Why interracial dating is something that you must try

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Interracial dating is a frequent topic of discussion in this day and age.  Have you considered interracial dating before? Now we are going to analyse the benefits of dating someone from a different race!

Your success is outside your comfort zone.  If your success is within your comfort zone, then you must have become successful already.  What you want to achieve is always out of your comfort zone. Dating a beautiful girl from a different background helps you get out of your comfort zone!  Now you have to think differently, talk differently and behave differently so that your relationship can work.  What an educational experience it is!chinese family

Your kids will be very healthy due to genetic variation.  Many species on the planet are endangered due to lack of genetic variation (e.g. Tasmanian devils in Australia).  Obviously, when new information is introduced to the species, their offspring are healthier and less likely to suffer from diseases because the immune system is stronger.  That’s why farmers often introduce a variety of potatoes to their fields in order to reap better harvest. Similarly, when your hot wife is from a different race, your children will look better (and be smarter & healthier), as evidenced by successful celebrities whose parents are from different races: Barack Obama, Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams.  Even Keanu Reeves once said, “Because of my father’s Chinese origin, I have a captivating face.” Although Keanu Reeves’ dad treated him very badly, he is still very grateful for his dad’s Asian genes.

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You will be very well-travelled.  Because your hot wife is from a different country, perhaps you’ll have to visit her family overseas once or twice a year.  That will make you a worldlier person. As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “Reading thousands of books and travelling thousands of miles makes you a wise man.”

You may become bilingual.  Let’s say you have a Chinese wife.  Then automatically, you’ll pick up some Chinese.  If you can speak Chinese, you have a huge advantage in today’s day and age because China is already the world’s biggest market in terms of business and trade.  Therefore, probably you’ll get a promotion at work or expand your business into the Chinese market, i.e. the most profitable market in the world.

You will learn a new mode of thinking.  Being married to an attractive woman from a different culture means you are exposed to new ways of thinking on a daily basis.  As a result, you’ll be inspired by new opportunities in life frequently. Every day, something new is unfolding itself in front of you.  How exciting is that?!

You will learn about another culture.  We are living in a colourful world where there are so many interesting things to learn.  Being married to a hot woman from a different background means you will be able to learn about another culture for free!  As the saying goes, “The more you learn, the more you realise how much you don’t know.” Indeed, you will definitely become more and more knowledgeable and curious at the same time if you marry a hot girl from a different race.

You will become more openminded.  Because your sexy girlfriend is from a different culture, you will notice that she does many things differently.  Her ways of dealing with things in life make you enlightened (or annoyed). If that annoys you, congratulations! – You are on your way to become more open-minded because if you want to keep your hot girlfriend in the long term, you have to learn how to live with someone with different habits and still be happy!

Your friends will envy you because of your exotic girlfriend.  If you are a White dude who has only dated White women, chances are most of your friends are also White men who have only dated White girls.  But if you date a hot girl from another race today, your White male friends will begin to envy you because they all secretly want to taste a pussy from a different culture!  They just don’t want to admit it! But denying it only means they secretly want it! If you enjoy their envy, date a sexy woman from a different race now!

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  1. Nicole says

    Well, I do agree some of these things are real, i did improve my English thanks to a relationship, and yep, it makes you travel a little bit!
    The biggest difference it could be, is a different culture, as long as it doesn’t go against your social believes, should be good to go. Most important of all, will always be being with that person for the right reasons! Good article!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Thanks, Nicole.

      Yes, dating someone for the right reasons is paramount.


  2. Jamie C. says

    LOVE IT! I think this is soooo true! Is not like i was looking to be with someone from a different country, but it’s been so awesome for me, learning new words, knowing many new and interesting things! It definitely combine the best of two cultures!

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Jamie,

      Glad that you enjoy it!


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