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Free Sugar Daddy Dating Apps: How to find your Roger Sterling

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Looking for a mentor, a sponsor, a lover and a father figure? All you really need is a sugar daddy. So, let me show you how to find a sugar daddy if you are fascinated by the idea of dating Roger Sterling, a mature, rich and generous gentleman who wants to spoil sugar babies.

  • Free sugar daddy dating apps make money by collecting membership fees from sugar daddies only.

There are some sugar daddy dating apps that require sugar babies to pay membership fees, but several free sugar daddy dating apps are completely free for sugar babies because they monetize their platforms by collecting membership fees from generous members only. So, attractive members can enjoy dating rich men without a problem.

“Several years ago, I conducted a survey online by asking 120 women which fictional character they would like to date. Their choices were Jack Dawson, Mike Delfino and Roger Sterling. Interestingly, 65% of our participants chose Roger Sterling,” says Krystal K., CEO of a free sugar daddy dating app, “Then I realized that most women are attracted to a sophisticated, wealthy and generous man who can be their ideal mentor, so I started a sugar daddy dating app which has been hugely successful.”

Indeed, twenty years ago, women couldn’t shut their legs in front of Jack Dawson; ten years ago, women were talking about how hot Mike Delfino was; today a large number of women want to date Roger Sterling who is happy to spoil sugar babies.

“In actuality, we can learn a lot from fictional characters. I remember a mentor of mine told me that modeling has a broad meaning – we can learn from role models in real life and fictional characters in novels, movies and TV shows because smart people can learn anywhere, any time,” says Krystal K., “That’s why I conducted a survey like that and most women are very excited while answering that question.”

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  • The competition is fierce amongst sugar babies.

Although there is more than one sugar daddy dating app, the competition amongst sugar babies is increasingly stiff. Therefore, intelligent women need to know how to work hard and how to work smart while looking for a Roger Sterling.

Note that when I say “work hard” and “work smart”, I’m talking about making efforts and making intelligent efforts when you are looking for a sugar daddy. I’m not talking about sitting in the office for 10 hours a day – that’s not my definition of working hard or working smart.

As a matter of fact, most ambitious sugar babies want successful careers as well, apart from landing sugar daddies. Interestingly, hardworking sugar babies tend to find sugar daddies faster than women who only dream about dating the rich. The unpleasant truth is rich men have seen a lot and they aren’t dumb, so they can tell which woman has qualities that they admire and adore & which woman is a shallow gold-digger.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying sugar babies are gold-diggers. In fact, sugar babies are definitely not gold-diggers. Here is the definition of a gold-digger: A gold-digger is someone who dates the rich and once they’ve got the money, they leave the relationship immediately. But sugar babies are looking for meaningful relationships with sugar daddies, so sugar babies aren’t gold-diggers.looking for a sugar daddy

Although the mainstream culture may assume that sugar babies don’t want to work and only want to date someone like Roger Sterling, ironically, truly successful sugar babies have high ambitions in terms of their own careers. Here is a list of qualities that most successful sugar babies have:

  • They are very experienced in dating and relationships. They know exactly what they are doing and they can interact with powerful men in a sexy and classy way.
  • They are very switched-on in every way. They know exactly what they want and how to get it in the right ways.
  • They work really hard and have very lofty career ambitions. They use everything, anything to their advantage, meaning if they need to sleep with successful men in order to get ahead at work, they would do it.

In contrast, unsuccessful sugar babies and wannabes generally have the following qualities:

  • They don’t know what they are doing. Lack of experience and knowledge in the dating department makes men take advantage of them sexually, financially and emotionally.
  • They dream of dating the rich and marrying the rich without knowing what it takes to get there. They don’t know what they have to give up in order to make their dreams come true.
  • They are lazy and don’t understand the importance of building their own careers.

“According to my recent research, most successful female members on free sugar daddy dating apps are in their late 20s and 30s & most unsuccessful female members are in their early 20s,” says Krystal K., “That means the younger isn’t necessarily the better.”

Indeed, younger women may have better looks and more time to waste, but it doesn’t mean younger women are more likely to be successful because of their youth and beauty. If a young woman doesn’t know anything apart from what she has learned at school, she won’t land her Roger Sterling.

Usually, most women need to date several terrible men in order to grow up. Krystal K. dated a con artist and a loser in her 20s. Hence, she decided to learn the lessons and build her new life by becoming a successful businesswoman. Now she is the business owner of the best free sugar daddy dating app on the market.Free Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

  • How generous is your Roger Sterling?

When Roger Sterling sleeps with a hot woman, he gives her $100 (that story happens in 1962 according to the drama, so in today’s money it should be at least $1,000). He also pays for his sugar baby’s fancy dinner in a very nice restaurant.

If you are interested in “pay-per-meet” arrangements, you must make sure your sugar daddy pays you before you sleep with him. Otherwise, it can be a scam. Also, don’t give a sugar daddy your bank account details because you must protect your financial information. Instead, just ask for cash. Remember: In the sugar bowl, cash is king. Honestly, most sugar daddies prefer giving sugar babies cash because it’s easier for them to manage the situation – if they need to transfer money to their sugar babies via the bank, there will be records on their bank statements & they don’t want anyone to see their privacy.

Based on a major study conducted on the free sugar daddy dating app, most sugar babies make thousands of dollars per month by dating sugar daddies. The average sugar baby makes at least $2,500 each month via the free sugar daddy dating app. A very successful sugar baby makes more than $20,000 per month.

Having said that, dating a sugar daddy isn’t prostitution because an arrangement is also a meaningful relationship that is cherished by the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.

“My dad makes money and my mom doesn’t have an income. Does that mean my mom is a prostitute?” says Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating app, “Dating a sugar daddy isn’t prostitution at all. In fact, it is a common concept that people have accepted for many centuries already.”


Looking for your silver fox? You may find the answer to your question in Roger Sterling’s autobiography Sterling’s Gold: Wit & Wisdom of an Ad Man which was published by Grove Press.

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