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Nowadays there are many ways to meet people while travelling around. You may go to a Contiki tour which features lots of parties with young people (and hook-ups). You can also travel alone and maximize your chance to meet anyone you like. But the best way to do it is to download a fine dating app that allows you to travel at the same time!

• Travelling is the best way to meet new people because you are spending time with someone in an intense way.

Indeed, if you want to really know someone, you have to travel with them! Travelling with somebody is the best way to get to know him/her because you are spending all of your time together while travelling. Also, it’s easier to discover each other’s interests when you go travelling together.

• Shared experiences are the best way to build emotional connection, i.e. the most important pillar in a relationship.

There are three pillars in a relationship: emotional connection, intimacy and shared vision (AKA mutual benefits). Obviously, the No. 1 pillar is emotional connection. Oftentimes, you can build emotional connection with someone by having lots of shared experiences with them first. And travelling with someone is the easiest way to achieve that. Yes, you can have fun while working on your relationship!

• Travel gives you the opportunity to either hook up with someone or find a long-term partner.

This is the most flexible option because anything is possible while you are traveling! You can find casual flings, serious commitments, or just friends. It’s all good! Therefore, no matter what you are looking for, you will always find something you enjoy and cherish! You only have one life, so make sure this only one shot counts!

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