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Trusted Dating Apps 2019: Are You in a Situationship?

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Modern daters have a dilemma: Many of them aren’t sure whether they are in relationships or not. Many men and women play the field, so they don’t want a commitment. But in this modern hook-up culture, a lot of men and women actually want serious relationships, but they are worried that if they declare their yearning for serious commitments, they might look needy.

  • Why people are in situationships rather than relationships:

A situationship means two people are seeing each other, but they don’t have a serious relationship because nobody started the exclusivity talk.

Ned Q., spokesperson of a trusted dating app 2019, points out that the western culture doesn’t encourage people to have serious, long-term relationships in this day and age, which is a shame.

“The modern western culture is best characterized by hooking up with random people and we can see s*x everywhere – women are wearing less and less on Instagram; billboards are full of sexy women’s photos,” says Ned Q. from a trusted dating app 2019, “It seems that the establishment doesn’t want us to form strong families because it’s harder to control strong families.”Trusted Dating Apps 2019

Take China and India as examples. These two nations were invaded by other countries for more than once, but China and India are still China and India today. They have maintained their national identity very well. Their cultures are also very authentic.

Why does that happen?

Well, both China and India have strong families – their cultures highly value families, so the divorce rate in China and India is very, very low (at least much lower than the divorce rate in western countries where mainstream culture doesn’t value family that much).

Ned Q. from the trusted dating app 2019 spent several years learning yoga in India and nearly one decade learning Chinese medicine in China. Therefore, he has a good understanding of why these cultures tend to have strong families and their national identities can be maintained so apps trusted

“If you are dating someone in China, you are automatically in a serious relationship, meaning you aren’t supposed to see someone else, so nobody needs to do the exclusivity talk in China,” says Ned Q., spokesperson from the trusted dating app 2019, “I think that’s a great element in the dating dynamics. If we have the same belief system in western countries, I don’t think people need to feel so anxious because of their situationships which don’t even tell them whether they are in relationships or not.”

Yes, I know many women who are worried about how to have the exclusivity conversation with their men because casual dating is more common nowadays.

  • How to get out of a situationship that frustrates you:

I know that not everyone wants to get out of a situationship. As a matter of fact, many people enjoy having situationships more than having relationships because it’s just easier – a situationship involves less responsibilities overall.

“As a modern man, I’ve had many situationships with a lot of women,” says Ned Q. from the trusted dating app 2019, “I have to say that not every woman is interested in starting an official relationship with me, because some women would rather have male friends with benefits.”

Indeed, having a male friend is just like having a boyfriend minus the stress, according to so many women that I’ve interviewed before writing this girls on apps

However, there are still a large number of women who suffer from situationships – No wonder dating coach Matthew Hussey has even created an online program called From Attraction to Commitment recently. Frankly, someone like Matthew Hussey doesn’t need to create new programs anymore because his existing online programs are his powerful money-making machine which makes him 8 figures a year, but he decided to create From Attraction to Commitmentas 80% of the questions that he receives are about how to get a guy to commit. He truly understands his target market.

According to Ned Q., spokesperson of a trusted dating app 2019, if you want to figure out how to be happy in a situationship, you can do some quick analysis:

  • Why aren’t you happy now? (Usually, it’s because you want a serious relationship. If that’s true, you should have an exclusivity talk with the person you are seeing – just say something along the lines of, “Now other people are asking me out, and I want to know what I should say to these people.” Now the individual you are dating must make a decision immediately.)
  • What benefits does a situationship bring you? (Honestly, you don’t have to have a serious relationship in order to be happy. As a matter of fact, I know many people who are perfectly happy without relationships. For instance, my best friend is a 34-year-old single woman. She is in multiple situationships with men who bring her happiness and fun. She is financially successful, so she doesn’t care whether she is married or not. To be honest, how many people are actually happily married anyway?)
  • Is your situationship the source of your unhappiness? (Maybe you feel unhappy because of something else, but you simply focus on your situationship. The real source of your unhappiness can be your mindset or something else. Find out the root cause and deal with that.)
  • If your situationship is the real reason why you are unhappy, end it ruthlessly, please. (You must set clear boundaries with everyone in your life, including yourself. When a situationship makes you upset, depressed or anxious, it’s time to end it now. That’s how you set clear boundaries with someone you are not even in a relationship with – you can’t lose something you’ve never had. When you use alcoholto numb your pain, you have to set clear boundaries with yourself!)

These are some very profound insights provided by Ned Q. from the trusted dating app 2019. Special kudos go to online dating apps

  • How to find serious relationships on trusted dating apps 2019:

Apart from the above-mentioned helpful tips, Ned Q. has also offered some advice about how to get serious, long-term and meaningful relationships that can truly satisfy you.

Basically, there are five steps in this process:

  • You should download a trusted dating app on your phone and create a dating profile. Make sure your profile is very well-written and your photos are great.
  • Set the right goals, e.g. sending messages to 7 people on the app every day. Reward yourself for making the effort. Don’t wait for the result in order to be happy – you should feel happy now because you are making the right effort already.
  • Ask people out for dates as soon as possible. Don’t spend several months chatting with someone online. You should meet them in person fast so that you will know whether you are talking to the right person or not.
  • Have more shared experiences with the individual you are dating and find out whether you have similar values.
  • Start an official relationship with someone when you know you are dating the right partner.

Thanks to Ned Q.’s contribution to this article, now we are all equipped with the right information in this for dating

Downloading a random dating app is making an effort; downloading a trusted dating app is making an intelligent effort.

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