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Sugar Daddy Dating App Advice: Improving a dating profile on Seeking Arrangement

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In order to protect this gentleman’s privacy, his original dating profile isn’t displayed here. Rich men who are interested in joining sugar daddy dating apps such as Seeking Arrangement (SA) on Android may learn a thing or two from our response.

  • Our honest advice for a wealthy guy on a sugar daddy dating app (Seeking app):

Sweet Sugar Daddy,

Thanks for sending me the screenshots of your SA profile.

Now I’m 100% sure that you are a gem on SA. In fact, you can be a gem on any sugar dating app in the world because you have all the right aspects that every woman wants:

1) good looks;

2) the perfect height;

3) the perfect body;

4) mature age (but still very young);

5) no kids;

6) university education;

7) single;

8) a well-respected job with a stable income (this is high income in the United States) minus the liabilities brought by mainstream fame;

9) highly value knowledge and experiences;

10) looking for a long-term relationship with an emotional & physical connection AND also happy to try a short-term fling/No-Strings-Attached relationship;

11) disease & drama free;

12) a very pleasant personality – It is extremely rare to find a man like this. I’m saying this because I know on most online dating apps, there are many more men than women, and the quality of men is usually lower than the quality of women. However, on sugar daddy dating apps, there are significantly more women than men. The problem is many men on SA are arrogant, so they don’t think they need to respect women on SA. Meanwhile, many women on SA think arrangements are transactions, so they make men feel jaded. That’s why SA has started to educate its members.

Sugar Daddy Dating App Advice

Here is the feedback on your SA profile:

  1. Add Lifestyle Budget: Negotiable. I’m not sure why Lifestyle Budget is not in your profile (maybe you didn’t fill in that blank when you were creating your profile on SA). But you still need to add this to your profile because otherwise it looks like you are only looking for a wife. In fact, you are also willing to consider a No-Strings-Attached relationship with the right person. Therefore, adding ‘Lifestyle Budget: Negotiable’ to your profile maximizes your chance of finding high-quality women. Remember: In order to find quality, quantity certainly matters. Hence, you don’t want to filter women at this stage. Find as many women as possible initially, and then you filter them later.

  1. Show them; don’t tell them. In your profile’s About Me section, you tell women that you love learning new things through books and podcasts. That’s what most successful men love doing: reading and learning something new, so it doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you can write something like “love Leaves of Grass and currently I’m reading22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Also, Tim Ferriss’ podcast is my favorite.” – This is just an example which shows you how to demonstrate a contrast and create a memorable impact (Leaves of Grass is a very sensuous and classic book, whereas 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is all about modern business and career – this contrast indicates that you can be very sexy and very growth-driven in different situations – a powerful mix: the soft and sweet side of your personality + the tough and strong side of your personality). Women who have read your profile carefully may want to Google “Leaves of Grass”, “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” and “Tim Ferriss” – once they’ve done their own research, what they’ve read in your profile becomes unforgettable, thereby making your profile unforgettable on the sugar daddy dating app. In this way, it’s very easy to leverage well-known books/public figures and make women associate you with high status and power under the radar. Your dating profile is basically a sales copy that helps you market yourself. Being specific is a technique which is used in every effective advertisement. You can mention books and podcasts that you actually like in your profile, so those don’t have to be “Leaves of Grass”, “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” or “Tim Ferriss”. Now you’ve got the gist: You show women what you enjoy doing so that women get their conclusions, i.e. this guy loves learning new things through books and podcasts; he values knowledge. When the examples are very specific, the conclusions are more powerful. In psychology, this is called ‘implicit argument’, i.e. you show something convincing so that your audience can get the conclusions by themselves – when your audience get the conclusions by themselves, they will remember those conclusions very clearly and they trust those conclusions as well because those are their own conclusions. Similarly, you can also mention specific places you have been to instead of “I love to travel”. So, you can write something like “In my opinion, Scotland is a real heaven on earth, and I’m planning on going to Dubai later this year.” (Again, Scotland is an English-speaking country which has a western culture, while Dubai is much more mysterious because it’s in the Middle East – What a contrast.) Therefore, your hobbies can look like “Love Leaves of Grass and currently I’m reading 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Also, Tim Ferriss’ podcast is my favorite. Exploring different places around the world is my priority lately. In my opinion, Scotland is a real heaven on earth, and I’m planning on going to Dubai later this year.” (This is an example only. You can mention books/podcasts/countries/cities that you actually like.)rich men and women
  1. Use contractions. Instead of writing “I am” for six times in About Me section and Seeking section, you’d better write “I’m” for six times because contractions look more approachable on a sugar daddy dating app.

A bonus idea you (remember to use this strategy when you go out with a hot woman next time):

When you meet a woman in person, instead of saying “I really like you” which gives away your power, you say, “You look dangerous, I’m not sure whether we’ll get along” in a playful way. If she thinks you are a high-value guy, she will begin to chase you after hearing that because you are showing her perceived challenge. When that initial dynamics have been established, the relationship will be more likely to be on your terms in the future. Words such as “dangerous”, “sexy”, “hot”, and “trouble” are all provocative under the radar without saying an adult word. In a way, these words are more powerful because women’s sexuality is contextual (women’s sexuality is not about focusing on one part of the body).rich holiday

Also, make sure you know a woman’s blueprint on the first date because using a sugar daddy dating app is all about honesty from the very beginning.

To your dating success,

Luxury Dating Expert at


An arrangement is also a relationship – it’s a meaningful and genuine relationship which is best characterized by mutual benefits.

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