Mr. Tully didn’t present the whole picture in his book.

According to my observation, the majority of wealthy men have very active love lives – they are surrounded by attractive women; their businesses are automated by employees and managers – of course, they have the time and opportunities to build a colorful love life with or without a millionaire dating app/FWB dating app.

Finally, a hugely successful person juggles 20 balls at the same time and allow 5 balls to drop, whereas everyone else only holds 1 ball. I’ve worked with multiple millionaire dating apps so far, so I know a lot of multi-millionaires have more than one income stream.

For instance, Gala Darling sells books, runs ads on her website and teaches online programs. Louise Roe works as a TV show host, sells products on her website and receives book royalties from her book. Although these ladies are not on millionaire dating apps, many similar men and women are.

Another interesting finding is the majority of successful people on millionaire dating apps take a lot of risks. These guys never worry about their mistakes because their aggressive actions make their mistakes irrelevant.

For example, a rich guy tries 1000 things and 500 of those things fail. That means he has 500 things that are working. By contrast, a loser tries 1 thing and it fails; he tries another thing and it fails; he tries another thing and it fails again – that’s when he gives up (these failures look too important because he doesn’t take a huge amount of action like the winner does.)

What I’ve learned from interesting people on FWB dating apps and millionaire dating apps is eye-opening.

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