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Qeep Dating App Review: for Serious Relationships Only

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Developed in Germany, Qeep dating app is a dating app for people who are looking for serious relationships online. In March 2019, Qeep had 200,000 downloads on Google Play Store and its revenue was $10,000 from Google Play Store. Meanwhile, this dating app had 20,000 downloads on iTunes and its revenue on iTunes was $7,000 in March 2019 (data collected on Tuesday 9th April, 2019). Therefore, it’s much more popular on Android devices than on iPhones.


  • Create a dating profile for free.
  • Meet people nearby.
  • Meet new members every single day.
  • Swipe through profiles of like-minded singles – everyone is looking for a serious relationship, so you don’t need to play games on Qeep dating app.
  • Receive a constant flow of matches all the time.
  • New Singles shows you who has joined the app in your location recently.
  • It’s completely location-based and it’s free to use.
  • Full data protection means all your information is very safe.
  • A strong IT team ensures its members’ privacy security.
  • Dating profiles are handpicked.
  • Its moderation system makes sure nudity is not allowed in this community – it’s a serious dating app.
  • International dating and interracial dating are both commonplace on this platform.
  • It’s the only dating app which sends you matches according to what you actually care about.
  • Fellow members share date ideas with each other.



  • It’s free to use.
  • $6.49$108.99 per item (In-app purchases are offered).


  • It’s a free dating app designed for those who are looking for serious, long-term relationships. This isn’t very common in the hook-up culture today because most dating apps are about looking for hook-ups and casual flings. But Qeep dating app is different – it’s about looking for serious commitments instantly.
  • It’s for people above 18 years of age only, so you won’t meet any underage daters here. There is nothing to worry about.
  • This year Qeep dating app created 2 million matches already, so its success stories are countless. That’s social proof.
  • This dating app has interest-based matchmaking algorithms which allow its users to meet like-minded individuals fast and build genuine relationships that last.
  • It’s 100% location-based, so you’ll only meet people nearby and won’t waste your time with someone who is 1000km away from you.profile qeep


  • Although Qeep dating app claims that it’s a 100% free dating app, it still offers in-app purchases.
  • Like most popular dating apps, it contains many ads.
  • We are not sure how to start a serious relationship immediately with a stranger you’ve just met online. We believe that every serious relationship should start from a friendship or a casual relationship first, and then if things go pretty well, it can become a serious, long-term relationship or a marriage. Without any basic understanding of each other, the “serious relationship” isn’t real.Qeep-dating

Users’ comments:

“I joined Qeep dating app a while ago and didn’t like the quality of its members because most people on this app are needy and lonely. That’s exactly why they are looking for serious relationships only. I really dislike the ambience and have to leave this weird community.” (Patricia X., 28, London)

“People on Qeep dating app aren’t very attractive. I guess it’s because most attractive people are either on casual dating apps or sugar daddy/momma dating apps because they aren’t needy and they know what they want. Those who are looking for serious relationships are generally needy people with insecurities. I do apologize if what I’ve said is offensive, but I’d like to give my honest opinion only and please feel free to disagree with me.” (Lucy P., 31, New York)

“I like Qeep dating app because it works. I found my dream guy on this app and now we are engaged! Nobody likes wasting time, so it’s better to look for a serious relationship directly. It is said that successful people don’t waste their time dating individuals that they know they won’t marry. I guess that’s the price that successful people have to pay – if you decide to achieve financial success, you must have career success. Then you have to spend your time working on your career and making money. So, you don’t have time to date people that you know you won’t marry. At the end of the day, it’s an individual’s choice. We should respect people’s different choices and shouldn’t judge others who disagree with us.” (Claire D., 32, Los Angeles)

“I like Qeep dating app because its design is absolutely stunning – just as pretty as its female members. The only concern that I have is that most women on this dating app have retired from playing the field and now they are looking for marriages. It feels like dating ladies who have already had fun with other guys. Because I will never use chopsticks that have already been used by other people, I tend to avoid women who have already slept with countless men before they meet me. My observation is most women have slept with bad boys, naughty boys and funny boys before they decide to settle down with men who are able to provide and protect. I’m a successful lawyer, so women really want to marry me. But they choose me with their logical brain rather than their emotional brain – they use their emotional brain to date interesting men, yet when they want to settle down, they use their logical brain to look for providers like lawyers and doctors. That’s why women that I’ve met on Qeep dating app are generally older – most of them are at least 30 years old – Most women in their 20s are sleeping around in today’s day and age. Sad!” (Steve H., 35, Seattle)settings qeep

Experts’ comments:

“Qeep dating app is a popular dating app for serious dating. In other words, it was created for online daters looking for serious relationships only. Therefore, if you are looking for a casual hook-up, this app isn’t for you.” (Jade Seashell)

“Qeep stands out from the crowd because it’s for serious dating rather than casual dating.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“Undoubtedly, Qeep dating app is a legitimate dating app for those who are looking for long-term commitments and marriages, so it’s quite unique in this day and age when most people are interested in hooking up with random people every weekend.” (Serghei)

“I like Qeep because its interface is simple and chic.” (Curt Coch)

Editor’s Notes:

  • Qeep dating app was created by a seasoned team in Germany. They have been working in the online dating industry for a very long time, so they know what they are doing and how to help their users to find true love online quickly.
  • Results do vary. Please note that users’ comments can only represent their own experiences, so you still have to explore this free dating app by yourself and see how it goes. Other members’ opinions are here for you to consider, but you have to trust your own judgement and observation.
  • In general, it’s a hassle-free dating app that people quite qepp

Executive Summary:

Qeep dating app is a successful dating platform which introduces like-minded people to each other and build long-term relationships. Because of its popularity, millions of people have used this platform to find their true love on the Internet. Many of them are married already.qeep download itunes

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A sustainable relationship starts from flirting with the right person. When the partner is right, everything is easier in a relationship.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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