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Affairs Dating App 2019: Why Do Men Cheat?

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Many men and women have joined affairs dating apps in 2019, so I have recently interviewed the Operation Manager of an adultery dating app 2019 who has shared their opinion in this regard.

  • There are still more men than women on affairs dating apps 2019.

Although more and more women have joined affairs dating apps these days, there are still many more men than women on these platforms, according to Jackie H., the Operation Manager of a cheating dating app.

“When our app was introduced to the market several years ago, we had significantly more men than women in the community. But now there is a growing number of female members,” says Jackie H., “Obviously, women are catching up with men in this aspect.”sexy girls on dating apps

Jackie H. says there are seven main reasons why men cheat:

  • Some men can’t find sexual satisfaction in their marriages – their wives are unwilling to do certain things in the bedroom because their women are worried about being judged, meaning these women are actually able to do interesting things in bed, but they don’t want to be seen as sluts, so they refuse to be kinky in bed and want to maintain their elegant image.
  • Some men cheat because they are in loveless marriages – these men stay married because of other reasons, e.g. they have mutual benefits with their wives (maybe they have kids or they have built businesses together), so they can’t get divorced and the only way to be happy is to cheat on their wives.
  • Some men cheat on their wives because they have options – this is a very common reason why men cheat. In fact, men are just as faithful as their options. If the temptation is big enough, men can’t be loyal anymore. Can a guy resist the temptation of a seductress whose legs are wide open? Of course, men dating app
  • Some men cheat because they are emotionally unstable – that means they can only feel calm and peaceful when they sleep with different women – that is how they balance their hormones. Note that no one is biologically programmed to be monogamous, so in order to be faithful to your spouse, you have to use your willpower and learn how to control yourself. But everyone’s willpower is limited – you will run out of willpower at some stage.
  • Some men cheat because of convenience – Many businessmen are traveling for business all the time, so they rarely stay at home with their wives. In order to meet their sexual needs, they must get laid. Since many women are willing to sleep around, it’s convenient to go to bed with these women while traveling.
  • Some men cheat because joining an affair dating app 2019 is nice and easy – you can download an app and get laid instantly.
  • Some men cheat because the modern culture teaches him this is common and it’s okay – Go to watch Mad Men& you will figure it out.

Jackie H. points out that when a man is cheating on his wife, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love his wife. In fact, his marriage can be perfectly happy. Most of the time, cheating doesn’t really mean much, so if his mistress is thinking about marrying him, she can be very, very, very, very wrong.cheating dating app

  • Women have different reasons when they are cheating on their husbands.

When it comes to why women cheat on their husbands, their reasons are very different:

  • Some women cheat on their husbands because their libido is higher than their husbands’. This is more common than you think because these days a lot of men suffer from depression and they aren’t interested in intimacy with women. Consequently, their wives may want to meet their own sexual needs elsewhere.
  • Some women cheat on their husbands because they are unhappily married. Yes, when a married woman is sleeping with another man, usually it means her marriage is broken – she is probably in a loveless marriage.
  • Some women cheat on their husbands because they want to use their attractiveness to get ahead at work – this is a common reason that most people aren’t aware of: Think Joan Holloway – she would basically do anything if she can get ahead in New York in spite of her humble background (or because of her humble background). She even slept with a client in order to get one more account for her company. Women like that are quite commonplace in reality.
  • Some women cheat because they have access to affairs dating apps 2019. These women are aware of all kinds of adultery dating apps on the market, so they can easily download one of these apps and start cheating.
  • Some women cheat because they want to maximize their opportunities in every area of their lives. I remember I met a 27-year-old woman from New Zealand who literally said, “I know I have boobs, so I might as well use them.” That’s why she always wears clothes that can show off her cleavage. She says her role model is Joan Holloway, so she even uses special bras to emphasize the size of her tits. Interestingly, she always wears a long necklace just like Joan Holloway does and the pendant is always pointing at her sexy cleavage. This New Zealand lady says she often gets the best table in a restaurant and can get a discount while going shopping at times because of her cleavage.
  • Some women cheat because life is short. They believe in the slogan “Life is short, have an affair” which is the tagline of a well-known affairs dating app 2019.apps and start cheating

Okay. Now you are aware of various reasons why men and women cheat. Clearly, men and women have very different reasons for cheating on their spouses because of their different mindsets and psychological features.

Yet one common characteristic in the dynamics is they are all looking for validation and pleasure. Indeed, everyone is thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

Perhaps that’s why affairs dating apps 2019 are doing so well in the dating industry these days – they understand human nature very well.

  • Most men don’t make mistakes often, but once they make a mistake, usually it’s a big mistake.

Generally speaking, men are more interested in taking risks than women. I remember a very senior business coach told me that he used to offer women high-level positions such as CEOs and CFOs, but those women told him that they didn’t want that kind of responsibilities – they prefer easier jobs as they want to relax more.

That is to say, men are probably more willing to take risks and assume more responsibilities. In that case, it also means men tend to make bigger mistakes as well.adultery dating apps

This is true in people’s professional lives as well as love lives.

Many rich men ruined their own marriages because they were cheating on their wives. Yes, when a guy is rich, he is surrounded by all sorts of temptations. After giving into temptation, life becomes different. Using an affair dating app 2019 can become an addiction – after doing it once without getting caught, you will want to do it again and again and again….

If people don’t forgive their spouses’ affairs, very few couples would stay married forever. That is the unpleasant truth.

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