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Final conclusion is a niche adult dating site dedicated to kinky singles and couples, BDSM subculture, and fetish sex. It’s a sister site to NoStringsAttached, Passion, GetItOn, and some others.

It serves its users as effectively as other products of the same owner, with certain nuances of this niche and innovative features not available on any other platforms, which raises its rating.

Statistics and activity

The site activity remains very high, since there aren’t many platforms that would cover such a delicate niche with all needed diligence and quality. is certainly among the leaders.

Almost the half of million members are from the USA. Young people below 35 prevail, but mail members seriously prevail also. It noticeably forces the site team to use some bots profiles.

Not all users are singles, and it’s taken into account while registering a new member. It’s possible to register as a couple or a group of people interested in kinky events organization.

Since many couples are dominated by a man and they sign up under a male profile, it creates such a drastic difference, 80 percent of male members and only 20 percent of female ones.

The research shows not all active members are interested exactly in BDSM. Many consider the light form of it, just for experimenting. Some are the newbees and others are bdsm

How to sign up?

Like most of hookup sites, keeps it easy and free to join. Yet, because of the niche theme and sensitive audience, there are five steps of the registration and verification, not just one or two.

It’s a must to indicate one’s sexual preferences such as orientation in general and prevailing role. One should add at least a few words about his personality and life, using the site tips.

Visual impression

The impression about the site always starts from its main page. The main page of is quite expressive and erotic, one needs to be cautious if he doesn’t want people around to see it.

It has the gothic colouring and atmosphere, with dominating and submissive women on the layout and on promo photos. There are some promo profiles of female members on the main page too.

There is also a brief description of BDSM practices and possible fetishes in the bottom of the main page which is alluring for experienced kinky personals and educative for the newcomers.

Otherwise, the page is simple with not so many sections. The registration field is very simple and doesn’t involve extra questions for signing up, only the gender field and email address bdsm

Free and paid options

Here is a surprise, video chatting is free on This company certainly knows how to attract more members! It’s also a good way to check whether a person is real or just a catfisher.

However, unlimited sending of mass ice-breakers and plain messaging are paid options. It’s convenient for someone who is going to constantly spend very active time on

The site has the tricks too, it’s impossible to view the profiles without upgrading. Video chatting with someone is one-time fun if you cannot check for their details later or message them.

Viewing someone’s profile on doesn’t just involve reading a few words about a person. No, it’s much more profound and exciting since the profile consists of several sections.

There are questionnaires, tests results, testimonials, compatibility charts, a little blog with person’s opinions and BDSM experience. There is much more to see so it’s worthy of upgrading.

Just like the sister sites, charges 19.95 USD a month. However, it’s called the Silver Membership while one can also choose the Golden Membership for 29.95 USD a month.

The difference is that Golden members are shown on the top of all photo galleries and profile lists, they get full access to other users’ content including very large photos, videos, and discussions.

Other user’s contacts, meaning various messengers, become visible to the Golden member while the Silver member only enjoys unlimited chatting and quicker customer support.

Unique features offers very special features and buttons not available on other niche hookup sites. Like other affiliate sites of the same company, it strives to be original and unique in every way.

  • My Kinks section helps to gather all kinks into one list and find likeminded folks
  • Astrological Compatibility feature even shows the sexual biorhythm chart
  • Testimonials are the mix of ice-breaker and personal blog where wishes are shared
  • Blings are in fact the analogues of the stickers and naughty smileys for the posts
  • Purity test shows the person’s rating from being very pure to being very naughty
  • Fetish Consent Worksheet is useful for real-time encounters and BDSM eventsBDSM subculture

Active members’ opinion

“I am on for three months now and I never was more satisfied with any specialized site or app. I am very much into the BDSM subculture and I really care to meet like-minded people.

On, I can communicate like on the social network, using it for themed friendships as well, not only for real hookups and virtual sex. So many couples and groups share my interests.

I can be a personal tutor for some of them and a diligent student with the others. Of course, I should use some common sense too as Internet sources are never completely scam-free.

But it’s easy to see that scam artists are mostly among the webcam models, not among the average users. I quickly learned to detect real personals and make the meetings unforgettable.

It’s my first experience in BDSM that is so positive and many-sided, so I recommend to other kinky singles and hope it will match many, like it matched me with my casual lovers”.

“It’s hard to be a kinky couple when all hookup sites are so classical or so vulgar. is in the golden middle, it returns the feeling of self-confidence and dignity to the kinkiest ones.

We found a lot of communities focused on our favourite fetishes, on We created our own ones too. Now we are supplied with the themed communication like we hoped to.

Some personals we met in real, not only young girls unicorns but also other couples and older women. Each time, we had great time together and all was very well organized from all sides.

We realize we would never have all those pleasures if not and its great service. Also, we didn’t try such a big assortment and variety of options on other niche dating and hookup sites.

So, we’re very grateful and we remain the active members who contribute into the open-minded atmosphere and sexual education. We recommend this site to all our kinky friends”.

“I was on with the purpose of experimenting and finding out who I am in sex. It took time to define my role exactly, and so-called cheating tips and hookuping tips helped me a lot.

There are chatrooms and blogs where people share their stories and educate each other. All is happening in such a fun atmosphere and results are always the most satisfying for all participants.

I understood I am submissive and also understood, to which degree. My casual partners who I found on, helped me to understand that and to build my new personality from zero.bdsm girls

I truly believe such sites are very important to kinky people who deserve to be respected and offered different scenarios for a better choice. I made my choice only thanks to

It would be a lie to say that everything was perfect and smooth during my membership. For example, a few men asked me for money and I am not sure they even had their own photos there.

However, the good things prevailed and I want to leave my positive feedback for everyone who is still in doubts. Yes, is worthy of trying and I’d like you to enjoy it too”.

“I own a small BDSM studio that people rent for private sessions and photoshooting. My aim was to join and find many new clients, and I must say, it really worked for me.

The main thing is to understand that people come there with the most secret desires and they expect you to have similar interests, a lot of empathy and understanding towards them.

But, once you’re showing you’re a part of the community, everything is great. Other members get more trustful and willing to meet in person. After that, you can make you offer if you have one.

Although isn’t meant for commercial promotions, I must confess I improved my business considerably and I had a few lovers for myself as well, so I am more than satisfied.

Such platforms need to raise their audience and keep on making a difference, to let vanilla people try new things and make their own decision. is perfect for all newcomers”.bdms app

Final conclusion is a very interesting BDSM hookup site with many possibilities, although it has flaws too. Knowing the niche dating market, we should realize platforms should use all means for success.

It explains a certain number of bots on the site, in between the real female profiles. The lack of members in certain states and cities is also noticeable, but it doesn’t matter to cyber sex lovers.

Even if the real meeting is rather challenging via, they take place, still. Some features and options are helping to organize such meetings either for the two of for the group.

We admit the site work is very smooth and comfortable. The support team is active at all times, just they focus on paid members and serve them quicker. There are nearly no safety issues though.

It can be said is respectful towards the sensitive audience and develops all connections in this niche delicately. No one feels underestimated or taken advantage of on this platform.

Although it isn’t a free hookup site and its commercial interest is obvious, the team does everything in order to be worthy of that price. The features are really various and useful.

We rate this adult dating site a bit lower than its sister sites, but at least four stars are very well-deserved and justified. If the team takes care of the database and extra safety, it’ll make five stars.

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