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sugar daddy dating app review

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Sudy is a very popular sugar daddy dating app that introduces attractive young women to rich and successful men. Its popularity is increasing because more and more switched-on people are looking for arrangements rather than traditional relationships.

* Very unique algorithm which guarantees a high matching rate.
* Use moments to share your activities and thoughts.
* View other members’ moments and like/comment on their posts.
* Find your matches near you.
* Intuitive interface with elegant design.


Pricing for sugar daddies:
* 1 month Sudy Premium: $69.99.
* 3 months Sudy Premium: $194.99.
* 6 months Sudy Premium: $349.99.

Pricing for sugar babies:
* 1 month Sudy Premium: $14.99.
* 3 months Sudy Premium: $39.99.
* 6 months Sudy Premium: $70.99.

* The design is neat and clean. Very easy to navigate.
* You can tell other members more about you by sharing your moments (daily activities, etc.).
* A huge database of verified sugar daddies and sugar babies.
* Get to know each other through videos and pictures.
* You can write a very detailed profile about you to promote yourself.

* Sugar babies have to pay for this service. This may affect the number of sugar babies because not every sugar baby is happy to pay for such a service.

Although it’s price is high, it’s actually good value for money because you get what you pay for.

Users’ comments:
“I tried Sudy last year and met 4 very generous sugar daddies in the first two weeks. I think an arrangement is not really a transaction. It’s a genuine connection and an honest relationship that I cherish. With this in mind, I always find my arrangements very rewarding and satisfying.” (Samantha, Chicago)

“I joined Sudy in January 2018 and have found my sugar daddy now. This sugar daddy dating app is very user-friendly and interesting. My favourite feature is Moments which allows me to show my lifestyle and who I am in detail. I think that has helped me a lot in terms of finding an arrangement fast.” (Jo, London)

“A great app. Very easy to use. I met many hot women for me to choose. Now I’m dating the sexiest girl in town!” (Joe, Portland)


sudy dating app

Experts’ comments:

“Sudy is a fine app which helps like-minded people to find arrangements. It’s becoming more and more popular because of its unique features and beautiful interface.  That being said, using a sugar dating app alone isn’t enough if you want to be successful in the sugar bowl.  You also need to know sugar dating techniques as well.” (Svaxa, writer of iDateAdvice)

“We have recommended Sudy to some of our wealthy audience. Some very successful men would like to meet more attractive young women, and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t think we should judge what adults do behind closed doors, as long as it’s legal and they are honest with each other.” (Curt Coch, founder of iDateAdvice – the best dating advice platform on the Internet)

Although sugar babies have to pay for this dating service, the quality of sugar babies on this app is very high. Member engagement is extremely good because of its moments’ feature. Therefore, Sudy is highly recommended by experts in the sugar dating industry and sugar daddies themselves.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. Matt says

    Sudy looks a great app to connect all sugar babies to sugar daddies. I hope the sugar babies get to read this and know about the app which I believe is very clean to use.

  2. AJ says

    You get what you pay for. I can understand why people are wary of people having to pay for something like this, but dating is quite the same – you pay the restaurant where you eat, pay for watching movies for 2, etc. Shelling out for a little extra is something that will reward people who think they deserve the best. This app has it in spades.

  3. Maury Cheskes says

    It’s good it’s easy to navigate and find your appropriate match. I also like that it caters to specific arrangements. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tom Esthber says

    Wow looks like a great app! Shame I am not much of a sugar daddy though haha.

  5. Ben says

    It’s good that both sides have to pay, this way it cuts down on a lot of the BS and fake profiles that you tend to run into on free dating apps.

  6. benny says

    This is a great app for those that want to stay connected to sugar daddies. It an app that is simple to use and easy to navigate. Members are verified and it really reliable for anyone usage.

  7. Donald McDanie says

    What? I never ever knew there was an app like this. This app will definitely be more convenient for people doing this type of arrangements.

  8. Richard Burton says

    I know that these are sites for old people but I do not know the term SUGARDADDY seems to be pushing it for me as if you are rubbing the fact that they are old to their face. However maybe it is just me not liking the term to begin with?

  9. May says

    This Sudy app seems great for those looking for a sugar daddy. I just hope everything goes well to the members. They deserve to be happy.

  10. GaryGamez says

    This seems like an interesting app. Personally I won’t be really using this app but I hope that it can succeed the market. A lot of sugarbabies are trying to find a trustful site and hoping to get a sugar daddy but most of the sites are either too high on fee or some of them are scammers. So I’m hoping for the best!

  11. Ernie says

    Interesting app, you get what you paid for and quiet easy to navigate. Crossing my fingers to finding a good match.

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