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Rondevo dating app review: Looking for a long-term relationship

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Are you looking for a serious relationship? Rondevo dating app is the right platform for you because people on this app are looking for meaningful relationships rather than casual encounters.

Indeed, it’s not easy to find a real relationship in a world where casual hookups are so common and the hookup culture is mainstream. That’s why Rondevo dating app was invented – there is a space for individuals who have more traditional values and are looking for long-term commitments in modern-day society.

  • Pros:

  • Rondevo has already helped thousands of individuals find their serious partners, so you can be their next success story!
  • It’s easy to meet like-minded people on this app because everyone is looking for true love rather than one-night stand or casual relationships.
  • Safe online dating is guaranteed because their customer service team have taken all known measures in order to protect their members’ safety. There is a very reliable verification system which guarantees that everyone is communicating with real people.Rondevo dating app
  • Cons:

  • Too many women’s photos are photoshopped. That’s a red flag.
  • Some women ask you to send them your pictures which cost you about $5 to send a picture. Does that mean these women are hired by the app?
  • These ladies send you their videos that you could see on Instagram (the same thing), which costs you approximately $20 to view. What does that mean?
  • Features:

  • Various search tools help you find people who meet your standards.
  • View other members’ dating profiles, photos and videos.
  • You can exchange short text messages as well as long letters with others on Rondevo dating app.
  • You can send & receive pictures, stickers, emojis and videos.
  • View your profile visitors, those who have added your profile to their Favorites and those who have liked you.
  • You can send virtual & real gifts to members you like.
  • You can exchange contact details & set up real dates with people you are attracted to.
  • View your matches and find true love online.
  • Pricing:

50 credits: $28.99

125 credits: $64.99

250 credits: $99.99

20 credits: $2.99rondevo

  • Users’ comments:

“Rondevo dating app is too expensive for me. I got 20 coins for free and after that, I must buy more in order to talk to women on this app. It costs 2 coins to send one message (not to initiate a conversation, but to send a message). I can’t afford it. It’s not for me.” (Rod C., 30, teacher, Seattle)

“Too many women on this app look like super models. Isn’t that a red flag? I know there are many Slavic ladies on this app, but why are they all so hot? Should I trust them? Or should I worry?” (George D., 31, financial planner, Portland)

“I met my wife on Rondevo dating app and we are happily married now. This is the best thing I’ve ever done!” (Greg A., 28, accountant, Tampa)

  • Experts’ comments:

“Many Eastern European women would hire professional photographers to take their photos when they decide to join a dating app because they take this very seriously and it’s cheap to hire a photographer in Eastern Europe. That’s why a lot of ladies on Ronvedo dating app look like hot models.” (Jade Seashell)

“This dating app is for people to find international relationships and marriages. So, if you are keen to meet someone from another country, you should totally join this app where you can meet your life partner.” (Curt Coch)

“Slavic women on this dating app are extremely attractive because they know how to dress up and look perfect.” (Serghei)

“I think western men should try international dating because there are too many hot women in Eastern Europe.” (Alex Sergent)rondevo app review

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Why do most international dating apps promote serious relationships rather than casual hookups?

Answer: First of all, it’s not practical to find an international hookup – who is going to fly to another country just for a one-night stand? Nobody would do that because these days it’s very easy to find a local encounter. Second, there are many beautiful Eastern European women looking to marry western men, so they are already looking for serious relationships online.

Question 2: Where is the headquarters of Rondevo dating app?

Answer: It’s based in Cyprus.

Question 3: Is this a free dating app?

Answer: Technically, you can download the app for free. But realistically, when you want to use this app effectively, you have to pay for this service because Rondevo dating app isn’t a charity.

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  • Final verdict:

Rondevo dating app is an international dating app which introduces Eastern European women to western men for serious relationships. So, if you are looking for a hookup, this app is NOT for you. End of story.

Quote: “The divorce rate of international marriages is significantly lower.”

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