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Hitwe dating app review (meet people and chat: like/match/communicate)

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Hitwe has no limits or restrictions. You can meet singles all over the world on Hitwe dating app easily. How does it work?


  • Chat with anybody you like.
  • Play Rate game and get matched with other members.
  • Use ‘like’ as a way to break the ice.
  • Chat with new people after the game.
  • Locate interesting people on your city map.
  • It only has an English version.hitwe search


  • A 3-day free trial.
  • Then you’ll pay a membership fee which starts at US $9.99 unless you cancel your subscription manually.
  • You can turn off the auto-renewal button via Account Settings.hitwe premium


  • Hitwe dating app is very stable and rarely crashes.
  • Its pastel colors are so beautiful that its interface becomes addictive.
  • You can use emojis on iMessage.
  • You can easily customize your unique profile page. It looks a bit like Instagram. Only better!
  • You can discover thousands of local people nearby. This makes finding dates so easy.


Users’ comments:

“I’m a 40-year-old woman and I only want to date men who are over 40. I can’t stand younger men because I’m very insecure about my own age – younger men just make me feel old. Sadly, I haven’t met any eligible men on this app yet as most men on Hitwe dating app are way too young for me.” (Wendy F., 40, Texas)

“Hitwe is a reasonable dating app. But I just don’t know why I keep seeing ads even though I’m a premium member. I think ads should only be shown to free members. This is totally bizarre.” (Jackson W., 24, Hollywood, L. A.)hitwe girls

Experts’ comments:

“Hitwe dating app is a mainstream dating product for singles to connect with each other and find dates on the Internet. It is also known as the fastest-growing social discovery network in the world.” (Jade Seashell)

“On Hitwe, you can send unlimited messages and stickers. It’s super interactive and engaging.” (Curt Coch)


  1. Why do I only see members in English-speaking countries on Hitwe?
  • Honestly, most dating apps’ target market is English-speaking countries because these countries have several key things: 1) these countries have money in the system; 2) these countries have enough people, e.g. the United States and the United Kingdom; 3) these countries probably value dating and personal happiness more than career ambitions; 4) people in English-speaking countries generally find it difficult to meet new people in real life, so they prefer joining online dating apps. This is very different from situations in Italy, Spain and South American countries where people are more relaxed and can hook up in real life without dating apps.
  1. Can I find a soul mate on Hitwe dating app?
  • This is probably not the best place to find a soul mate because most people on Hitwe aren’t looking for serious relationships – they tend to look for friendships and dates so that they can expand their social circle effectively. If you are interested in finding a long-term relationship, you may want to try other serious dating appswhich introduce potential marriage partners to you.
  1. Why is App Store filled with all kinds of dating apps?
  • Online business owners know that only three categories bring money to them: 1) health and fitness; 2) dating and relationships; 3) money and business – because these things affect people’s happiness. In other words, an online business has to be in one of these three categories in order to make money. Amongst these three categories, only dating and relationships’ entry requirement is low – practically anyone can develop a dating app and sell it on iTunes. In contrast, not everyone can teach people how to lose weight and keep fit; not everyone knows how to make money and can teach others how to run a successful business. As a result, Hitwe dating app has found the right niche, thereby becoming popular.hitwe-chat

Executive summary:

As one of the best dating apps out there, Hitwe dating app is a sensational social networking platform for men and women around the world to meet each other, although most of their users are from English-speaking countries, i.e. the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, if you are looking for an international lover such as an East European woman or a South American girl, this app probably isn’t for you. Because Hitwe has incorporated many positive elements of Instagram, it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst young people and has become very successful on iTunes these days.itunes download new



Always read honest/unbiased reviews about a dating app before you join it. Doing your own research is definitely paramount.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Clayton says

    I’d do a search of the city districts. How nice to find friends living nearby. And not on the other side of town.

  2. Lois W. Feld says

    The site as a whole is not bad ,but does not like activity . Block constantly . What if I’m actively searching ? Huh ?

  3. Maurice says

    Terrible service, my photo was banned, although it complied with all the rules, did not find how to change the photo on Ave, constantly there are messages that I am a robot. I do not advise

  4. Janice F says

    Never blocked on this site though I especially never expressions don’t choose. A lot of motley public, because unlike other resources, this site is well promoted and publicly available, which on the one hand is good (a large selection), on the other – not very (you need to be able to avoid unpleasant acquaintances). Well, in General, everyone here will find their own.

  5. Michael says

    support service is not working properly! On the website there is not any contact from senior management!!!!!!! Due to user activity in finding a suitable candidate, block the account!!!

    1. Donna J says

      You can always contact support with a problem

  6. Jeanette says

    The site is in principle suitable for Dating, censorship there has become tougher than on other similar resources. However, if you are really looking for a serious relationship, not sex for one night, due to the large number of mentally ill people, bogus questionnaires, floodlit and prostitutes, you are on this site you will not find anything. Nothing at all. I personally found a few girls who have been sitting on the app for five years. Then I asked each of them: “Here you sit on the “application” for so long, tell me, you have no friends in reality? Are you mentally ill? Or are you a prostitute? Tell me at last, I want to understand you!” In response, they wrote to me that you sit and just talk. And now, dear readers of responses, think, it that has to be at the person in the head, it what perverted thoughts have to be at him to come on “Mamba”, on this specific site (!!!!!) in search of friends and communication. In my opinion, those who sit there, they are not people, they are mutants.

  7. Larry S says

    The website also has application forms are available girls. Moderator on behalf of the girls is in correspondence with interested customers. The purpose of all this-to breed you for money: you pay for a subscription VIP, then for the opportunity to make gifts or raise your profile will have to pay, etc. Photos and information would be checked by a moderator. But that’s NOT TRUE. If you write that calculated deception, you get a standard prepared unsubscribe, the essence of which is that there are bad people who deceived them and you too. The moderator will be you to send messages, which several girls eager to meet you, but you find that you are one of them wrote a message, and she didn’t even read it, the more she looked at your profile and not been a month on the site; and the other two girls are in your blacklist, and it is not clear how to see about information. JUST MODERATOR a LITTLE DULL( more DULL) and haven’t even looked at your messages, ignore list, etc. CONCLUSION: the SITE is CREATED FOR DRAWING MONEY, the INFORMATION ON the WEBSITE is a FAKE. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

  8. Mary says

    The website was a three…. plus, what is free, and minus, there are no normal guys, married and perverts. And after deleting the profile it still hangs 2-3 years. The administration of the site does not follow this, and the photo is difficult to download.

  9. Harold says

    Website it’s a terrible game. Some spam bots. Full of prostitutes who openly offer their services, but try to write the word “sex”, as you immediately block. All created only, that would siphon off money. And fakes, that’s another story. There’s thousands of them! It’s almost impossible to find a real girl. And half says “the user has more than 10 unread messages. To write he could not, buy VIP” and blah blah blah. Shit, not a Dating site.

  10. Dina J says

    I will list only the disadvantages. 1. According to many ads, prostitution has long been legalized. 2. Many are rude, even the fair sex (they really hurt someone in this life) 3. The moderator repeatedly blocked my photo, found similarities with some superstar, and with whom so and not wrote. 4. If you do not buy a VIP-package, then be content with little. Huckster in General. Result. A website with a good idea, but the execution sucks. Maybe it will give hope to someone, but I got the impression that there is a bunch of people hopeless, often hating or using the opposite sex to assert their ambitions.

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