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Pre-history of the site

Target audience

Safe communication

Signing tips

How do I make my profile attractive?

Local meetings

Pricing principles

Why are the credits needed?

What do the app users say?

HotOrNot is one of the absolute leaders in online dating, flirting, and hookups. With 384 million of active members online, it beats all records and attracts more newcomers daily.

A bit less than a half of that quantity are from the US, so it’s suitable for local hookups as well. Based on the game of rating users’ photos from 1 to 10, it is meant for entertainment as well.

Pre-history of the site

Even the oldest version of HotOrNot is new enough to call it trendy and contemporary. The AmIHotOrNot dating game had been launched back in 2000. In 10 years, it lost its positions.

However, in 2012, it had been re-launched with the current name by the Badoo owner. The member base and technical platforms are different though only the design looks similarly.

Target audience

Like many progressive platforms with a good understanding of business strategies, HotOrNot is especially welcoming towards beautiful women providing them with a free 3-day trial.

The registration process itself is also easier for female members, while men should answer a bigger number of questions and verify their identity in a stricter manner. Messaging is free for females.

As a result, men are so excited to rate many gorgeous hotties and choose out of them, that they accept such a strictness readily and join a lot. Sixty percent of members are men.

It’s well-understood and expectable that such a virtual game of rating the photos interests young people more, while older singles may want a profound communication instead.

So, 25-35 year olds rule the site with the teens on second place and with just a small percentage of mature members. 1.5 million of curious youngsters are online at any moment of sexy girls

Safe communication

HotOrNot does a lot in order to protect its members even if there are millions of them. Each user can choose the option of chatting with verified members only, to not let scammers ever go through.

Now, did you know that Tinder didn’t invent swiping? HotOrNot did it first. It’s surely a surprising fact, but it’s true and this platform keeps on using this system of interaction.

It ensures the correct matching with compatible members who liked you back. In this case, chatting is more pleasant and usually, much safer too. Btw, the verification process is unique.

To complete it, one needs to repeat the pose or gesture the system suggests. This very same trick some experienced men use when they check whether the girl’s video is real-time stream or pre-recorded.

Signing tips

Signing is easy on HotOrNot but some secrets should be known. One should sign via FB only if he is sure he wants to reveal his FB first name and some profile photos from there, automatically.

If there are any doubts or the profile is secretive in any way, it’s better to register directly without using social networks. MSN, Twitter, and even Russian Vkontakte are among women

How do I make my profile attractive?

With such a rating concept, it’s no surprise members find very important to make their profiles attractive. It takes some time, but such efforts are always paid well from the first minute.

For models or stylish and sexy girls it makes no difficulty to upload amazing photos, while for all the others it’s more challenging. Try to use studio photos only or the ones with pretty landscapes.

Choose the pictures where you’re smiling, and where your flaws, if any, aren’t seen. Use as many chances as you can since the number of profile photos is limitless on HotOrNot.

Since the videos can be upload as well, do not miss this opportunity. Record short and fun videos of the high quality where your physical attractiveness is well seen in the beneficial light.

Do not underestimate the profile text either. The majority of members care to fill all sections in detail and share a lot of thoughts, to be truly intriguing for someone else when the profile is viewed.

Private photos are also allowed so use this to intrigue other members even more. A part of your profile photos can be kept private for selected matches only, so they’ll be motivated to chat.

Local meetings

Although HotOrNot is perfect for travel dating and international hookups, it is mostly used for local encounters. It helps to find the most attractive and popular members located nearby.

It’s a kind of game too since one can decide to meet those folks or not, but it’s interesting anyway to know whether there are many sexy personals around in any place or area one attends.

Accordingly, Hot Or Not app works on the navigation basis and this should be adjusted in the app and phone settings. The geo-location tool defines where you and your potential matches chat singles

Pricing principles

HotOrNot can be used completely for free, including chatting. This explains its popularity among the students and other less provided groups. However, Premium status has many benefits.

