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Wild is the fastest way to hook up with hot singles in any city in the United States!  Better still, it’s free!  This is the only app you need if you are looking for casual flings tonight….and tomorrow night as well!


  • Search filter is very powerful – you can look for casual relationships, friends with benefits or something serious if you like.
  • Chat with other hot singles for free!
  • Only your matches can view your private photos.
  • Verified photos – over 65% of members have verified photos. This app allows you to date with confidence!
  • Dating preferences – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual….you are all covered!


  • It’s free!
  • VIP service: USD$29.99 per month (optional)
  • Premium service: $9.99 (optional)


  • Because what you are looking for is clarified, you won’t meet anyone with different intentions!
  • It’s free to use. You can contact other members for free.
  • You can anonymously browse with just one private photo.
  • Wild is the most inclusive and comprehensive dating app in the online dating industry and it’s widely recommended by industry experts and a lot of singles in the United States.


  • It seems that this app is very popular in the United States. If you live in Europe or other countries, maybe it’s harder for you to find dates via Wild.  Anyway, it’s still worthy trying because it’s absolutely FREE!

Wild is worth trying because it’s 100% FREE!

Users’ comments:

“Wild is getting better and better.  I absolutely love this app.  Me and my friends all use it to find hook-ups.  With this amazing app, who needs to read erotica at home on a Friday night?” (Fiona, Chicago)

“Very convenient app for convenient hook-ups.  I totally downloaded this app for convenience only…and I’m very happy with the results!  This is the only dating app I need.” (John, L.A.)

“My boyfriend and I met on Wild.  We began our relationship as a casual fling, but we decided to be together officially.  Actually, you can find true love on Wild.” (Jessica, NYC)

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Experts’ comments:

“Wild is a good casual dating app for people who are looking for some fun.  It’s not a bad choice because I can see there are so many positive reviews about this app, but honestly, I think there are better dating apps on the market.  But that’s only my personal opinion.” (Jade Seashell, relationship advisor and columnist)

“I think Wild is popular because it’s free.  But there are also other free dating sites and dating apps out there.  Anyway, Wild is not bad.” (Curt Coch, Founder of iDateAdvice)


Although Wild doesn’t have the biggest database in the industry, it has received more positive reviews than most dating apps on the market. That means Wild must have done something right, i.e. this app is genuinely interested in helping its members to find what they are looking for – that’s the real secret of their success.  Therefore, if you are looking for something exciting with someone hot, you should download Wild because it’s absolutely free unless you want to become a VIP member or enjoy premium service.


  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Popularity
  1. Larry V says

    I use this app every time I go on a business trip, and there are always plenty of matches in every city. What I like the most is that the app is completely free: you don’t need to pay for premium features you won’t use just because the developers are all about money. Here you can chat with your matches for free, and those matches are guaranteed to have the same intentions as you do. So if you just want a simple hookup, there will be almost no awkward conversations with those who want some kind of serious relationship instead. Verified photos are nice feature that means you have relatively low chances to run into some scam or just abandoned account that was online a few years ago. And the search filter has many options that help you specify what you’re looking for. Long story short, Wild is a great app, and you definitely should try it.

  2. Caroline K. says

    This casual dating app is very comfortable to use. You can filter men’s profiles to see only those looking for a serious relationship, and others won’t be able to see your profile at all. And it’s completely free to chat with your matches which are great news since many other dating apps require premium membership to do that. I get matched only with real profiles, and that is probably because of the verification system. You have to verify your account too, but the procedure is quite simple, and you can get started right after the registration. Don’t forget to specify your hobbies and preferences, as that will help you find less random matches.

  3. Sheila B says

    I’ve been using Wild for a few months now, and I like it so far. Looking just for a hookup can be embarrassing for women, but this app just makes you feel safe and confident. All you have to do is set search filter right so it shows you only men interested in one-night stands, and then you can anonymously browse their profiles to choose the right one without being too exposed. Apps that are so women-friendly are rare, so don’t miss your chance

  4. Ken M. Lang says

    Wild is a great dating app. I don’t use it too often, but it helps me to get a casual hookup in no time. Its database is pretty balanced, so it doesn’t feel like there are too much competition for women’s attention. And yeah, it’s free, so you don’t have to pay anything until you feel like it. I’ve seen a few fake profiles, but they are definitely not that common. And there are options to filter your potential matches to exclude those who are not interested in sex without any commitment, so it’s very convenient to use.

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