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Mint Dating App Review (Find a Date, Meet Friends)

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The logo of Mint dating app looks very interesting: The white shape looks like a big M. Meanwhile, it also looks like an elegant white flower (or a woman’s honey pot which reminds us of Robert Greene’s best-selling bookThe Art of Seduction – the cover of that book is seductive enough!) Of course, since the name of this dating app is Mint, the theme color is also mint (Tiffany blue). Also, this name is very cool because mint means ‘a large sum of money’ as well as ‘in pristine condition’. Therefore, can you meet rich people looking for love on this app?mint date app


  • Sign in with your Facebook account so that Mint dating app knows that you are a real person (Facebook only allows real people to be their users & deletes fake Facebook accounts every day). There is nothing to worry about because Mint won’t post anything on your Facebook timeline. Your privacy is respected.
  • Meet local men or women online.
  • Select whether you’d like to see new members only (new members are usually more engaged on this app) or people who are online right now. If you meet those who are online now, you can easily have a one-night-stand tonight.
  • Swipe left to check out the next dater; swipe right to see the previous dater.
  • You can easily like anyone and chat with anyone. You don’t need a match before starting a conversation. This feature is indeed revolutionary.
  • See your admirers and know who likes you.
  • See your favorites and check out people you’ve liked.
  • No matter you are looking for a light flirt, a casual date or a long-term relationship, you can use Mint dating app for free.


  • Mint is free to join and use.
  • Optional Mint premium memberships for extra features (anonymous mode, unlimited chats, chat with popular members, unlock admirers and possibility to hide your age/distance): US$5.49 for 7 days; US$10.99 for 1 month; US$22.49 for 3 months; US$38.99 for 1 year.
  • Women automatically get unlimited free premium access to unlock admirers. In other words, Mint dating app has a good understanding of the online dating scene – every dating app has more men than women except sugar daddy dating apps. That means only money is more valuable/sought-after than sex when it comes to dating and relationships.


  • Mint dating app is free to download and use. Nice and easy.
  • Women can unlock admirers for free.
  • A user can try this app first and see if they like it. If they like the vibe of this app, they can purchase a premium membership and make full use of this wonderful dating app.
  • Swiping left/right becomes simple – it’s only a matter of which dating profile you are looking at. That is to say, if you accidentally made a mistake while swiping, you don’t need to worry about it because swiping left/right has nothing to do with whether you like someone or not.
  • You can contact anyone without having a match first. You are in control.
  • The design is refreshing, clean and tidy. No advertisements, no fake profiles, no spam, no scam, so you’ll enjoy a positive online dating experience.


  • Mint dating app is slightly confusing because many users thought they downloaded a financial app – as a matter of fact, is an online management website, so of course it’s confusing.
  • Because people on this app have different goals, sometimes it’s hard to meet like-minded people. Some people only want to find casual hook-ups, whereas others want to find serious relationships.
  • Some sugar babies think Mint dating app is a sugar daddy dating app because its name suggests money. Again, that’s a bit confusing.
  • No, you can’t really meet rich singles here. It’s not a millionaire dating app. Most free dating apps don’t have wealthy daters; most luxury dating apps charge membership fees (that’s their filter).mint daing app

Users’ comments:

“I like Mint dating app because I can easily meet someone this afternoon and have a date tonight. It works perfectly for me.” (Robert T., 33, New York City)

“This app is streamlined, simple and easy to use. I like it more than Tinder and Bumble, so I have recommended Mint to all my single friends. It’s actually harder for women to find eligible men these days, especially in big cities. All my girlfriends are single, so we really need Mint dating app.” (Caroline A., 34, Sydney)

“Who says you can’t meet a rich guy on a free dating app? I’ve met a very wealthy man on Mint and our relationship is going very well. Well, this is still the initial stage of our relationship, so I still need to do more investigation and verify his identity.” (Sarah H., 29, London)

Experts’ comments:

“Mint dating app is a high-quality, legitimate, free online dating app for singles to find dates and friends. As a matter of fact, many people join this app in order to meet new friends. They aren’t necessarily looking for dates, so it’s a very flexible app.” (Jade Seashell)

“Unlike Bumble who offers users two options – looking for dates or networking for business, Mint dating app offers members two options – looking for dates or friends. Mint has disrupted the online dating department and is a true innovator.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

As a free dating app, Mint is actually free, which is very different from other so-called “free dating apps” that are only free to download and join but you have to buy a membership in order to contact other daters online. Mint allows users to contact others for free, but chats are limited. Therefore, members who like this app can purchase premium memberships to unlock more features and access unlimited chats with attractive singles. In the online dating apps’ industry, the competition is increasingly stiff. But Mint dating app knows how to disrupt the system and bring good value to users. Positive user experience is the reason why this app has become so successful in 2019.

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No, Mint isn’t a financial management app; it’s a free dating app that brings you new dates and friends!

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Jonathan J says

    Two days ago I registered on this site. Then just read the reviews about the automatic renewal in a year . Immediately began to look for how to unsubscribe. I do not know how anyone, but I unsubscribed from the extension for a minute. Immediately received a message in the mail. Continue to use the website, the program slows down, but the meeting had already gathered. I don’t know, but it seems real. So far.

  2. Morgan says

    You can learn how to disable auto-renewal on the official support site

  3. John says

    On victory, site, if you decisive? Alas, not always in your environment will be a person in which you just see a minimum like-minded. And Yes, the view – the psychological portraits match, but in the description, sometimes, opponents are evil. Look, Yes very cute girl.

  4. Christopher says

    Same shit. Au. Menfolk. Learn to take care of yourself. Not in the forest live. Do not Shine with intelligence, Russian language does not know…Complete degradation

  5. MaryW says

    6 years ago I got this site, right after the divorce. Yes a lot of questions, Yes test, Yes payment of premium. The result? Found a half, found in less than a month. All criteria, all that drew in dreams, all as in the map of desires. 6 years happy together! That’s what it means to take the test and meet a psychologically compatible person. And Yes, I forgot to write. Advised the site to your friends, now there are three wonderful couples

  6. Michael says

    Loved your site! Registered there a year ago and a week after registration met my current husband), in July married!

  7. Keith says

    Who will tell you, and if I do not pay? I won’t be able to communicate with anyone?

  8. Gladys says

    After reading the reviews, I think what to do now. Not reliable. And I would like to meet a serious person.

  9. Hope says

    Live alone in New York for 30 years, nice height 170 weight 68 athletic build, Looking for the second half. Communication with mutual sympathy. Write up again I in.

  10. April says

    This is all, of course, very cool and interesting. There is another question-the site as it hints to you, dear users, that you will be looking for someone here for about a year, or even more, that’s the subscription offer immediately for a long period. If it was possible-they would have issued you for 50 years )

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