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WhatsYourPrice dating app review

WhatsYourPrice review

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If you Google ‘WhatsYourPrice app’, you will see some options for Android. But the best way to use this service is to join its website because that’s where you’ll enjoy the best experience.


  • An attractive member can sell first dates.
  • A generous member can buy first dates.
  • Attractive members and generous members agree on the price before going out for the date.
  • Send winks for free.
  • Blocked list and favourites list.
  • Become a verified member via camera.
  • See who has viewed your profile and has favourited your profile.
  • Verify your background to get more traffic ($50).
  • View recent matches.
  • See newest members, featured members and verified members.
  • Privacy protection with the most advanced technology.
  • Participate in poll questions.
  • Search users by username, language and key word.
  • Hide your last log in date and see others’ last log in date.
  • Send unlimited messages to those who are unlocked.
  • Bid the amount of money you are happy to pay for a date.
  • The first date is guaranteed by the system; however, you will need to figure out how to have the second date.
  • When a member has set a price for a date, you can accept it or reject it & even counter it with a new price.
  • Set up the time and date for the date after the agreement.
  • Only after the deal is made, payment must be made.


  • Free articles on its blog which gives you dating advice.
  • Date with confidence because WhatsYourPrice verifies their members.
  • No mucking around: generous members get dates and attractive members get paid.
  • The quality of users is very high, as evidenced by the fact that the average date is US$120.
  • Prostitutes are not allowed to join WhatsYourPrice.



  • There aren’t too many members using WhatsYourPrice yet because it is less well-known.
  • Some people argue that this platform objectifies women.
  • This service is useful if you are only looking for some fun. However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should know that having a date based on a price is probably not going to lead to a serious relationship in the long run.


  • Starting a profile is free. You can search and make offers under $200.
  • Credit Packages:
    100 credit package – US$50;
    450 credit package – US$150;
    1000 credit package – US$250.
  • The minimum offer for a first date is US$5.
  • Offers under US$50 cost 10 credits to unlock.
  • Offer above US$200 need enough credits to unlock.

Users’ comments:

“This is the most addictive dating platform I’ve ever tried! Seriously perfect! I feel so in control and so respected by men I’ve met through WhatsYourPrice because they know my value and give me what I want.” (Edie, 22, Las Vegas)

“I’ve met some extremely beautiful women who wouldn’t meet me without WhatsYourPrice. I remember the first time I went out on a date with a gorgeous woman from this platform – it was a $100 date. It was 2 hours’ fun time! We had dinner and drinks and laughed a lot. Another time I met a hot woman and the date was $200. This date was significantly longer and we went to the beach together as well.” (Tom, 37, L.A.)

“Seriously perfect! I’m so grateful that something like this exists! No more manipulation for me!” (Alex, 30, NYC)

Experts’ comments:

“WhatsYourPrice is a unique dating platform where rich men can meet hot women without any stress or drama. If you are looking for some fun dates, definitely check this out.” (Curt Coch)

“This is an ideal place where people can have some relaxing time together and get exactly what they want.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

What a unique sugar daddy dating platform! Keep it fun & you will enjoy the benfits brought by WhatsYourPrice.

Rich members get results; hot members get rewards.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Patrice says

    The app is working, my function is performed. The meaning of such applications depends on the people filling it.

  2. Theresa says

    The application is good, convenient. Sorry, but only suitable for users of large cities. If in my city of half million a couple of questionnaires, the boys from smaller settlements do nothing to catch. Thanks to the developers and the team for the implementation. It is very convenient that you can roll.

  3. Judith says

    The application is useless for ordinary people. Absolutely useless waste of money. for a month one sympathy, which offered her dinner in Lamar))) constantly stuck Internet connection, as a result of the review of the 10 people.

  4. Patrick88 says

    Remove glitches and more people as well as a good app! Changing my review… now only five pairs, the rest for the money… remove

    1. Stacey says

      The idea, of course, is interesting, but the low popularity in Russia makes the application almost useless. For an hour one offer in 200 km. Though territorially in Novosibirsk.

      1. Ken says

        The closest person is only… 800 kilometers away from you. In 60 minutes.

        1. Myrtle says

          it’s working! Thanks ! correctly and quickly solved my problem!))
          Ken! thank you very much for your evaluation!) please contact me – have a couple of questions on your review

  5. Jason55 says

    Hey. Work) in the Evening yesterday hang

  6. Mindy says

    Correcting the recall. Support was found for the discomfort received (I do not know how it will be in fact, but assured that everything is OK) free subscription time. Correct, right. I’m happy. there are few girls, but the project is interesting. hope not merge.
    for guys it seems to me there is nothing to catch, spend 900 rubles for pretty anything is not advisable

  7. David A says

    it became paid, very sad, there are lags and flaws, for which to pay then, found an analogue, I think, there will soon all go. it makes sense to pay for the application with defects for a few days a month. the guys complained that there were few girls, judging by the reviews, it became even less. some offer free p…

  8. Christina says

    Blocked on the 8th of March. support not responding. not quite clear where to write. I am a girl who paid for a subscription, 2 days from which I can not use the application. The application is positioned as a service for fast anonymous Dating, and ban for photos of the naked back. Either you need to change the concept, or Thu…

  9. Aletha says

    Pros: 1. The application is made beautiful, there is a style 2. Support works and solves problems quickly enough Cons: 1. Slow servers, in consequence of which pictures of long download (the conclusion of the experience of different Internet speed) 2. Strange location search is show.

  10. Javier2 says

    Decided to try. The result: For the first 5 minutes I found 2 girls. One nothing at the end did not work, the second seems to have been a normal conversation, but first she was gone, then I was busy. In General, the meeting did not take place. Within the next 6 hours, I like first choosing, then all the consecutive order about…

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