CasualX: Casual Hook Up Dating & Local NSA Hookup dating app review

CasualX dating app review

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CasualX is a new casual dating app which has become sensational recently. Why is this hookup app so good?


  • Meet other users online: swipe left to dislike someone and swipe right to like someone.
  • Free random match: You receive a random match daily and can chat with that person for free.
  • Private photo album: You can upload your private photos to an album so that your privacy can be protected – only members who received your permission can view your private photos online.
  • Everyone is looking for friends with benefits or no-strings-attached relationships.


$20.99 – $77.99 per item




  • A very well-designed interface for easy access and use.
  • Perfect ambiance in the community: everyone is looking for the same thing; no need to guess anymore!
  • Random matches are free every day.
  • Swiping left/right is easy to manage.
  • Private photo album = security.
  • It has many high-quality users.
  • Very helpful customer service team.


  • Sometimes its location match technology doesn’t work – your match can be someone in another city.
  • There are some fake profiles on this app, but you can report them to the customer service team.
  • If you want to contact others first, you have to upgrade your membership and pay a fee. However, responding to others’ messages is free. Also, if you are unhappy with this app, you can contact their customer service team and ask for a refund.

CasualX = Casual fun/excitement/pleasure!

Users’ comments:

“CasualX dating app is a very good place to meet someone hot for a casual relationship. I have enjoyed it for more than six months and really recommend it to anyone who wants to find friends with benefits instantly.” (Joseph, 37, London)

“I hooked up with 21 guys on CasualX and they are absolutely sexy, caring and intelligent. Overall, it’s a great app.” (Jo, 25, NYC)

“I don’t like CasualX dating app because it has too many fake profiles with photos stolen from the Internet. Those with real dating profiles are just trying to get me to sign up on adult sites. I wouldn’t recommend it to others.” (Kate, 29, L.A.)

“CasualX dating app is a joke. I haven’t met any truly hot women on this app yet, so I don’t know how to deal with my daily boner in the morning.” (Peter, 21, Vancouver)

Experts’ comments:

“My client’s colleague developed CasualX and I know it’s hugely successful. CasualX dating app is a high-quality product in this niche because it sends its members free random matches on a daily basis. Also, people can respond to other users’ messages for free.” (Jade Seashell)

“CasualX dating app is a decent platform for casual relationships and hookups. Although it has some common issues just like every hookup app has, it’s still a very good dating product on the market in general.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

CasualX dating app is for anyone who wants to find casual relationships and no-strings-attached hookups. Most of its members are from English-speaking countries (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia), so if you are from South America, Asia or other European countries, this app is probably not for you because you won’t be able to find enough people who want to sleep with you in your local area.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Patrick I says

    As for me this is the best dating app for any type of relationships. Here you can find both serious relationship, as well as just one-time meetings. If you want to meet someone in your city, or maybe you want one-time meetings on a business trip then CasualX is right for you! There is a filter in which you can specify the desired gender of the partner, his dating goals, age and city, so finding a partner for dating is not difficult. The app respects your wishes when meeting. Just don’t waste your time and hurry up downloading it!

  2. Betty B says

    If you want to create a strong family and meet your soul mate, it’s better not to install CasualX app. This app is mostly oriented on those users who are looking for free sex. Are you dreaming of new acquaintances for intimate relationships? Want to talk in sex chat or meet in real life? Would you like to get the first intimate experience or diversify classic sex? Or maybe you are planning to go on a sex voyage and are looking for a fellow traveler? If your answer is “Yes”, then go ahead, but you will never find here any user who is serious about family and love. This is disgusting, I don’t recommend.

    1. James says

      Dear friend! CasualX dating app is a very good place to meet someone hot for a casual relationship, and if you are interested in something more serious just try some other dating apps and don’t leave negative reviews! On this online platform you can make acquaintances for flirting and sex without obligation, and if necessary, for serious relationships. The app was created specifically for this purpose, and you shouldn’t be surprised that not all users are looking for “love-till-death” relationships. Each visitor can find here a partner for both regular meetings and for one-time sex, both for group sex and for virtual sex. I think that this app is created for like-minded representatives of a variety of sex cultures and orientations.

  3. Peggy L says

    This is just ordinary Casual Hook Up Dating app, which has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for flirt and sex, then you have chosen the right app, if your aim is love and family, then it’s better to delete your profile. But in any case I think that the best option for every member is that the mobile version is now available whenever and wherever you want! You will no longer miss an important message. No matter where you are – in traffic, at work or out of town – you can always edit your profile, upload new photos, see the profiles of your candidates and send them messages. The functionality of this application doesn’t differ from the usual dating applications.

  4. Nick says

    How this get an 80% rating????
    I joined that site , paid a subscription have had lots of sexy women contact me if indeed they are all women???apart from ONE almost ALL the women on there want payment because they’re ESCORTS even had one try to blackmail me ? That was a narrow escape!
    Not what I signed up for at all. Utter drivel. Give me a site that walks it and talks it! This app is BS counting the days until subscription is over…

  5. robert bates says

    If you want to find someone to have casual sex with, then you need to try CasualX, a casual hook up app that work well. There are many people who have gone on casual hook ups through these apps that are doing great in their relationships. Here is what you need to know about these casual dating apps that can really help you.

  6. aiden says

    Do casual hook up apps work? You might be thinking this is something a bad idea because you’re worried that you don’t know how to get the right person. This is a problem that can happen to everyone and it doesn’t have to happen to you. With the many different ways to go about finding casual dates, it’s up to you to make the right one.

  7. Austin S says

    There are several ways to find casual hook up dating that works for both men and women. If you’re trying to find someone online, there are actually thousands of places to start. Many have other benefits, which makes it an option worth looking into.

  8. Hallie C says

    These dating sites, like other dating sites for singles, can help you find others who have similar interests. Whether you prefer romance or friendship, there are many sites that cater to it.

  9. Mike T says

    This way, you can choose which type of casual hook up you would prefer. Casual dating can also lead to an ongoing relationship, if you’re willing to put in some effort.

  10. Clifford B. says

    Casual dating may work better for many people, because they can just go with the flow. You don’t have to make any commitment at all. You can just enjoy the time you spend talking to your partner.

  11. Rhoda says

    It may take some time for you to find the right casual hook up for you, but you can always choose one that suits your taste. You can get ideas from other people who are in the same situation as you.

  12. Clyde G says

    There’s no such thing as the best casual hook up for everyone, because there are so many different things to consider. You should keep in mind that you can never go wrong. This is why casual dating is so popular with all types of people.

  13. Earl G says

    Another way to use the casual hook up is to find someone to be an online friend. Many people make this mistake and end up losing out on what could have been a great friendship. This should not be a problem because there are so many places to choose from.

  14. mabelle says

    In fact, there are countless ways to find casual hook up dating that can help you. Whether you are looking for someone to have casual sex with or someone to be your best friend, you’ll find it all. It’s that easy.

  15. Stephen M says

    You can find out if casual hook up dating is right for you by just signing up for the free membership and using the services for yourself. You will probably find that these casual dating apps are the best way to find out what you’re looking for.

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