  • Changing the rate value. One can like the user he disliked before, or re-rate him.
  • Gifts delivery. Not only virtual gifts, but also the real gifts can be given to matches.
  • Fun stickers for chats. Stickers can be romantic or naughty, they are of great use.
  • Invisible mode. Some prefer to get invisible while surfing the users’ profiles.
  • Unlimited swipes. Free members have the limited number of swipes a day.
  • The ads absence. Users may complain about the intense ads in a free version.
  • Highlighted profile. This service is traditionally given to the Premium members.

Even Premium is affordable to anyone though, it costs 12.99 USD a month only. It’s also possible to buy only 1 week of membership, 3 or 6 months with a considerable discount.

Although the credits should be bought additionally, again, they’re fairly affordable. For instance, 500 credits cost 9.99 USD only and it’s enough for activating many extra features.

Moreover, since HotOrNot is so globally popular, and many choose to remain there for months and years, it offers the Lifetime Package for 79.99 USD only. It’s very reasonable.

Why are the credits needed?

One could wonder, why to buy credits if Premium already gives so many privileges. The support team says credits are a part of security system since only matching members chat for free.

For non-matches, messaging is possible only with the help of credits. On another hand, why would non-matches write to each other, isn’t that disturbing for one of them? However, it’s programmed.

On another hand, the system of credits makes sense for model-looking girls who receive thousands of messages otherwise. A symbolic payment is healthily limiting the flow of invites.

The app often offers the packs of credits for free, as a bonus for active members. Notifications about such promotions and special offers can be received by any member inside of the women online

What do the app users say?

Of course, with its young audience and fun attitude, HotOrNot is mostly used as a mobile app. It’s in the list of the highest rated apps in the dating market, and there are thousands of good reviews.

“HotOrNot is a must-have, it makes my day each time I’m using it. So many hot girls online and most of them are keen to chat and get to know each other. It’s fun and amusing, I would say!

Although I have noticed some bots and other flaws, I confidently give it four stars and keep on using it with pleasure. I’ve met many girls in real, some for hookups and others for friendship.

With others, I am simply flirting online but it’s so enjoyable. It differs positively from adult dating apps where the atmosphere is heavy and women look a bit vulgar. Here, all is easy-going.

I work at the boring office and seeing so many smiling faces is like sunshine to me. I am thankful to the HotOrNot team for such a convenient, nicely organized virtual place for romance”.

“I paid for eternal Premium and I don’t regret it so far. I am showered by interests from beautiful women of all ages, mostly of my age. I go out nearly every evening with them.

I know many guys prefer to use Hot Or Not just for fun. As to me, I enjoy meeting real personals there even if we’re just chatting and nothing more. It opens the new world to me.

One can adjust the app for local encounters but I use the long-distance option from time to time as well. I love chatting with Russian girls or Latin hotties, it depends on my mood!

Although the app looks a lot like Badoo, many features differ and I like this one more. My brightest experience was meeting a real model who I dated for a while, and it’s thanks to HotOrNot!

In other words, I am more than happy to use it and I recommend it to anyone interested in hot people worldwide. You won’t meet so many in any other place, so it’s worthy of joining”.

“HotOrNot became my first hookup platform and I’m glad I chose it. Both chatting online and personal meetings were absolutely awesome, all men were attractive and very gallant towards me.

Although I do not understand why it’s prohibited to exchange personal information and contacts, I respect the HotOrNot team for what they are doing and for all the chances they provide.

The app isn’t mean for anything serious, so it’s pretty relaxing to just swipe and admire the sexiest people, without any expectations or disappointments. It brings me a lot of relief.

I didn’t feel at ease on classical dating sites where everyone discusses marriage and future children. It’s not what I seek right now, so HotOrNot suits me perfectly and I’m going to continue.

I do not need to explain to anyone why I want to go casual, we just meet and get laid. Nothing is difficult on this app, all features are helpful and singles find each other in counted hours.

I am totally satisfied with my results on Hot Or Not and told my friends about it already. It can be recommended to all young people who want some fun and excitement with no strings attached”.

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