Find Millionaire dating app review (Adult Dating & Matchmaker app)

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Developed in London, a city with a large number of millionaires, Find Millionaire dating app is a completely free dating platform for millionaires and their admirers. No matter you are a millionaire or you are just looking for a millionaire, you should try this app first because it’s 100% free.


  • There is no VIP membership, meaning there is no hidden costs.
  • Meet real millionaires in your local area.
  • Contact certified millionaires online and meet them offline.
  • Chat with rich singles.
  • Answering questions about yourself will help you improve your matches.
  • Members can use Facebook accounts to sign up and log in. But Find Millionaire dating app won’t post anything on their users’ Facebook timelines.
  • Instant customer support is available.


* Find Millionaire dating app is the only free dating product in the wealthy dating niche, so you must give it a go if you are still trying to figure out how luxury dating works.


  • This app is absolutely free.
  • You can connect with certified millionaires, so you know they are real people who have made it.
  • There are so many attractive members on Find Millionaire dating app. This app is basically designed for millionaire men and hot women.


  • Some users have reported that this app gives their smart phones a freaking virus. What a joke.
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Users’ comments:

“I’m a 42-year-old virgin living in Washington. Because I’m a multi-millionaire (I have invested in 11 properties), I must find an equally rich man. Sadly, there aren’t enough eligible men in my life because most wealthy men in their 40s are already married. I don’t have children and I know menopause is drawing near. My counsellor says my problem isn’t about having no kid; it’s about having no man in my life. Indeed, I must have a man first and then I’ll have kids. But finding a suitable man is so hard, so I downloaded Find Millionaire dating app. However, I can’t even open this app due to some technical issues.” (Katie, 42, Washington)

“As a successful businessman, I’m looking for a real 10 to become my girlfriend. In my daily life, I can only meet boring and masculine women who want to compete with men due to the nature of the industry that I work in. Hence, I downloaded Find Millionaire dating app in order to find a hot woman who wants to date me. The good news is I’ve met 5 women within 2 weeks and they all look very attractive. But my standards are very high – I want to marry someone who looks like Natalie Portman – I’m impressed by Natalie’s character in Black Swan in which she wears red lipstick, so I guess I’ll keep looking for my dream girl.” (Andy, 37, Oregon)

“After reading Leil Lowndes’ book UpDate: How to date out of your league, I decided to find a rich guy. But unfortunately, Leil Lowndes’ book was written more than one decade ago and many of her strategies don’t apply to today’s day and age. Consequently, I downloaded Find Millionaire dating app. So far, so good.” (Emily, 26, Idaho)

Experts’ comments:

“Because I was invited to write a column on, I was regarded as the ‘accidentally authority of luxury dating’ last year. So, I guess I probably can offer some comments on Find Millionaire. But to be honest, I’ve never heard of this app before, even though I’ve read so much information about millionaire dating apps in order to write articles for various columns and online magazines. I think that’s because Find Millionaire dating app doesn’t charge a membership fee at all – they don’t have affiliate marketers to promote this product for them. No wonder the information about this dating app is so limited on the Internet.” (Jade Seashell)

“Find Millionaire dating app has about 1,000 new members per day. In contrast, Seeking Arrangement sometimes has 10,000 new members per day. Which app is more popular? I think the answer is quite obvious. By the way, Seeking Arrangement has been rebranded in 2018 – now it’s called Seeking.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Find Millionaire dating app is a place for doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, Beauty Queens, Hollywood celebrities and fitness models to meet each other online. With a sleek, slick and sophisticated service, Find Millionaire has got thousands of positive reviews on Google Play Store alone. Because it’s run by a seasoned team who has ten years’ experience in the online matchmaking industry, it’s a valuable dating product which is ironically 100% free.

Although joining a completely free wealthy dating app is a good idea, how can you make sure that the quality of its members is high without a membership fee? Honestly, you can’t guarantee the high quality of its users in this way because usually high-value users are happy to pay for a service. Perhaps the only way to ensure it’s a legitimate wealthy dating app is to have certified millionaires. Having said that, allowing women to join this app for free means there are probably many money-hungry social climbers, scammers, users and abusers in the community.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Annie says

    I’ve heard about this, but never though it could be real. So is there a way the app will check the person has truly a lot of money? Is there a chance to find scammers? Good review btw, pretty clear and simple information!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Annie,

      I don’t think this app will check every user’s background, but some other apps actually do that.

      All the best!

      Jade Seashell

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