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Rich Men Dating App Advice: How to Meet a Wealthy Guy

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We’ve received a letter from an Eastern European lady whose culture is best characterized by traditionalism, i.e. men are supposed to be providers and women shouldn’t pay for things. Now she is living in the UK and dating a western guy who expects her to pay for things. That’s why she is confused and is considering joining rich men dating apps now.

  • My response to her query:

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for the question.

That is a great question because money is the most important topic in a relationship(although this statement isn’t popular in the mainstream culture, rich men dating apps don’t care because they are not mainstream). Let me explain.

There is a very obvious difference between dating men from Eastern Europe anddating men from western countries. Dating men from Eastern Europe means men willpay for everything, whereas dating men from western countries usually means menwill only pay for maybe 50% of things.

However, it doesn’t mean all men in western countries operate like that. In fact, there area lot of wealthy men on rich men dating apps– they are happy to pay foreverything in their relationships.Apparently, a large number of rich men in western countries also don’t mind lookingafter their women financially. For instance, I’mpretty sure Donald Trump paid foreverything in all of his relationships, including hisrelationships with Eastern European women. And Donald Trump is just one exampleamongst many wealthy men in western men dating

In your case, there is a cultural difference between you and your British boyfriend.However, it is also his responsibility to consider your cultural background because healready said he believes in a “Give-and-Give relationship”. Therefore, it’s not fair ifonly you change your habits and get used to his world view. What about him changinghis habits to some degree in order to get used to your world view? When both of youareworking on meeting each other’s expectations, you wouldn’t even need to ask me aquestion in the first place. Hence, he isn’t trying to meet your expectations in thisregard.Hopefully this makes sense.

Another possibility is that you didn’t communicate your expectations to him, so hethinks it’s okay to do whatever he wants. First of all, he told you having a “Give-and-Give relationship” is good, and you agree with him (there is nothing wrong with that,but it’s probably a red flag from my point of view, because that already means he isASKING you to give when you didn’t even try to get him to pay for things). Second,because he can see that you are okay with the “Give-and-Give relationship” which issomething that he told you first, he is pushing this further by encouraging you to payfor both of you. This is definitely another red flag from anyone’s viewpoint becauseeven in western countries, a woman isn’t supposed to pay for herself AND her man.

I’d like to tell you the truth, so I hope you are prepared – People tend to spendmoney on stuff they value, so if a man doesn’t want to spend money on awoman, that meanshe doesn’t value her. Thus, I can almost guarantee thatyour boyfriend doesn’t really think you are a high-value woman.Meet a Wealthy Guy

Another red flag is he lives with his parents and pays no rent. That means he doesn’twant to have responsibilities, including financial responsibilities. Meanwhile, hemakes 5 times more than you do and he chooses to live with his parents without payingrent.That means he can afford to live by himself, but he has decided to let his parentsGIVE him more, even though he is an adult with a high income.

If you are looking for a guy who is willing to give you presents and pay for things, you are looking at the wrong guy right now, so you’d better join rich men dating apps. Your current boyfriendisn’t the right candidate in this department.He doesn’t need to check you by telling you to give more. The fact that you didn’t askfor his money already means you are not a gold-digger. Now he keeps getting you topay more, and he is certainly not checking anything.

In terms of finding a guy who would like to financially support his woman, here’s a listof suggestions apart from joining rich men dating apps:

  • If you want to change your boyfriend, the best chance that you have is tocommunicate your expectations with him by letting him know that in yourculture, women are not supposed to pay for anything in dating andrelationships. The fact that you are happy to be in a “Give-and-Giverelationship” means you actually like him. If he doesn’t accept that, it meanshe doesn’t like you. So, you will have the answer – you can’t marry him.
  • If you’d like to marry a guy who is willing to pay for things and give you presents,you need to do the following apart from joining rich men dating apps: A) Meet rich and generous men who already haveresources and abundance, e.g. going to upscale events and parties to meetwealthy men (think wine-tasting events, and so on). B) Maximize yourbeauty, elegance and femininity so that wealthy men who think theydeserve gorgeous women will approach you.Also, you have a very active social life, so you can meet many eligible men if you want to. Honestly, there are two things that instantly make a woman look pretty: a slim body and long hair (the raw truth). These are the two key elements that most men feel attracted to. C)Stand out from the crowd – most British women have flaws and disadvantages such as obesity, being masculine, having short hair, etc. (I knowthis statement isn’t mainstream-friendly, but I’m not going to lie to you& I do apologize if some people feel offended because of that.)Therefore, you can package yourself differently andfurther make yourself standout from the crowd. For instance, each time when you go to a party or an upscaleevent, you arrive early so that the event/party organizer or host will have totalk to you first. And then as other guests arrive, the party organizer has to introduce you to every guest because you are already having a conversation with the host. In this way, you easily stand out from the crowd at the party, and every man has to look at you first. Then you can start a conversation with the guy that looks wealthy and has good a men
  • You don’t have to stop seeing other men because your boyfriend doesn’thave plans to marry you anyway. You can give yourself some distance from himbecause you’ve been with him for two months only – it’s a short period of time. You may want to join rich men dating apps
  • If you’ve met a guy at an upscale event and this new guy invites you to dinnerin a fancy restaurant. Here is what you do: Order the most expensive item in each category on the menu and observe his reaction. (I know this sounds outrageous, but please let me explain – the initial stage of a relationship is the ideal time for a guy to be on his best behavior. If a man doesn’t want to impress you at the beginning, his behavior will only get worse and worse in the future). Hence, after you’ve ordered the most expensive item in each category on the menu (the most expensive entrée, the most expensive main course, the most expensive dessert and the most expensive drink), this guy will have three possible reactions: A) He will call you out by saying something like, “Oh, I didn’t know you are a huge eater” or some other complaints such as “It doesn’t need to be that fancy”. Now you know he won’t give you presents infuture and won’t pay for stuff in the long run, even though he is rich. B) He won’t say anything, but he won’t call you again, meaning there is no second date. That means he won’t give you presents in future and won’t pay for stuff in the long term, even if you keep dating him. C) He will be okay with it and still contact you for the second date. That means he is very likely to give you presents in future and pay for things in this relationship with you. Then each time when you receive a gift from this wealthy and generous guy, you show gratitude and give him reward in other ways, e.g. having a great time in the bedroom, cooking him an amazing dinner, etc. In psychology, this is called ‘positive reinforcement’.joining rich men dating apps
  • Why you are not a gold-digger: A gold-digger is a woman who gets cash fast and leaves the guy quickly. In contrast, you are looking for a genuine, long-term and serious relationship via rich men dating apps, so you are not a gold-digger. Men who say women that expect guys to pay for things are gold-diggers only want to use this propaganda in order to exploit women financially.

Hopefully this is helpful. 


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Rich men dating apps are the fast-track to a wealthy husband.

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