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Why you must use free dating apps for iPhone in 2019

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This is 2019, not 1999.


Everything is digital these days, so if you aren’t doing any kind of online game, your dating life is probably tough to some degree.


If running night game is making an effort, then using free dating apps for iPhone is making an intelligent effort. Let me explain.


  • Night game is pretty much over now.


When you go to a night club to meet women, what do you see? You see that almost everyone is staring at their smart phone. Women don’t make eye contact anymore. Sad, but true.


In 1999, night clubs were the perfect place to meet hot women and get laid because everything was working for you at that time. In contrast, nowadays everything is working against you.


First of all, the smart phone is cockblocking you. Every digital device is a distraction in this day and age, as evidenced by the ADHD culture in modern-day society.

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Cal Newport even wrote a book called Digital Minimalism which tells us not to use social media and stare less at our cell phones. This is a very key message no matter you want to do some deep work or want to hook up with attractive women.


The second reason why you’d better use free dating apps for iPhone is because even bartenders are cockblocking you. In the past, when running game was a bit easier, bartenders didn’t get jealous, so they didn’t mind the fact that many other men are getting laid.


However, in 2019, bartenders have become jealous – if they see you are successful with women in front of them, they start to hate you. That’s why they want to cockblock you now.


For example, when you are constantly hitting on girls, the bartender may tell you to leave the venue as long as a girl screams (even because of excitement rather than fear).


Another reason why you should use free dating apps for iPhone is that your male friends are also cockblocking you these days. Because it’s getting harder and harder to hook up with hot women, your friends are actually competing with you.


For instance, when you and your male friends go to a nightclub and a beautiful woman has joined your group conversation, you start to hear your male friends say something like this about you, “Oh, Larry is very beta, but we always laugh at his jokes in order to be polite.”


It seems that they are just joking, but what they are unconsciously doing is trying to impress the hot girl by putting you down in front of her. In other words, you can’t really have male friends on your side in this case.


In conclusion, because cell phones, bartenders and your male friends are all cockblocking you, you should use free dating apps for iPhone in 2019 rather than rely on your night game.


  • What if you want to use your night game as an add-on?


Yes, online game should be your primary source of lead generation nowadays, but it’s reasonable to use the night game as an add-on if you are into going out at night. And there are several ways to deal with cockblockers effectively.


First and foremost, you can use a free dating app on iPhone and ask multiple girls out on a Friday night. When you do this, you are basically inviting 10-20 girls to a nightclub and have a party together. Now these women will see you as a high-value man because you don’t lack female attention.


Please note that when other women see you are already with gorgeous women, your perceived value increases in their eyes. By contrast, when you see a woman is already with another man, her perceived value decreases in your eyes.

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Once you take multiple ladies out in a nightclub, you can leverage your female social circle to meet other hot women because now other pretty girls are looking at you and thinking… “Why does that guy have so many pretty women around him? He must be somebody, so I should meet him!”


In the second place, you need to give the bartender a bigger tip so that the bartender won’t cockblock you. If everyone is giving the bartender a $1 tip, you should give him a $5 tip. Then he will want you to be there often & will even help you get laid.


That’s how to turn a cockblocker into a wingman.


Last but not least, if you know your male friends are the real cockblockers when you go out, you should have some new friends. For instance, you can go to a nightclub alone and approach a rich guy who has bought a table.


Pay him a compliment by saying, “Oh, that’s a very nice watch.” And then continue the conversation with the rich man. Quickly, you say, “Would you like me to bring some girls here?” Is he going to say no?


Of course, he will say yes. Then you can approach some hot women by saying, “My friend and I have bought too many drinks. Would you like to help us drink some?”


Because those girls want free drinks, they will say yes.


That’s how you bring hot women to the rich guy’s table. Now the rich guy will become your wingman by offering free drinks (and even free accommodation because chances are this rich man has a big house in the city center where you can take girls there as well).

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  • Who should use free dating apps on iPhone?


Free dating apps for iPhone are for everyone to join, but the most successful people on these free dating apps on iPhone are those who can write well. Please let me explain.


If you can’t write well, usually you can’t communicate effectively while chatting with a hot girl on a free dating app, because you need to type what you want to say on a smart phone’s screen.


Therefore, those who are tremendous writers are oftentimes the winners on free dating apps for iPhone and Android.


By the way, there are many best iPhone dating apps that are free, e.g. Brilic, Tinder and Bumble. That’s because most dating apps monetize their products by selling ads rather than collecting membership fees from their members.


Having said that, Tinder has started to introduce paid features. Bumble always has some advanced features for their VIP members. But anyway, you can still use these services for free if you don’t want to pay for these services.


Also, if you are interested in meeting really attractive women, you must use an international dating app (I said must, not should). That’s because most women in western countries are probably not as hot as women in Eastern Europe and South America. I know this isn’t the most politically correct thing to say, but this website is all about the truth: Women in South America and Eastern Europe are slimmer, hotter and more feminine.


In contrast, women in western countries are more entitled, more overweight and less feminine. I do apologize if this isn’t the prettiest topic in the world, but this is only my personal opinion and you can disagree with me.


Due to the death of night game currently, everyone is honing their online dating skills.

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