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So, you’ve met a hot girl via a casual flirting app and you are wondering how to hook up with her in record time, right? Well, just ask her out and meet her in a pub tonight…. And you can hook up with her in the bathroom of the pub!

  • Demonstrate your desire early.

Many nice guys have the annoying “nice guy syndrome” – they are nice in front of ladies simply because they hope ladies will find them hot. But that’s a huge mistake as the intention is totally wrong. Note that there is a big difference between being a kind guy and being a nice guy so as to get into her pants. Nice guys always finish last. Sad but true.

You met this hot chick on a casual flirting app, so you already know what she wants – she is yearning for male / sexual attention. So, it is your job to demonstrate your sexual desire when you meet her in a pub for the first date. For instance, you may show your intent through eye f**k (hellfire eye contact) for a few seconds. Then you look at her eyebrows for half a second; you look at her nose for half a second; you look at her soft and red lips for half a second. Now this woman already knows what you are up to, for she has seen enough romantic films to figure out what that really means.casual online app

Now you can escalate physically on her. Do not use your analytical brain to assess everything! Simply embrace the romantic feelings in your body when you are talking to this hot woman. As you’re looking at her juicy lips and she gives you a big smile, you know it’s surely on.

So, you say something fun to her close to her ears, for the music is too loud in the pub as you put your strong arm around this woman’s back / lower back. If she does not give you an objection, it’s absolutely on. Then she will possibly invest in you physically by getting closer to your chest. Wow. What a great moment for a sensational make-out session on the spot!Casual flirting apps

  • Be bold and lead the interaction.

After the phenomenal make-out session, you may lead the hot chick to the bathroom of the pub without saying it verbally. If the woman does not push you away physically, you should totally insert your member inside her honeypot in the bathroom as she understands how exciting spontaneity is! Of course, you should lock the bathroom door – that’s for sure!

If you are keen to try the doggy style, you may do it from the back because it’s stimulating and intriguing! This naughty position can be done in the bathroom or in the bedroom – it’s totally up to you and your hot chick! (Source: casual flirting app)

First and foremost, the penetration is deeper when you try the doggy style. Please note that there are 3 kinds of female orgasm:

  1. Clitoral climax;
  2. Vaginal climax;
  3. Uteral climax.

Most guys are only aware of clitoral climax which is located at the point where the soft lips of the honeypot come together right above a woman’s urethra. Some guys also know vaginal climax which happens inside the wall of a woman’s honeypot. But very, very few guys understand uteralclimax (Microsoft Word does not even recognize this word “uteral” in its built-in dictionary). 😀casual free app

By the way, uteral climax could only be achieved when the penetration is super deep. Also, this special climax is normally accompanied by either a vaginal climax or a clitoralclimax. Therefore, when an uteral climax is happening, the hot woman surely experiences multiple orgasms. So, the doggy style is the best way to get what she wants! (Source: casual flirting apps)

If you are doing her in the bathroom, you can do it in front of the mirror! American author Wednesday Martin famously said, “Having intercourse in front of a mirror is the best experience in a relationship.”

Yes, if you are keen to give her multiple orgasms, you should totally bang the hot chick in front of a mirror! As you’re pumping her honeypot from the back, she could literally see herself being f**ked by a hot guy like you. This image may become her mental resource for masturbation purposes in the future – women also masturbate a lot; they just don’t want to talk about it!casual dating app

  • Doing it from the back means you do not really need a bed.

The doggy style allows intercourse to happen anywhere, at any time. You can do this in the bathroom of a bar or on the rooftop at 2:30am or behind a big tree at night. Any venue is your sexy battlefield from now on. Who needs to have a bedroom when this strategy is implemented?!?

Banging a hot chick from the back smoothly means you’ve mastered the doggy style – this is the ultimate advice from dating coaches on a casual flirting app.

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