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Which apps are actually affair dating apps?

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From Google key words popularity, we can see that “affair dating apps” is a very popular keyword these days. Statistics show that “looking for an affair” has become four times more popular on Google search results (researchers compared the search results in 2009 and the search results in 2019).

  • There are three categories of affair dating apps.

First of all, there are affair dating apps that directly tell you what they are about. For example, Ashley Madison and Gleeden are both in this category. They aren’t bashful at all – they just announce the nature of their apps: for cheating and affairs only.

Second, there are sugar daddy dating apps and sugar momma dating apps. Interestingly, sugar daddy dating apps are more successful than sugar momma dating apps because there are clearly more rich men than rich women in modern-day society. Most wealthy men aren’t single, so they just use sugar daddy dating apps to look for affairs.

According to a recent study, 40% of male members on Seeking Arrangement (the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating site/app) are married men looking for extra-marital affairs with younger, hotter women who admire powerful men.DatingAppsAdvice

Last but not least, most mainstream dating apps encourage married men and women to join their communities for financial reasons. Apparently, as the competition among dating apps is increasingly stiff these days, a lot of dating apps find it very difficult to make a profit. Therefore, lots of dating apps encourage married men and women to become their members. The funny thing is many married men and women are more motivated than single men and women when it comes to joining dating apps.

Experts argue that because many single individuals are used to their single lifestyle, they are actually less motivated in terms of online dating. Indeed, it’s becoming less necessary to get married in this day and age, as all your needs can be met no matter you are married or not nowadays.

In contrast, a lot of married men and women are actually very lonely. Yes, you can be lonely in a relationship. As a matter of fact, a bad relationship makes you feel extremely lonely. And the majority of married couples are actually unhappily married – they either don’t admit it or don’t want to talk about it.

In conclusion, affair dating apps fall into the above-mentioned three categories.

  • What is the success rate of marriage in contemporary society?

The divorce rate in western countries is 50%. But couples who broke up after having long-term relationships (without getting married) are not in the statistics. That means most serious relationships don’t work out in the end.

And if we look at couples who stay married, how many of them are actually happy? It is said that only 20% of married couples are actually happily married. Therefore, the success rate of marriage is just 20%.

If I tell you something has an 80% failure rate, you might want to think twice or buy an insurance before you go ahead and do it, right? Unfortunately, most people aren’t educated in this regard before getting married.apps and sugar momma dating apps

Most people who are unwilling to post their photos on mainstream dating apps are actually married. Having said that, affair dating apps including sugar daddy dating apps encourage their members to avoid using photos that display their faces. That means if you are a rich man on a sugar daddy dating app, your face doesn’t need to appear in your profile photo. Of course, you can set up a private photo album for sugar babies to check you out.

Nonetheless, women on affair dating apps such as sugar daddy dating apps are encouraged to post photos that display their faces because women’s No. 1 asset is actually beauty in this regard.

A smart woman knows how to leverage her beauty in order to get what she wants. Modern feminism doesn’t allow women to use their femininity to their advantage. Sad, but true. Many feminists are women who can’t get guys, so they don’t like it when other women can get guys.

Certain affair dating apps (sugar daddy dating apps) even have a feature called “beauty verification” which asks sugar babies to post their photos without makeup in order to verify their beauty and youth. These apps are very successful and popular nowadays.

  • Who are running affair dating apps?

You might be surprised to know that Gleeden, the world’s most well-known affair dating app is completely run by a female team. This dating app was created by women and for women – it is mostly marketed to women.

Founded in France, the country of affairs, Gleeden is for married women to have fun and enjoy life outside their marriages. Clearly, contrary to common belief, women aren’t more faithful than men in reality.

Over 65% of members on Gleeden are in the European Union and it has more than 5 million users currently. Interestingly, most of its members have Master’s degrees or even PhDs. Hence, well-educated women are even more likely to cheat on their husbands, partly because well-educated women know their worth and wouldn’t settle for less, and partly because well-educated women feel more empowered and are more likely to explore other possibilities in life – they don’t want to miss out on anything free dating apps

As to Ashley Madison, another famous affair dating app, it was founded by Darren Morgenstern in 2002. Their slogan is “Life is short; have an affair.” Launched in Canada, Ashley Madison has become a world-wide sensation and has attracted over 60 million members all over the world. In some countries such as Australia, Ashley Madison actually has more female members than male members in 2019. Again, this proves the fact that women aren’t necessarily more faithful than men.

  • Why are sugar daddy dating apps the most important part of affair dating apps?

As a matter of fact, there are more sugar daddy dating apps than specific apps that are directly called “affair dating apps”. Obviously, it’s harder to market affair dating apps, yet it’s slightly easier to market sugar daddy dating apps. Thus, app developers tend to create more sugar daddy dating apps these days.

I interviewed an app develop from Hong Kong who told me that the majority of men on affair dating apps are rich men who are qualified to join sugar daddy dating apps anyway.

“Poor men usually aren’t thinking about cheating on their wives because they wouldn’t have the bandwidth to do that,” says the anonymous app developer in Hong Kong, “However, rich men are usually married, and they are more likely to have the money and resources to join affair dating apps.”

His observation is probably true. Yet I have another discovery when I interviewed a sugar momma named Lucy.

“I joined a sugar momma dating app in order to find an affair with a younger, hotter man,” says Lucy, a married woman, “I am doing this only because my husband was cheating on me, which really surprised me, because I am the richer person in the household, yet he was cheating on me! After talking to some marriage experts, I have realised that because I’m richer than him, his ego needs to feel good elsewhere by hooking up with other women. That’s why I saw him on an affair dating app. Then I joined a sugar momma dating app to feel better.”mainstream dating apps

Some relationship experts even contend that affairs can be therapeutic. One of our long-term dating experts on even points out that after her father’s affair in the 90s, her parents’ marriage has become much better – they never had an argument after that because her dad feels guilty and wants to treat her mum well.

Jade Seashell, author of A Seductress’ Confession, is a relationship consultant based in Australia. She shared a very interesting story with me yesterday:

“One of my clients is a woman whose husband was cheating on her. Every time when she came to see me, she was complaining about her husband’s affair. But one day, after her session, I left the office with her and I saw her husband was there to pick her up,” says Jade Seashell, “Surprisingly, she treats her husband in an extremely sweet way. Then I asked her about it. She literally said, ‘I know he is having an affair because he met another woman on an affair dating app, but I don’t want to let him know that I’m aware of it already. Now I’m asking him to buy a house with my name on it. After that, I will tell him what I know. That will make life easier no matter I get a divorce or not.”

Life is short. Have a divorce.

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