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Russian women are the most attractive girls among all East European ladies. Of course, they are the most sought-after foreign brides in the world. Numerous dating gurus in western countries prefer beauties from Russia. Here is why:

• Women from Russia have the best personality.
They are honest, easy-going and sweet. This is not common in western countries such as the UK and the US because most women in English-speaking countries enjoy playing games with men. By contrast, women in Russia say what they mean and mean what they say. If you misbehave in the relationship, your wife from Russia would call you out, so that your relationship can maintain healthy dynamics.

• Russian girls are the most gorgeous women in the world.
If you prefer White girls, girls from Russia are the best choice because they are literally the most beautiful women in the entire world. They have fair skin, blonde hair and perfect figure. You will love your Russian wife forever because there is no reason to look at other women anymore.

• A wife from Russia knows how to look after her husband and her children.
Women in Russia have traditional values, so they truly care about their husbands and kids. That’s why if you are married to a girl from Russia, you are less likely to get a divorce. Most ladies from Russia are well-educated and smart. Hence, that’s good for your children’s education as well. In contrast, if your wife is an American woman or a British woman, she feels entitled to your love and affection. Thus it’s harder to maintain a healthy marriage. But a wife from Russia respects her husband and knows what she deserves but not entitled to.

• Russian women are good in bed.
Chances are your Russian wife will figure out how to make you happy in the bedroom. Who would say no to that?

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