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Advice from Founders of Free Dating Apps for iPhone

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Last week I interviewed several founders of free dating apps for iPhone who have shared their advice for daters in the 21st century.

  • The best first date should look boring if it’s done right.

This surprised me a little because I assumed that the first date has to be high-energy in order to keep someone interested. However, Anita Y., founder of a free dating app for iPhone told me that the best first date should look boring.

“We have seen exciting Hollywood movies that show us unforgettable first date ideas, but those are unrealistic,” says Anita Y., “In my opinion, the ideal first date should look boring. By that I mean when you meet a girl or a guy in person, the dynamics should look like a boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship already.”

Now I’ve got the gist – if you are a guy who has met a girl via a free dating app for iPhone, you should take her out for a date and make sure you already behave like her boyfriend. That’s why the best first date is not about going to see a horror movie or going to the amusement park immediately; it’s about a natural and normal interaction between two people.

Indeed, when you actually start a relationship with someone, the relationship is about daily life and compatibility. It shouldn’t be about a roller-coaster.

If you like each other when life is boring, that’s a real relationship.

  • Don’t ignore the technical component of dating skills.

When I was younger, I read a lot of dating books written by “gurus” who told me to be myself. “Just be yourself,” says the guru.

I was wondering…if I go to the gym and ask the personal trainer how to lose weight, I don’t want to hear the answer “Just be yourself”. I have to know exactly what to do, how to exercise and what to eat.

Similarly, when I use a free dating app for iPhone, I need to know how exactly I can get dates through uploading an impressive dating profile photo, sending effective messages to other members and arranging first dates fast.

According to Victor C., the founder of another free dating app for iPhone, it is paramount to improve technical component of dating skills in the Internet dating age.text in dating app

“I don’t believe that you should just be yourself when it comes to online dating,” says Victor C., “Yes, of course, you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. As a matter of fact, I highly encourage you to be authentic and genuine. But if you’d like to improve your game and dating skills, being yourself isn’t enough.”

This free dating app for iPhone even engaged relationship advisor Jade Seashell to give their members dating advice regularly in order to provide further support in the community.

Here is a list of typical technical skills of online dating:

  • The dating profile has to be outstanding in order to maximize lead generation.
  • The profile photo should be the best photo, but it also has to look natural. Nobody wants to see you in person and discover that you don’t look like what they see in the photo at all.
  • If you have good writing skills, you may chat online a bit more. But if your writing skills are bad, make sure you arrange the first date quickly and meet someone in person as soon as possible.
  • You would be well-advised to join more than one free dating app for iPhone because you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Looks and money definitely matter.

This isn’t something you want to hear, but it’s absolutely true.

People who want to sell you social skills advice will probably tell you that looks and money don’t even matter – all you need to have is social skills. That is a marketing gimmick – the marketer wants to shift your priorities from spending money on your looks & business/career skills to spending money on buying their social skills products.

Jim E., founder of a free dating app for iPhone, argues that although social skills absolutely matter, looks and money also matter. The truth is these are all essential components of the modern dating dynamics.real dating app

“You need to go to the gym if you want to look fit; you have to work on your grooming and fashion if you want to improve your style; you should learn social skills if you want to meet more high-value candidates in your love life,” says Jim E., “Everything matters. You just need to think for yourself.”

I agree with Jim E. – Apparently, all magazines and TV shows tell us that looks and money matter. I would say that looks and money aren’t everything; social skills aren’t everything either. It’s about the right combination of what you have.

At some stage in your life, maybe looks matter a bit more. At another stage in your life, perhaps money matters more. Sometimes, the highest leverage comes from social skills. These are all very normal.

  • You should havegood friends, but you don’t necessarily need to leverage your social circle in order to get laid.

I always envy those who have powerful social circles, e.g. Jordan Harbinger and RSD Luke. Having said that, it seems that building a powerful social circle looks like a full-time job, so I don’t really want to do that.

I admit that everyone needs to have good friends, but it doesn’t make sense if a guy builds a social circle just to get laid. Let me explain.

I have a friend who is trying to build a social circle full of club promoters and strippers so that he can get laid. It takes him a tremendous amount of time and energy to do that. It’s not worth it. He should have joined a free dating app for iPhone instead.indian dating app

Alternatively, I look at this in a different way. I prefer focusing on building my business and meeting like-minded people. Therefore, I’ve joined Business Chicks, a networking organization for women (and men) who run businesses. By the way, you don’t have to be a business owner in order to join this organization.

Through this networking organization, I’ve met many high-quality people. Once a year, I go away for a vacation with my friends that I’ve met through Business Chicks. Women that I’ve met via this networking organization are intelligent, classy and high-value.

By the way, I met Linda D., founder of a free dating app for iPhone, from Business Chicks. She has some good advice as well.Free Dating Apps for iPhone

“I know some men decide to run social circle game in order to get laid, but the results can’t justify the amount of work,” says Linda D., “Men who use free dating apps for iPhone find it much easier to get girls online because using Internet dating is just like having passive income s*x.”

I would argue that those who have built social circle successfully can also have passive income s*x because their social circle can send them hot women automatically. But obviously, joining a free dating app for iPhone is just much more efficient in this regard.

The easiest way to meet a lot of people and have lots of dates is to join a free dating app for iPhone.

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