Yubo dating app review: for friendship and/or romance

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As a social video live-streaming app where people can find new friends, chat with like-minded people and build an amazing social circle online, Yubo dating app is truly unique.😊

  • Features:

  • Stream – you can go live and stream videos with your new friends online. You may begin a live video chat with up to ten members and even invite your new friends to participate in it. You can also sing, dance, talk about your day or play an online game. It’s a highly entertaining app.
  • Chat – Say hello to your new friends online and reconnect with your existing friends. You can meet the love of your life on Yubo dating app as well.
  • Swipe – meet new members near you and/or from all over the world in a few seconds. All you need is a swipe of your finger!
  • Join a community online – Interested in sports, beauty, music, travel, art or LGBTQ? You can meet like-minded friends from all around the world on Yubo dating app.
  • Share – you may earn rewards for inviting other people to join this app on Snapchat as well as other social media apps.Yubo-app registr
  • Pros:

  • This is the ideal place to meet new people, join a community and share your world with others live.
  • There are more than 25 million members on this app, so you can certainly find someone you like.
  • Each month, this app introduces new tools, updates and games based on their users’ suggestions and recommendations.
  • It’s free to download & use. You can buy an optional subscription package if you like.
  • Cons:

  • Even if you show your thighs in a photo, this app may block you as that’s an inappropriate picture.
  • Their customer support team aren’t very productive or efficient. It takes a long time for them to respond to members’ messages.
  • Sometimes this app asks their members to download Yoti which asks for members’ identification information. That is very strange. (Yoti doesn’t enjoy a very good reputation.)Yubo-free-stream-chat
  • Pricing:

Package of 1 Turbo: $3.99

Package of 5 Turbo: $7.99

Package of 10 Turbo: $10.99

1-week Power Pack: $5.99

1-month Power Pack: $9.99

Package of 5 Super Requests: $2.99

Package of 20 Super Requests: $11.99

Package of 60 Super Requests: $27.99

1-year Power Pack: $69.99

1-month Power Pack: $3.99asian-Yubo-app

  • Users’ comments:

“I’ve met many wonderful people on Yubo dating app. But many of them are not in my state, so it’s hard to meet them in person. I think it will be better if I can meet more local girls on this app.” (Brad D., 26, male stripper, Maine)

“Yubo dating app is the best place to find dates because the connection begins as a friendship, which is very important. A successful relationship is always based on a real friendship, in my opinion.” (Cathy W., 25, dancer, California)

“Who needs Tinder when there is a dating app like Yubo?!” (Casey A., 28, brand manager, New York)

“Women on this app are very open-minded and fun-loving. I’m addicted!” (Tom G., 24, editor, Washington)Yubo-app-stream

  • Experts’ comments:

“Yubo dating app is a high-value social networking app for singles to find friendship and romance. It’s actually beyond a dating app because it’s more like a social hub.” (Jade Seashell, dating consultant and relationship advisor)

“Now you can add tags to your dating profile to share your exciting interests on Yubo. You can even share your screen with someone else during a live streaming session so that you can show your favorite games and apps to new friends.” (Curt Coch, founder of iDateAdvice.com)

“You can ask to join a live broadcast session by clicking the ‘Raise Your Hand’ button. It’s nice and super easy.” (Serghei)

“Yubo dating app is constantly innovating and developing new features for their users all over the world.” (Wala Truscott)

“Yubo dating app was a phenomenal platform. But recently, this app asks their members to share Yubo with their Snapchat friends, which can be quite annoying, because if a member does not share Yubo with their friends on Snapchat, then this member can only swipe a dozen times per 15 minutes. If this can be improved, Yubo will be a better community.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“This app used to be really good. But now it’s going downhill because the atmosphere has gradually become toxic. Now you either have to share your link with five friends on Snapchat or pay for swipes to keep swiping. Paying for basic functions is not reasonable.” (Michael Wilson)dating-app-like-Yubo

“Some users have met new friends who suddenly disappeared from the app for no reason. Perhaps there is a technical issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.” (Alex Sergent)

  • Final verdict:

As a social networking app, Yubo dating app is more than a dating app – many people join this app in order to meet like-minded friends online in a vibrant and positive community where there are so many talented and interesting people!

Yubo Dating App Review
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What a beautiful dating app which is beyond dating!

  1. Collins says

    In recent years, the dating app scene has gotten a lot of hype. The internet has really changed dating and I would like to discuss the changes in a quick review of some popular dating apps.

  2. Agnes says

    If somebody made a little ones pleasant variation of Tinder.

  3. Franklin says

    You can join a free community, get in touch with other Yubo users, and discuss your interests. Be sure to check out the free groups because they can help you learn how to attract a girl in the way you need to. If you know what you are doing, you will be in the dating game soon enough!

  4. Tyler says

    Hello, did you pay money for the energy pack? Cuz I can’t see who added me as being a buddy with out that package

  5. Hamilton says

    I don’t desire to be unfriendly or uncharacteristic but you’re not simply stunning you’re like Lvl. 101 Adorable. Not kidding you’re as adorable as being a kitten maybe even much more haha. (I’m sensing so stupid scripting this down…)

  6. Gonzalez says

    can there be any way how i can see the ppl who included me without paying??

  7. Ricardo says

    Wow it affirms i got 99+ individuals swiped right on me nevertheless i cant c them cuz i want the strength load up

  8. Estella says

    I would like a whole new close friend to

  9. Francis says

    How to Yubo mobile app swipe problem solved

  10. Horton says

    Center on college not online dating apps this region is getting stupider by the minute

  11. Riley says

    I have done an entire ass play with it on YUBO to confirm that only attractive men and women gain recognition on YUBO. The final results? Handsome = countless swipes

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