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By statistics, every man in a world has dreamed of an Asian hottie at least once. It could be an Asian top-model, or a hot Asian ladyboy, or both in one person, but it’s a fact anyway. 40% of women are attracted to the Asian type of appearance too finding it very sexy. That’s probably why Asian dating apps are so incredibly popular. Some use them to guarantee an adventure before leaving for a trip, others know about great Asian family values and hope to find a future spouse, while the third group of people is only interested in expressing their erotic fantasies in a sex chat. But even this doesn’t explain why there is always a “boom” connected with Asian dating online. Here are the real reasons below:

  • Economical aspect. Asian girls come either from poor countries or from very rich metropolises/families. In both cases, they aren’t after your money. Poorer girls aren’t spoiled at all and they will be happy enough even without super expensive restaurants and furs. Very rich girls from Singapore or Hong Kong have their careers or their fathers’ sponsorship just they are crazy about Western men so your pale face and muscled body might be everything they need. It’s rather flattering, isn’t it?
  • The best sex you ever had. Yes, this factor is also closely connected with Asians. Asian women know how to play innocent and childish girls in a public but how to be submissive and super-satisfying whores in a bed. That’s something we cannot find in our local women, no matter how hard we try. These abilities and skills of Asian girls attract men from all over the world, so hurry up and find your fresh Asian flower till hundreds of competitors get ahead of you.

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