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Miss Travel elite dating app review

Miss Travel wealthy dating app review

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Miss Travel is the world’s only travel dating site that has gained huge traction all over the world. Although it has mobile dating apps available, the best place to enjoy this service is joining its website.


  • It only takes a few minutes to start a dating profile and upload a few photos.
  • Explore millions of users and connect with your ideal travel companion.
  • Generous members have the resources to travel in luxury and would like to look for attractive members who can travel with them.
  • Attractive members have the beauty and youth & would like to travel for free.
  • You can block certain users.
  • Underage people can’t join Miss Travel.
  • Prostitutes can’t join Miss Travel.
  • Members exchange their contact details and meet in person to travel together.
  • Come to me: A generous host invites an attractive member over and spend fun time together.
  • Travel with me: A generous member and an attractive member travel together. The generous member pays for everything.
  • Show me your town: An attractive member asks a generous member to show her around in his town. The generous member pays for everything.
  • Background verification: This allows people to date with confidence.



  • Basic membership: free
  • Premium membership for women: free
  • Premium membership for men: US$39.99 per month


  • This is the only sugar daddy dating platform which has a significantly larger number of sugar daddies, compared with other similar wealthy dating platforms.
  • Miss Travel offers its members free dating advice, including safety tips, travel tips, etc.
  • The quality of men on this sugar daddy dating platform is quite high.
  • The success rate is 50% so far: Over 1 million members worldwide & half a million trips are booked already. This is actually a very high success rate (a marriage is less likely to have such a success rate).
  • Straightforward and direct communication brings real results.

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  • The quality of women on Miss Travel needs to be improved. Yes, there are many high-quality sugar babies on Miss Travel, but there are also many useless profiles as well.
  • Although it’s a fun experience, Miss Travel is not designed for long-term arrangements.

Users’ comments:

“As an attractive member, I joined Miss Travel in 2010. Over the last eight years, I’ve been to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa & all these trips were paid by rich men on Miss Travel. I’ve never had an issue with it because I always follow the guidelines provided by this amazing service.” (Amy, 29, Phoenix)

“I’m a generous member on Miss Travel. Because I always go overseas for business trips, I think it’s a good idea to travel with a beautiful woman. That’s why I joined Miss Travel. Each time I travel with a different woman. I love it.” (David, 37, NYC)

“I think I deserve to travel for free because I’m an attractive woman. So, I always date abroad!” (Dayni, 28, L.A.)



Experts’ comments:

“This is the best travel dating platform in the entire world.” (Serghei)

“The only travel dating app that we trust.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Because sugar daddy dating apps sometimes have a bad reputation due to lots of fake profiles, Miss Travel actually gives genuine sugar babies a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd immediately. When a sugar daddy meets a genuine sugar baby, it’s easy for her to travel for free. Of course, we always recommend that you should get familiar with another member on Miss Travel before booking your flight. Finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is also work: You have to put in the effort and time in order to make sugar daddy dating apps work for you. As Miss Travel is also a company owned by Brandon Wade (the owner of Seeking Arrangement and WhatsYourPrice), it is surely a reputable wealthy dating service.

If you have a pussy, you can’t be broke.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. Brian A says

    I had a free time at work and decided to look for the traveling dating app for the sake of interest. When I saw Miss Travel Elite Dating app, I was really impressed, quickly joined, quickly found the object of sympathy. Now I communicate with the woman I’ve found online tightly. We have not yet seen each other, but I plan to make an elegant date soon and go traveling together. I recommend the resource to anyone who does not want to be alone. I know, that this is wonderful dating site for adults, one of the few specialized resources that provide real help in finding a kept woman for a rich man for traveling and vacations. This app occupies a leading position, which allows us to attract a huge number of interested users. Search on the site is as convenient as possible and saves time that every wealthy man does not have. I recommend it!

  2. Fernando says

    The schedule of my work does not allow me to go to the cinema, restaurants and so on. Accordingly, there is no place to meet a girl, but I don’t like traveling alone and want to have some rest with a beautiful and smart woman. Dating sites do not inspire confidence, so I’ve decided to create the account at Miss Travel to find charming women to spend a nice time with. I can say that the girl I’ve chosen completely suits me and I don’t mind providing her with money while traveling together. In bed, she fulfills all wishes, but does not interfere in my personal affairs. Going on a trip, just invite the girl from this app in order not to feel lonely. Many will gladly go on vacation at your expense. Many girls have Schengen visas, some of them have visas to the United States.

  3. Terri R says

    I am over forty, but I want love and warmth. I’m really beautiful and smart woman with great body and sharp mind. With the help of the app I can find a lot of wealthy men who want to spend time together somewhere abroad and are ready to pay for the joint rest. On the site I feel welcome, beautiful and interesting. I choose the men myself, and don’t wait for someone to write to me. I think that this is excellent dating site for communicating with successful men. Sometimes men write and get acquainted themselves. Really great selection! I must admit that I’ve come to this site by accident, and I have never thought to search for anyone, I’ve registered out of pure interest. But thanks to this traveling dating app I’ve managed to find a sponsor with whom we travel the world.

  4. Adolfo says

    A serious relationship does not attract me. I just want a beautiful, well-groomed girl next to me, with whom I am not ashamed to appear in society. The app has helped to find one – she fulfills all my whims, and I give her money and we travel together. This is great solution for those who need support for events, travel companion, lover. Here, even the future wife can be found! I know, since my friend has become so lucky. I usually choose a lady to relax, I don’t feel like going abroad alone.

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