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Is it necessary to join an elite dating app in order to find a high-value partner?

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If you are an ambitious woman looking for a high-value man, you are probably considering joining an elite dating app to meet successful men. Similarly, if you are a rich man looking for a hot woman, maybe you are also thinking about where you can find the right woman so that you can live your love life on your terms. Now this article will explain what you need to know in this regard.

  • How do you define “elite”?

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, “elite” means a group of people who have a lot of power and influence because they have money, knowledge, or special skills.

In theory, that’s true. In practice, there are various types of elite dating apps that cater to different groups of elite individuals.

Firstly, there are elite dating apps such as The Inner Circle and The League where ambitious men meet ambitious women. Most people use these two apps are well-educated, intelligent professionals or women on dating app

Secondly, there are luxury dating apps such as Luxy and Millionaire Match where rich members meet attractive members and build genuine, meaningful relationships. Please note that Luxy is for rich men to meet relatively rich women, whereas Millionaire Match is mostly for rich men to meet hot women. Also, Millionaire Match has a much longer history than Luxy, but Luxy has stayed on iTunes for much longer recently before all wealthy dating apps were removed by Apple.

Thirdly, there are elite dating apps such as Seeking and Sugar Daddy Meet where wealthy men meet attractive women for NSA relationships or arrangements. The biggest sugar daddy dating app in the world is Seeking which is available on Android currently.

Please identify how you define “elite” and then you can choose an elite dating app from the above-mentioned list.

  • Meeting elite daters online AND offline:

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t recommend online dating to people who want to date up or marry up because at that time, successful singles wouldn’t need to use online dating sites & dating apps didn’t exist ten years ago.

But today I would say you should try online dating and offline dating at the same time because these days things have changed a lot – everything is digital now.

Chances are you will meet legitimate millionaires on elite dating apps nowadays because almost every single individual is on some kind of dating app or dating website.

But online dating isn’t the only way to find a high-value men on dating app

Actually, you can still find a successful partner offline. You may want to use some community-based methods to meet someone high-value.

In terms of how to meet someone rich offline, I highly recommend you to check out Ginie Sayles’s teachings, including her books and DVDs, because her strategies were all developed in the 90s before the Internet became mainstream. That means her strategies work very well offline.

The following itemsare for those who are very ambitious and want to know how to get rich by meeting the rich or marrying the rich. No matter you are single and looking for a rich mate or you are a business owner looking for rich clients, I’d like to show you how Ginie Sayles’ books can bring you a lot of good value.

  • How to Meet the Rich for Business, Friendship or Romance(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

If you are a freelancer looking for rich clients for your business, this is the single most important book that you must read (Yes, I said must, not should). Most marketing books teach you theories that are hard to implement in a small business or a freelance business, but this book is different. As I run a small business myself, I have utilized Ginie’s strategies in my business and it’s working. In fact, Ginie also released a DVD How the Rich can Make You Rich (a business seminar) in which she talks about what exactly you need to emphasize when you are introducing your product or service to four different categories of rich clients. As to meeting the rich for friendship or romance, this book also offers some solid advice if you decide not to use an elite dating app, but I highly recommend reading the business section of this book (and you will have something useful to talk about with your rich partner who happens to run a successful business).

  • How to Marry the Rich: The Rich Will Marry Someone, Why Not You?(book written by Ginie Polo Sayels)joining an elite dating app

This book is all about how to marry the money, which means you need to be open-minded enough to read it! Of course, principles in this book can also be used in dating the rich without joining an elite dating app (not necessarily marrying the rich). This is the most practical, the most honest and the most comprehensive book I’ve ever read in the luxury dating industry. I’ve been in this industry for nearly twenty years – I have read at least 1,000 books that are relevant to wealthy dating and this book is the best. Having said that, some of its information is slightly outdated because it was written in the 90s, but the good news is human nature doesn’t change.

  • The Seduction Mystique(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

Our dating consultant Jade Seashell read this book when she was writing content for her online program Irresistible Women’s Academy. This book is a major part of her research. The language in this book is intoxicating! After reading this book myself, I not only learned a wealth of knowledge about seduction, but also learned how to write in a more engaging way because of this book. I would like to recommend it to women who are looking for long-term relationships that are sweet, sustainable and satisfying!

  • Rich S*x: The Sexual Dynamics of Money(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

happy men in date app

Once you’ve entered Ginie’s world, you don’t want to leave. Rich S*x is another eye-opener which teaches her readers how rich men operate in the bedroom before elite dating apps were invented. In this book, Ginie Sayles shares six rich s*x styles as well as how courtesans and mistresses operate. I don’t think you have to be a courtesan or a mistress in order to benefit from this book. As a matter of fact, any man or woman who would like to date the rich or marry up would be well-advised to read this book and benefit from its valuable information.

Yes, the above-mentioned list is about getting rich by finding rich clients or choosing a hypergamous lifestyle without using elite dating apps. It’s not for the faint-hearted as every book in this list is quite bold.

  • A switched-on dater would leverage the knowledge from luxury dating experts and then use the knowledge/skills on elite dating apps.

Online dating and offline dating don’t have to be two completely separate things. As a matter of fact, many smart daters read books about offline dating and then use the knowledge they have learned for online dating. That is very effective.

Once you’ve met someone via an elite dating app, you have to meet that individual in person anyway if you are serious. Therefore, you can easily use what you’ve learned from various sources to your advantage and get the high-value partner that you want.

Yes, it is necessary to join an elite dating app so as to find a high-quality partner, but that is not the only way to do it.

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