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The sexual dynamics of personal finances: Wisdom on popular dating apps for iPhone

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Since 2012, I’ve been working in the online dating industry focusing on iPhone dating apps. Moreover, I’ve met hundreds of successful couples who have met each other via popular dating apps for iPhone. When I asked them how they made their relationships work, surprisingly, these successful couples have mastered the sexual dynamics of personal finances.

  • Money can’t guarantee a marriage will last, but lack of money will oftentimes make a marriage end.

Tai Lopez famously said, “Money can’t guarantee happiness, but absence of money guarantees unhappiness. If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will know that love is a higher human need which is above security, including financial security. Therefore, when financial security is absent, nobody wants love anymore.”

Consequently, whenever you are using your partner for money, you are weakening this relationship. In fact, as long as you’ve asked for your partner’s money without adding real value to their life, your relationship is at risk.

Yes, I understand that many women financially depend on their husbands because they are full-time housewives or stay-at-home moms. There is nothing wrong with that – that is just the traditional model of a marriage. And it’s okay because in this case, a marriage is actually a woman’s job.use iphone for dating

But when a man is constantly asking for his wife’s money because he is lazy, greedy, poor and manipulative, I’m pretty sure that his wife is planning on an exit strategy already, as long as she has a brain.

According to a major study on popular dating apps for iPhone, the No. 1 reason for divorce is money issues in almost every country on the planet.

Also, recently, a report released by the best iPhone dating apps in 2019 suggests that almost everyone on these apps would at least consider their ideal partner’s financial situation when they are looking for love online.

  • From a biological point of view, women actually need marriages less than men do.

Research on popular dating apps for iPhone indicates that men actually need marriages more than women do, because men’s needs can be met in marriages.

In contrast, women’s needs don’t have to be met in marriages. A survey conducted by Voice of America points out that single women live longer than married women, whereas married men live longer than single men.

Clearly, when women are married, they give more than they take, so their husbands actually enjoy marriages more than they do.

Yet our mainstream culture has brainwashed most women, so the majority of women are looking for long-term relationships that pose as safe, secure systems, which is actually a false apps

Further examination from popular dating apps for iPhone reveals that women have higher standards than men on the dating market because evolution has subconsciously told women that if a guy isn’t capable, she might die in childbirth and he will probably leave.

That’s why women are usually more careful than men in terms of dating and relationships. It’s totally understandable.

But the mainstream society has conditioned women differently – nowadays men are the gatekeepers of relationships, which is almost laughable.

A lot of empowered women on popular dating apps for iPhone don’t even look for long-term relationships. Instead, they only look for sugar daddies who can add genuine values to their lives.

These women are switched-on young ladies who know what they want and what they deserve. Most importantly, they know how to get it.

  • How do successful couples manage their money?

Roger and Meredith met each other on the best iPhone dating app. Now they are happily married with a beautiful baby girl.

This couple has built a high six-figure business together. They have certainly mastered the sexual dynamics of money.

Every Monday morning, Roger and Meredith go to the local café and have a money date. They do the following tasks in the café together:

  • They check their business income.
  • They send 5% of their income to their profit’saccount – they learned this from a book called Profit First.
  • They send 36% of their income to their personal bank account – that’s called “owner’s pay”.
  • They send 15% of their income to their tax account.
  • They keep 44% of their income on their transaction account as business expense.

After meeting each other on the most popular dating app for iPhone, Roger and Meredith hit it off immediately because their money mindsets are compatible.

Actually, I would say their money mindsets are very similar – they believe in systems and structure. That’s why they have a weekly money date in a café where the ambience makes this date so enjoyable.popular dating apps for iPhone

Meredith and Roger look at their profit’s account at the end of each quarter and they’ve decided that 50% of the profit can be spent on things they want to enjoy – that’s their play money & 50% of the profit should be saved or invested.

David and Nicolette met each other on the most popular dating app for iPhone as well. They are married with twin boys now.

This successful couple have a 7-figure business in Los Angeles that is envied by many people in the local community.

Every fortnight, David and Nicolette have a Money Time which happens on every second Tuesday afternoon.

Nicolette and David go to their favorite restaurant at 1pm on Tuesday afternoon and look at their money together.

Here is their system:

  • They get paid through their multi-level marketing business which sells skin-care and makeup every second Tuesday, so they check their income first.
  • They transfer 12% of their income to their NEEDS account – money in this account is used for grocery shopping, etc.
  • They transfer 4% of their income to their WANTS account – money in this account is used for spa appointments, new clothes, etc.
  • They transfer 20% of their income to their TAXES account.
  • They transfer 8% of their income to their SAVINGS account.

Please note that 6% of their income is the buffer which can be spent or saved later. And 50% of their income is kept on this transaction account as their business expense.

Aaron and Alexandra met each other on the most popular dating app for iPhone, too. This couple’s money system is a bit different because they live a frugal lifestyle.

Every second Saturday, Aaron and Alexandra sit down at home and have a money date together – here is their system:

  • They withdraw $800 from the bank before starting the money date – this is the cash they can use for grocery shopping, etc.
  • They check their income – they have day jobs.
  • They calculate how much money they need to keep on the everyday transaction account (e.g. perhaps there is a doctor’s appointment next week and that requires money) and save the rest of their income by transferring money to their savings account.
  • They check transaction history of all bank accounts to make sure everything is correct and throw away all receipts from the previous two weeks except business-related receipts which should be kept for tax purpose.
  • They transfer all their online income generated by their freelance business to their business account via PayPal.
  • They complete bank reconciliation (on Xero) for their business account.

Note that this couple who met each other via the best iPhone dating app doesn’t have a specific percentage for each category in terms of their personal finances, because they don’t believe in rules; they believe in real girls on apps

Therefore, Aaron and Alexandra are flexible enough to manage their money well – sometimes they save 90% of their income; sometimes they save 10% of their income – it all depends on the situation in that fortnight.

Lily A., spokesperson of the most popular dating app for iPhone, says that there are four principles of money management for successful couples: 1) mindset, 2) clarify, 3) systems & structure, 4) showing up for your money from a place of love.

Lily told me that she learned these four principles from an online course called Do Less Immersion which was taught by Kate Northrup, a well-known money coach.

First and foremost, your money mindset is the most important element in the dynamics because it’s the foundation of your personal finances. If you have negative association with money, you will have difficulty attracting money. By contrast, if you have positive association with money, you will find it easier to attract dating app in real

For example, try to avoid words such as “I can’t afford that”. Instead, you should say “I choose not to buy that.”

Second, you need to have clarify when it comes to your personal finances – knowing your numbers is paramount – you have to know how much money you make, how much money you spend and how much money you save.

Third, you must have a money system. The spokesperson of the most popular dating app for iPhone states that having an imperfect system is better than having no system.

Last but not least, you should make your money time fun and enjoyable – that’s exactly when you should go out for coffee or fine dining and discuss money with your partner.

Take your money seriously and also make it fun!

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