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Founders of a Rich Men Dating App: Facts or Emotions?

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Effective leaders have worked on themselves to develop their abilities to keep their emotions in check when necessary. I interviewed Belinda, co-founder of a rich men dating app, and here is what she says to me, “Whenever you are handling your money, always focus on facts rather than emotions. Never get emotional or romantic in this regard.”

  • Belinda is a wealthy woman from Hong Kong – she is married to a rich man.

According to Belinda, founder of a rich men dating app, making decisions based on emotions usually means making wrong decisions. Theoretically, this sounds like common sense. But realistically, so many people are violating this important rule: never make financial decisions based on emotions.

Some people that I know married “the love of their life” based on emotions, although their family and friends told them not to do it. Those people ended up in messy situations, e.g. an ugly divorce or separation. Worse still, their personal finances were fucked as a consequence.

This article is probably the most controversial articleon this blog, but I still decide to write it anyway so that you can decide whether my point is valid or not. I asked for my rich Hong Kong friends’ opinions, and they told me to share their truth if I really want to help people get rich. The fact that you are already reading this article means you aren’t the most judgmental person in the world, so please keep reading.youn ring gay

  • Rich men dating app co-founder Belinda’s personal story is fascinating:

Belinda is a rich Hong Kong lady who is married to a rich Hong Kong man Henry. Unlike self-made successful Hong Kong women, Belinda married the money instead of making her own money.

I know perhaps your brain wants to switch off now because you probably don’t think “marrying the money” is something that you should do. No matter what the mainstream society has told you, my rich Hong Kong friends believe in marrying the money (AKA hypergamy) because they aren’t mainstream in the West anyway. By the way, marrying the money isn’t illegal in any country!

We all know that the divorce rate among Hong Kong people is significantly lower than the divorce rate among westerners. It’s a fact – people in Hong Kong don’t get divorced easily. Does that mean Hong Kong people are more tolerant? Does that mean people in Hong Kong and westerners have major differences in terms of human nature?rich men date

No. Human nature is the same no matter you are a person in Hong Kong or not. Let’s have a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs first:

Obviously, the most basic level of human needs is physiological needs, e.g. food and shelter. The second level of human needs is safety, including financial security. The third level of human needs is love/belonging, including an intimate relationship. Therefore, when the second level of human needs is threatened (e.g. financial security is an issue), people don’t look for love/belonging. No wonder the No. 1 reason for divorce is money in every country.

Rich men dating app co-founder Belinda married the money. Because her husband Henry is a filthy rich man, he married Belinda while getting her to sign a pre-nup. Belinda didn’t find it offensive. Instead, she just engaged her lawyer and asked Henry to pay her legal fees before signing the pre-nup. Both Belinda and Henry signed the pre-nup and then they got guys

Belinda decided to marry a rich man at a young age. Her selection criteria include two standards only: 1) This man must be very rich. 2) This man must be kind.

Rich men dating app co-founder Belinda doesn’t care whether a guy is attractive or not. She doesn’t care how old a guy is. She only wants two things: money and kindness, because only these two factors matter in her opinion.

That’s her value system and I respect that.

Henry isn’t the most handsome man in the world, but he isn’t ugly either. He is 16 years older than Belinda, which is fair enough.

This is what rich men dating app co-founder Belinda said to me when she was talking about why she married Henry, “I don’t believe in a long wish list. I only believe in marrying the money fast, so I wanted a marriage like that to happen as soon as possible. The fast-track to marrying the rich is to get rid of as many standards as possible and only keep what actually matters. I wanted to leverage my youth and beauty when I still had those assets. The longer I wait, the less money I would marry. Yes, Henry asked me to sign a pre-nup before we got married. Emotionally, that wasn’t something nice to feel. But I only look at facts – I married money & he is a kind man. I focus on facts rather than emotions.”

Belinda and Henry have been married for 35 years, and they are still so in love. I even asked why their marriage is so successful, and this is what Belinda said to me, “There are three pillars in a marriage: money, love and s*x. If there is only one pillar in a marriage, this marriage is sustainable. If there are two pillars in a marriage, this marriage is very good. If there are three pillars in a marriage, this couple should be on Oprah. My marriage is very good, and it’s a fact.”meet rich men

  • Rich men dating app co-founder Henry’s advice for men:

When you ask an elegant woman out for a dinner date, it’s just a dinner date. The fact that you’ve paid for the dinner doesn’t mean she owes you s*x. According to rich men dating app co-founder Henry, most elegant ladies are quite traditional, so they don’t want to do one-night stands with random men.

If you really want to sleep with a beauty, you must plan logistics well. For instance, you should live in the city center so that you can easily take the girl home after having dinner in a fancy restaurant. Ideally, you should be able to walk home with her.

Of course, you may sleep with a stunner after five or ten dates. That can be achieved if you look genuine and reliable.

You can have dinner with her at 7pm. During dinner time, you plant the seed of inviting her to your place by saying something like, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a great movie. Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio were so young and so captivating in that film. I think you should see it.”

If her reaction is good, she may say something along the lines of, “Oh, really? I must watch that movie someday.”

Towards the end of the dinner, you say, “I have What’s Eating Gilbert Grape DVD at home. Would you like to watch the DVD?”

Now it’s a bit hard for her to say no. So, chances are she will say yes and now you can take her to your place.

When she enters your apartment, ask her to take off her shoes. Remember: physiology influences psychology. That means we don’t have s*x with our shoes on, so when a woman doesn’t wear shoes, she is more likely to associate what she is doing with sleeping with you. Rich men dating app co-founder Henry’s advice is tremendous.

Then you give her a glass of wine and play the DVD. Don’t sit too close to her. Just give her some space and time to be herself.a Rich Men Dating App

Now she will wonder, “Does he like me?” because you don’t kiss her, you don’t touch her, you don’t even give her a make-out session…yet.

The good news is in this movie, Johnny Depp’s character isn’t a handsome winner & Leo DiCaprio’s character is actually retarded. Therefore, what she can see on the screen can’t even compete with you.

When the movie gets boring (it probably will), you can slowly get closer to the woman and say “Cheers” as you finish your wine.

Now you can physically escalate on her and observe her reaction.

If her reaction is positive, you know it’s on. You can have a make-out session with her on the couch.

If she is really into it, you can sleep with her that night. But if she doesn’t like it, then please don’t be an idiot. When a lady says no and also physically pushes you away, you know it’s a no. And you have to stop it. (You need to thank rich men dating app co-founder Henry for his brilliant advice.)


When you decide to watch a movie with a hot girl, make sure male actors in the movie are less handsome than you.

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