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Should College Students Join College Dating Apps?

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Recently I’ve received many questions from college students asking me this question – “Should I join a college dating app?”

By the way, for readers from Australia, “college” actually means “university” in America. (I know in Australia “college” is usually a high school).

  • Your college years should be the best time to build a real social circle.

Do you know that many people go to Harvard and Yale in order to have powerful friends? That’s true. Most people meet their best friends at college.

Also, a lot of women go to well-known universities in order to find high-value husbands, according to Kate Northrup, author of Amazon best-selling books Money: A Love Story and Do Less.

That means your time at college is the best time to build a social circle that serves you and makes your life better in every way.

If you are a guy at university, you are probably surrounded by young women who are willing to hook up with male classmates in their social circle. Please note that this phenomenon only exists at university.students apps

Once you and your female classmates graduate from university, you will have to meet potential partners in other ways. Also, most women who finished college will not consider dating men who are at their own level, meaning they begin to become more hypergamous – they want to date out of their league.

In that case, you are competing with wealthy, mature and sophisticated men in the society who also want to date women that you like.

Therefore, I wouldn’t say using college dating apps should be your priority before you graduate from college. As a matter of fact, you would be well-advised to meet girls on campus through your friends and your social circle.

Remember to say yes to every party invitation at college. I know you are busy with assignments and other projects that you have to study, but you should know that if you are a guy, your time at college is your best time to hook up with young and hot women.

Most men are not able to hook up with young and pretty women after graduation from university because most men never learn game.

But at university, you don’t really need game. You are already surrounded by young, beautiful and horny women that meet your needs. All you need to do is to build a genuine social circle that constantly brings hot, young female friends on campus to you. So, you don’t really need to use college dating apps or rely on a college dating app.

  • Sometimes, using a college dating app isn’t a bad idea.

Now I’d like to point out when you need to use a college dating app if you are curious. In fact, there are several situations in which you will have to use college dating apps:

  • If you have no friends on campus, you must download a college dating app so that you can still get laid via online dating.
  • If you are an exchange student on a new campus, you don’t know anyone there. Then you should download a college dating app immediately so that you won’t be sex-starved in a new environment. Nobody wants to walk around with a hard Johnson without getting laid.
  • If you are an international student in Australia, you should totally use a college dating app because most university students in Australia don’t want to meet new friends – most Australian students go to local universities with their existing friends from high school.

If your circumstances are none of the above, you should still try your best to build a real social circle because social circle game is the best way to have passive income s*x – your friends are able to bring hot women to you at parties.student dating app

  • What should a college student do before graduation?

My answer should vary because different people have different situations. Now let me deconstruct my answer in detail for you.

  • If you are genuinely interested in your major, you should focus on what you study because you won’t have so much time to learn what you are interested in after graduation.
  • If you are not really interested in your major but you still want a degree, you would be well-advised to pass every course. Meanwhile, you should read extensively – just borrow every book that interests you from the library – what you read doesn’t have to be about your major. You will thank me later.
  • No matter you are a man or a woman, you must learn game at university. Without good dating skills, you are only relying on luck in terms of your love life. That’s not the most effective way to get what you want in your dating life.
  • Fall in love with someone just because you want to. While studying at university, you don’t need to use logic to convince yourself whether you should or shouldn’t date a particular person. Ideally, you need to fall in love just because you like that person. You don’t need many logical reasons for that. After graduation, probably you will realize that your college years were the only time when you were able to fall in love based on emotions rather than logic.

Joining a college dating app can’t teach you any of these insights, so it’s beneficial to read articles on this website regularly. Therefore, I highly recommend you to watch this space so that you can check out our useful information in student app

  • Why do girls date their male classmates at college but prefer mature, older men after graduation?

When girls are studying at university, they generally date their male friends on campus, partly because more mature, older men don’t offer them s*x at this stage, and partly because they are young and horny right now – their male classmates are also young and horny at the same time.

As a result, they don’t really need to depend on college dating apps.

That’s why most girls’ first boyfriends are someone they met at school or university. However, after graduation, most ladies will meet more sophisticated and successful men in the society or at their workplace. In that case, they will be attracted to older, more mature men, which is understandable.

Just read Fifty Shades of Grey and you will understand why a pure virgin Anastasia wants to date the billionaire Christian Grey.

All women want to date up. It’s in women’s DNA due to evolution. One million years ago, when men and women were living in caves, women had to date stronger men in order to survive – they needed their men to protect them and their kids. That’s how human beings continue our history.

Although this is the 21st century already, the human brain hasn’t changed that much, so women today still want to date up and marry up. The majority of sugar daddy dating sites’ members are female – about 80% of their users are women. And most readers who read Leil LowndesUpdating: How to Date Out of Your League are also women looking for providers or sponsors.

College students can try college dating apps, but they would be ill-advised to rely on online dating only – they must build a real social circle and get laid offline.

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