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Best NSA dating apps: What does that really mean?

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No-Strings-Attached is also known as NSA these days. It means you are only looking for a casual encounter rather than a serious relationship. NSA dating is very popular in this hook-up culture nowadays.

Which apps are the best NSA dating apps?

Strictly speaking, all casual dating apps are NSA dating apps. But there are some comprehensive dating apps that include both casual dating and traditional dating, e.g. Brilic, Tinder, Bumble, and so on. Of course, you can leverage most free NSA dating apps and maximize your chance.

According to my experience, the best NSA dating apps are Brilic and Bumble. Let me explain.

  • Brilic dating app is an international dating app which allows me to meet the hottest women in foreign countries while travelling the world. I oftentimes date 9s and 10s from Poland and Ukraine via Brilic.
  • Bumble has many high-quality, established women who are already rich, so they don’t need me for money. I hate being used by women, so I think Bumble is a pretty good NSA dating app.

The real reason I’m not a fan of Tinder is because the quality of women on Tinder is getting worse and worse currently. A few years ago, Tinder was the best NSA dating app. But today Tinder is the least effective and efficient dating app in the world… unless you are invited to join Tinder Select which is only for the rich and the NSA dating apps on Android

Another type of NSA dating apps is sugar momma dating apps and sugar daddy dating apps.

Frankly, I joined a sugar momma dating app previously and I really loved it. I met a very hot sugar momma in her late 40s. She was a PR executive in New York City. She even looks a bit like Samantha Jones! To be fair, I’m a reasonably handsome guy as I look slightly like Chris Hemsworth.

Some of my friends are gay and they have joined a gay sugar daddy dating app some time ago. They told me that their experiences have been very positive so far because there are many gay sugar daddies these days.

Yes, most sugar dating apps are the best NSA dating apps. But because they are very successful, Apple Store don’t like them, so iTunes has deleted all sugar dating apps already. Therefore, the only way to access sugar dating apps is to go to Android or directly visit their dating sites.

What can we expect on the top NSA dating apps?

The best thing of meeting someone via an NSA dating app is you invest very little and you get a lot from it. That is to say, you aren’t emotionally involved in it – you are there for some fun only. So, the dating experience is nice and easy.

As far as I’m concerned, I used Brilic dating app to meet hot girls from Eastern Europe and had a very good time when I was living in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. That was the highlight in my dating life.

I also used Bumble to meet high-value women who aren’t needy or insecure – they are happy to have one-night stands with me because they make their own money and don’t really need men.

As to sugar momma dating apps, I joined those apps on my Android phone and met some very generous sugar mommas in their 40s when I was living in New York City. As I see it, there are more sugar mommas in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. As for small cities, sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns.sugar momma dating apps

If you show me a sugar momma in the countryside, I will show you a unicorn.

My gay friends who have joined gay sugar daddy dating apps told me that gay sugar daddies usually have more money than sugar mommas. However, sugar mommas generally have more time than sugar daddies.

That made me think. Indeed, most sugar mommas that I’ve met are rich widows who got their dead ex-husband’s money, so they have lots of time to enjoy life and date younger men.

In contrast, most sugar daddies are self-made entrepreneurs, so they have to spend a lot of time working hard almost every single day.

“If I only work 38 hours a week, that sounds like a week off,” says a gay sugar daddy from the best NSA dating app, “Oftentimes, I work at least 70 hours a week.”No-Strings-Attached

What kind of people are interested in the best NSA dating apps in 2019?

In terms of who’s interested in the top NSA dating apps, here’s my honest opinion: There are several different types of people on the most popular NSA dating apps

  • People who are very confident, charismatic and good-looking: These people are not needy at all. They know their worth, so they have high self-esteem. They don’t really have to have long-term relationships in order to feel secure.
  • Those who are very practical: These daters are interested in arrangements rather than traditional relationships which are best characterized by drama and stress; therefore, they tend to look for sugar daddy dating apps or sugar momma dating apps, AKA the best NSA dating apps on Android.
  • Daters who are cheating on their spouses: Another type of users of NSA dating apps are people who already have relationships. In other words, they don’t need to find serious relationships because they are already in serious relationships. That means they are looking for affairs only.

Are you in one of these categories? If yes, then you are probably reading the right article right now. If no, don’t worry – there is nothing wrong with you – life is short; have a fling!gay sugar daddy dating apps

Who should you avoid on the best NSA dating apps on iPhone?

The Internet gives us unlimited opportunities and options, meaning you will meet many people on the top NSA dating apps for iPhone. Having said that, having more choices doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Sometimes, having more options may even make you more anxious.

Make sure that you avoid these daters at all cost:

  • People who don’t even want to use condoms. If you are dating someone who doesn’t even want to use a condom with you, you must run away fast! Don’t forget that STDs such as AIDS are real.
  • Those who ask for your money very quickly are users. In this case, you must make sure you either leave asap or get what you want by outusing a user.
  • If you are an established man looking for an affair because your wife is boring (but you can’t divorce her due to practical reasons), read this real story before joining any NSA dating app: Ron is a rich guy from San Francisco. His marriage is characterized by lack of variety and excitement, so he was looking for a mistress on the side. After joining a casual dating app, he found a hot girl called Natalie who contacted him first. While he was making love with Natalie in a booth of a Karaoke bar, his wife’s brother suddenly rocked up. Then his wife’s brother asked for US$500,000. He says if Ron doesn’t give him that amount of money, he would tell Ron’s wife about this affair. Therefore, Ron gave him US$500,000 – a few weeks later, Ron figured out that Natalie was hired by his wife’s brother!
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