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Casual Dating App Advice: How to Show Your Sexual Side Correctly

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Attractive men don’t hide their sexual desire and they know how to show their sexual side in the right ways. Here is the secret seduction sauce that you don’t want to miss out on! Special kudos go to the best casual dating app founder Ben B. who has shared these tips with us.

  • Before you get the girl, make sure you show interest in people around you or a female celebrity.

When you are going out with a woman that you’ve just met on a casual dating app, you two don’t have a relationship yet. She hasn’t even proved herself to you yet.

Therefore, you shouldn’t communicate something like, “I like you already.”

Of course, you should respect her, but at this stage, you also need to set yourself free by casually saying a female movie star is very hot. That means you don’t inhibit your natural instincts.woman from a casual dating app

Remember: the fact that you like Megan Fox doesn’t mean you don’t like this girl in front of you. You like Megan Fox because you are a normal sexual guy who is attracted to hot women – that’s the right idea that you want to communicate to this woman at the beginning of your interaction with her.

Now this lady will begin to wonder, “Wow. He likes Megan Fox. How can I look better so that I will look like Megan Fox?” Chances are she will find many Megan Fox’s photos on Google Image later that day and want to imitate Megan Fox’s style and makeup.

In this way, you are pre-framing the situation: This woman needs to work harder in order to impress you. And that’s exactly what you want in the dynamics.

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  • Talk about sexual topics if this womanis obviously open-minded.

You need to assess the situation – if she is happy to show her cleavage on the first date (and the pendant of her necklace is pointing at her cleavage), you probably know she is very open-minded.

In this case, you can match her vibration energy by introducing sexually-themed conversations to the interaction. Here are some bonus tips for you:

1: Build a sexual ambience indirectly. You can say something along the lines of, “My best friend says some women on casual dating apps are kinky. Is that true?” Or “A friend of mine had an encounter where a woman proactively pursued him in a bar.” Now you will observe her reaction. Please note that these two lines are indirect. Also, both lines are about someone else’s opinion or experience. If this woman from the casual dating app gives a long comment on what you’ve said in a positive way, you know she is open-minded. Otherwise, you can change the topic immediately.

2: Don’t send her long text messages. Always remember that long text messages are less powerful than short and simple text messages. In fact, I don’t think you should text a womantoo often because you’d better keep her guessing a little bit. Less is more. Less keeps her thinking about you more.casual dating

3: If she asks you 3 or 4 questions in one text message, don’t answer all her questions in your response. That’s how you get more leverage in the interaction.

4: Don’t always be available. A high-value guy has a busy life, so you should keep busy (don’t pretend to be busy; actually be busy with your work and your life). You don’t want to look needy or clingy.

5: Get physical when she is ready. I have some big news to share with you – a woman from a casual dating app will reject your physical escalation not because she isn’t interested in you, but because it’s inappropriate at an early stage. Women don’t want to look like sluts. You just need to be patient.

6: Feel free to disagree with her. Saying “me too” frequently lowers your perceived value; hence, you would be well-advised to set yourself free by disagreeing with her occasionally. It’s okay to give contrary opinions because it shows your strength and builds an intense and enduring attraction gradually.

  • How to kiss a girlfrom the casual dating app properly:

It’s your responsibility to create a romantic atmosphere when you take yourgirlfriend out for a date. That means when you are planning on kissing her, it’s your job to make sure the environment is right.

Some men take their girlfriends to cinemas because they think the dark environment can help them with physical escalation, including kissing the girl. But that’s actually wrong. Let me explain.

Yes, it’s easier to hold her hand when you are sitting in the cinema together, especially when you are seeing a horror movie (she will need your “physical protection”).

However, if you plan to kiss her for the first time, going to the cinema is definitely a bad idea because it doesn’t give you the right context – chances are the guy on the big screen looks more handsome than you and the external focus (the story in the movie) is a distraction.casual dating app

Thus, you’d better take your lady to a coffeehouse where you can sit side by side rather than face to face. By that I mean you shouldn’t make the date look like a job interview.

When you are sitting with her side by side, it’s much easier to physically escalate on her, including kissing her.

By contrast, when you are sitting down with the girl from the casual dating app face to face, it clearly looks like a serious and awkward job interview.

You will switch on her emotionalbrain when you are sitting down with her side by side, whereas you will switch on her analytical brain when you are sitting down with her face to face.beautiful girls for dating app

When you want to kiss her, you should switch on her emotional brain because the first kiss should be an emotional decision.

Now you should slow down your movements and your speech rate so that everything will feel smooth.

The next step is to look at her eyes for a second and then look at her lips for a second. Now you are indicating that you are thinking about kissing her right now.

But you don’t do it yet. Instead, you begin to touch her and make sure your touches become slightly lingering.

Now you take her hand and hold her hand for a few seconds, and then you push the stray hairs back from her beautiful face. And you look at her reaction. If she is into it, you should kiss her now. Otherwise, you don’t do anything with the girl from the casual dating app.Casual Dating App Advice

Okay. I know you probably need more support because various things can happen in this dynamic. Let me help you now.

  • If she doesn’t show any reaction, you can ask her, “What’s the color of your eyes?” Then she will have to look at you so that you can move closer to have a look at her eyes. If the interaction looks sexy, you can kiss her.
  • If she is very shy, you can kiss her on the cheek, and then evaluate whether you should kiss her lips now based on her reaction.
  • If she begins to say something, you simply put your index finger on your lips and say, “shhhhh”. Then you move in slowly and kiss this beautiful lady.

Hold the massive sexual tension while pushing the action forward.

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