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LoveAgain dating app review (meet your love now)

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LoveAgain dating app is a platform for singles all over the world to find new relationships online. Most people on this app are divorced, widowed or left a long-term relationship.


  • You can instantly create your own dating profile once you’ve installed LoveAgain dating app.
  • Browse thousands of members’ profiles online.
  • Find matches in your local area.
  • Send winks to users that you are interested in.
  • Join chatrooms for free no matter where you live.
  • Ice-breaking features help you start a conversation easily.
  • Use text messages to communicate with other users any time.


  • A basic membership is free.
  • LoveAgain premium memberships: $13.99, $31.99, $10.99, $15.99, $54.99 & $36.99 (depending on the kind of services you are looking for).
  • VIP + Contact: $14.99.
  • 7 Days Trial + 1-month membership: $31.99.
  • Contact for free upgrade: $9.99.
  • VIP in search upgrade: $13.99.


  • Most people on LoveAgain dating app are looking serious, long-term relationships.
  • It’s actually a great app for senior dating because a large number of divorced users are senior singles looking for love again.
  • Its ice-breaking features are very handy.
  • It has a vast user database.
  • LoveAgain dating app has an easy navigation/interface design.
  • Most members are experienced daters who know what they are doing.


  • Its niche is unclear: We are not sure whether it’s a dating app for senior singles, divorced people or just standard long-term relationships. Therefore, it’s not easy to meet like-minded people on LoveAgain dating app.
  • It is reported that there are many scammers and spammers on this app, e.g. some female “members” ask for male members’ money or iTunes gift card & these “women” live in Ghana or another country. It seems that LoveAgain dating app doesn’t have a strong IT team to block spammers and scammers. Unlike successful dating apps in English-speaking countries which literally don’t allow anyone from a developing country to join their platforms (e.g. Millionaire Match), LoveAgain dating app probably allows any IP address to access their app. Sadly, there are many more unreliable “members” in developing countries because most people in Third-World countries are unwilling/unable to pay for dating services & there are just many more scammers/spammers in those countries – This is something that most dating apps don’t want to talk about, but it’s something that they are aware of. For example, several mainstream dating apps in English-speaking countries were actually developed by people from developing countries, but they test the functionality of their apps by hiring virtual assistants in developed countries because their apps are only available in developed countries (just to make sure their apps can become successful).LoveAgain-best-date-app

Users’ comments:

“I joined another dating app before trying LoveAgain dating app & I’m very disappointed because the profiles on LoveAgain dating app are exactly the same as those profiles on the other dating app! Clearly, this is a clone app for another dating product. What a disgrace!” (Ryan, 27, California)

“I don’t like LoveAgain dating app, but I can’t even delete my profile. Although their customer service team told me how to delete my profile, their instructions don’t even work! I’ll never trust any B-list dating apps!” (Pat, 29, Texas)

“LoveAgain is a good dating app because I met my new wife on this app.” (Jim, 46, New York)

“I like LoveAgain dating app because it has many more men than women! I don’t even have any competition here. Usually, I’m the ugly duckling on mainstream dating apps because I’m truly ugly (if Madonna is a 10, then I must be a 1). But now I feel like a goddess on LoveAgain as there aren’t many women on this app, let alone pretty women! I feel really good – now there are seven men asking me out at the same time! I don’t care whether they are handsome men or not because I’m a virgin and I urgently need to open my legs and welcome my new life so that I can feel free to sleep with whoever I want!” (Brook, 37, New York)

“Some men on this app use ‘looking for a serious relationship’ as an excuse to hustle women into bed. This app has so many ugly, fat and desperate women who are looking for love online because they can’t find boyfriends in real life. That’s why male scammers take advantage of those insecure women. Well, that’s just my observation and I can be wrong.” (Connie, 40, California)

Experts’ comments:

“I haven’t heard of LoveAgain dating app before, so I’m not able to provide any comments on this app. However, I would recommend more mainstream apps that have more members because in order to find quality, quantity matters.” (Jade Seashell)

LoveAgain dating app isn’t the best dating product on the market, so I haven’t recommended this dating app yet.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

LoveAgain dating app used to be a pretty good dating product for singles looking for love online, yet its recent performance has declined due to some unknown reasons. Perhaps there are too many competitors on the market and this app needs to work harder.

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Everyone has the right to love again no matter what they have experienced in life.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Paula G says

    LoveAgain is a special dating app oriented on those users who have left alone. Here you can find divorced people, single mothers and fathers, widows and widowers who have decided to try their luck one more time and find new love. I think that this is the best app for those who are looking for a serious relationship and want to start a family, for those who want to meet with a single mom or with a single dad. I like the app because the registration, the search, viewing the profiles and other actions are completely free. And also, it is completely free to join to chatrooms. This is a dating site which doesn’t demand the premium membership.

  2. Roberto D. Warren says

    I don’t like LoveAgain dating app, because all women are looking for rich men who will provide them and their children. It is impossible to find intelligent and honest woman who will live you, but not your money! But the main problem is that I don’t know how to delete the profile. The support team ignores me and I’m afraid that my personal information will be used in order to deceive other users.

    1. Jacob says

      I completely agree with you, the app is full of scammers! Very often some female “members” ask for male members’ money, and are trying to get their money in all possible ways. A lot of spam presented online. I think that this dating app has a weak security and moderation system. Don’t recommend.

  3. Harriett R says

    This is my favorite dating app! No bugs, no problems only interesting and live communication. Great opportunities for meeting and dating: personal messages, love notes, personal blogs and general micro blogging, forum, chat, comments. LoveAgain is actually a social network for parents and lonely people, a service for finding friends and love. Communication is not limited to the Internet, users organize meetings, holidays and trips. The possibility of dating without premium account. You can get acquainted with the person you like for free, send him a message with your phone number, mail address and other contact information. This app presents a serious moderation of questionnaires, thanks to which there are only decent and adequate people. Scammers, adventurers, gigolos, anxious teenagers and other people with dubious goals either cannot get here or quickly are banned without the possibility of re-registration.

  4. Rose J says

    The perfect service for meeting your love online. I downloaded the app on all my IOS devices and have the opportunity to use it 24/7. Only real people are presented here, no spamming bots, fictitious profiles of marriage agencies, non-existent people. This is a real platform for real people. It is great for divorced people with family life experience, as well as for meeting girls and young single men. This is a decent and free dating site. Happy meetings happen every day, people find each other, create happy families. You shouldn’t doubt that you can meet your love here.

  5. Anonymous says

    I want to delete my account on

    1. Anonymous says

      Omg me too

  6. Anonymous says

    How do you delete your account???????

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