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International dating is becoming increasingly popular currently. Statistics show that men who have married brides from overseas are less likely to get a divorce in the US.

• Foreign brides are more traditional wives
In America, the current divorce rate is 53%. Most of those married couples who are still together are unhappy anyway. A study in L.A. shows that American women have become liberated. Hence, they don’t keep traditional values anymore. That’s why the divorce rate is increasing all the time. Feminism, women’s rights and gender equality aren’t bad. But sometimes these are overdone in western countries such as the US and the UK. As a consequence, marriages are not stable anymore. No wonder many men in western countries begin to look for foreign brides who are more traditional.

International dating is easy today
Previously, if you wanted to find a foreign bride, you must join a marriage agency that could send you a catalog of foreign women. Then you can choose one of them from the catalog. Today international dating has become easy, as all you need to do is to join an international dating site on the Internet! Online dating has fundamentally changed everything.

• Women in developed countries aren’t aware of this competition from overseas
The mainstream media told western women they are good enough. So women in developed countries are less likely to keep improving themselves. That’s why they often feel entitled and can’t take criticism well. Worse still, many of them are overweight and don’t look after themselves. If you are sick and tired of western women who over-drink you and only dress for comfort, you should totally realize you can easily get foreign brides and be very happy.

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