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There are hundreds of gay dating apps nowadays where gay and bi men are more welcomed than gay women. LGBTQ+ community also grows immensely adding a new capital letter to its title every year. No wonder why girls started to feel the need in their own cozy corner for an optimized search. Female sexuality is complex and consists of many categories as well. It’s not possible to dedicate enough attention to such a delicate and important matter on general dating or gay dating apps/sites. Now, here are the features that are absolutely necessary in good lesbian dating apps:

  • Blogs and articles. It’s a well-known fact that Lesbians are damn intellectual. They are fond of various researches and sharing the information. None app will be successful without themed articles, dating tips, and discussions. Enjoy them on the best platforms we offer within our list!
  • LGBTQ calendar. Lesbian women are also very social. Not many of them are introverted. It can be said that an active social position and a struggle for justice are in their blood. That’s why the calendar of themed events is so much needed! Events of culture, parades, parties, concerts of famous L-girls – all that can help to spend a marvellous and useful time together. It’s also the best way for singles to meet their second half. In any case, L-evenings cannot be boring!
  • Tests, quizzes, and questionnaires. Lesbian girls will never let you go without testing you in so many ways. Brainy is sexy! Not only the tests help to define a level of personal compatibility but they are also great ice-breakers. Communication is the key! High-rated lesbian dating apps take this into consideration. Some tests are tricky enough to be effective match-makers! They also prevent from superfluous acquaintances and time-wasting. Not to mention they’re also developed by damn smart L-girls.

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