Bloomy dating app review (international dating)

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As an international dating app, Bloomy is an elegant and chic dating platform for sexy singles worldwide. But how useful is this app?


  • Introducing Eastern European women to western men online for cross-cultural dating and relationships.
  • Chat with international lovers in real-time.
  • An in-depth screening process guarantees the quality of its members.
  • All profiles and pictures are moderated by Blooming dating app’s staff members in order to make sure user experience is positive every day.
  • Personalized searching based on your dating preferences gives you the opportunity to find your true love in two clicks.
  • Your privacy is protected with the help of the most advanced technology. Bloomy dating app won’t sell your data to any third party.
  • A user can enable automatic updates as Bloomy team always upgrades this app to improve its interface and feel.


  • 10 credits: $10.99;
  • 40 credits: $37.99;
  • 80 credits: $69.99.


  • Not many dating apps offer international dating services, but Bloomy does!
  • Women on this app are extremely feminine, attractive and sexy.
  • There are many eligible hot men on this app as well.
  • Bloomy dating app has various languages available: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. That means if you are an Italian guy looking for a Russian wife, you can use this app with no problem!


  • Although this app has some legitimate East European women looking for love online & they are indeed very beautiful, a lot of female members’ profiles seem to be fake. If it looks too good to be true, then probably it’s not true.
  • Its customer support team aren’t the best in the world.
  • Some male users complain that they receive a lot of messages from women who told them they look very handsome, but they haven’t even uploaded a profile photo yet. That means those “women” aren’t real! Be aware!

Users’ comments:

“I don’t think Bloomy dating app is legitimate because there are too many robots, spammers and fake profiles on this app. Most women’s dating profiles aren’t real at all because I joined this app yesterday and haven’t uploaded a picture yet, but I’ve received at least 20 messages from women who told me that my eyes look perfect. What the hell?! I just deleted my dating profile on this strange app today.” (Jake, 32, London)

“I contacted the customer support team of Bloomy dating app because there were quite a few technical issues. Unfortunately, I never hear from them! I’m very disappointed and won’t use this service again! I don’t recommend this app to anyone at all.” (Pat, 41, Paris)

“Bloomy dating app is a useless joke. It doesn’t work for me. My friends also tried this app, and they told me the same experience – it doesn’t work for them either, so please don’t waste your time and money on this stupid invention. You will thank me later. Now I’ve joined Brilic (a much better international dating app) instead and I love it.” (Robert, 33, New York)

“I used Bloomy dating app to meet western men because I just wanted to marry a foreign husband and leave Russia. Now I’m married to my English husband and we are so in love. Thanks to Bloomy, now I’m super happy.” (Tash, 25, Manchester)

“I joined Bloomy to meet foreign men. This app definitely has many more men than women. That’s for sure. Therefore, I can choose whoever I want to date. Perfect! I highly recommend this app to Eastern European women looking for foreign husbands.” (Anna, 23, Moscow)

Experts’ comments:

“Bloomy dating app has received a lot of positive reviews from women and a lot of negative reviews from men. What does that mean? Perhaps this app has too many men and not enough women?” (Jade Seashell)

“Bloomy is a controversial and polarizing app that caused a stir. I think its competitor Brilic performs ten times better. (Curt Coch)

“I don’t think Bloomy is an excellent dating app for international daters, because I haven’t heard anything positive about this app yet. Apparently, this app’s developer needs to work harder so that their members can be satisfied. Otherwise, it doesn’t look right on iTunes where there are so many legitimate dating apps for global daters worldwide. Competition makes products become better, so consumers can benefit from the fierce competition amongst so many dating apps on the market.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Bloomy dating app only allows singles above 18 years old to join this community, because it is reported that many underage women from East Europe want to meet western men and leave their home countries fast. Indeed, it is very important to obey the law and protect the positive environment on iTunes. That’s why iOS has a lot of strict rules that app developers must abide by. However, we don’t understand why Bloomy still stays on iTunes when we looked at so many negative reviews about this app on App Store. Apple should at least contact Bloomy team to fix some issues before it can be launched correctly.

Cross-cultural dating is becoming more and more common and popular in today’s day and age, because this isn’t 1949; it’s 2019 – the world has become a village where people can contact someone in another country immediately with the help of the Internet. Therefore, joining an international dating app is probably a perfect idea for those who are looking for foreign lovers to start meaningful relationships that will make them perfectly happy.

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  1. Cody says

    Wow looks great! Kinda want to meet a Latina and a Russian lady, those are the sexiest accents, am I right? Looks something fun to try, pretty good review, thanks!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Cody,

      Which accent is sexier, a Latino’s accent or a Russian woman’s accent?


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