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YoCutie Dating App Review: Free Dating App – Flirt, Chat & Meet

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As a very popular dating app, YoCutie is celebrated by online daters worldwide. With an incredibly big database, YoCutie dating app is 100% free. Why is this dating product so successful?first-yocutie


      • You log in with your Facebook account, Google+ or Email. Please note that Google+ has been shut down by Google in April 2019, so perhaps you should only log in with your Facebook account or Email. Don’t worry. YoCutie dating app won’t post anything on your Facebook timeline because they respect your privacy. Your dating life is yours only, so others don’t need to know it.
      • You need become a verified member. Also, you can choose to hear from other verified members only. In this way, spammers and scammers can’t contact you. But please be aware of the fact that a scammer can also be a verified user. Here is how it works: A scammer is also a real person who joins a popular dating app (this person may even pay for this dating service so he/she looks more legitimate as a premium member).


    • However, although this person says he/she is looking for a genuine relationship, they are actually looking for cheap s*x because they can’t get laid offline. A typical male scammer “looks rich” and has “good manners” when you meet him. But this individual will want to sleep with you quickly or figure out a way to get you to pay him. For instance, a woman from New York was used by a scammer from a well-known dating app. That scammer looked super rich, so she wanted to meet him quickly (she was very lonely as she never had a relationship before).
  • Then he seduced her and asked for her money. She actually gave him cash because she didn’t want to lose him. Worse still, he asked for her money afterwards as well by asking her to pay for his utility fees, and she gave him money again because she wanted to keep him after losing her virginity. That was sad, but when we interviewed this woman, she told us that her experience taught her a lot of lessons, meaning now she has a very good understanding of dating and relationships.
  • Surprisingly, she says she doesn’t want to be a virgin at all and she is glad that she isn’t a virgin anymore. Without that experience, she will still be a virgin today, according to this woman. In the end, that scammer’s dating profile was blocked by that famous dating app because many women reported him to the dating platform (many women were conned and used by that scammer). And now the woman that was interviewed has become a mature woman who understands how to use dating apps in the right way.
  • Add a video to your dating profile to get more attention and have more matches instantly.
  • Swipe through dating profiles to look for the one.
  • Meet singles nearby because YoCutie dating app uses GPS to send you the right profiles.girl-yocutie


  • YoCutie dating app is absolutely free.


  • This is a free dating app.
  • It’s developed by a team in Berlin, and it has a big database in Europe and America.
  • Its notification screen is brand-new.
  • Unlimited photos and videos.
  • Its advanced search filter with more options can help its users to find love sooner.
  • Its interface is very pretty, so you may want to look at it all day. But that’s the entire point of free dating apps. If it’s a free dating app, it has to show you ads in order to make a profit, because dating apps aren’t charities – they are businesses. Anyway, it’s 100% free, so its revenue comes from advertising rather than its members.
  • You can have unlimited matches.
  • YoCuit dating app has a scammer protection, meaning scammers are blocked by this app.
  • This dating platform provides its users with a personalized dating experience that will help their members to find true love in record time.


  • Because it’s a free dating app, the quality of its members isn’t very high. Those who can’t afford to pay for dating services are on this app. Rich people are using other dating apps. Therefore, if you are looking for a rich partner, perhaps YoCutie dating app isn’t for you.
  • Version 1 of this app wasn’t very good. But fortunately, now Version 2 is much better and more user-friendly.
  • Its ads can be annoying sometimes.verification-yocutie

Users’ comments:

“The quality of its members is so low that I’m completely disappointed. I don’t enjoy contacting time-wasters at all.” (John G., 26, NYC)

“I don’t know why this app has so many robots rather than real people. I guess it’s because YoCutie dating app is a100% free dating app – anyone can create a dating profile here, including robots. It’s so boring.” (Ella A., 23, L.A.)

“Although this app says they have a very big database, I don’t think most of its members are active users. It’s not a very good dating experience for me. And I’m deleting my dating profile from it now.” (Jennie S., 30, Dallas)

“It’s a free dating app. That’s great because I never want to pay for dating anyway. I’m cheap. But the sad news is I’m still a virgin. Maybe I have to say goodbye to some of my money in order to get laid?” (David R., 31, Chicago)

Experts’ comments:

“YoCutie dating app is a legitimate dating app for singles to look for love online. On Google Play Store, YoCutie had 700,000 downloads in March 2019 worldwide, but its revenue from Google Play Store is less than $5,000 in March 2019. Meanwhile, on iTunes, this dating app had less than 5,000 downloads in March 2019 and its revenue from iTunes is also under $5,000 in March. If a dating app has more downloads on Android than on iTunes, from a business perspective, it usually means the quality of its members isn’t very high, because the conversion rate of members on iTunes is always higher than the conversion rate of members on Google Play Store. In other words, iPhone users are more likely to pay for apps, whereas Android users are less likely to pay for online dating services. By the way, I guess there are more iPhone users than Android users in the world.” (Curt Coch)

“As a reliable dating app, YoCutie dating app is quite good. I understand why people want to use free dating apps, but honestly, it’s hard to find what you want on a free dating app. No risk usually means no reward. That’s why members of expensive dating apps often get exactly what they want – that’s a high-risk, high-reward approach.” (Jade Seashell)

“YoCutie dating app is a trustworthy dating app and it’s been recommended by many industry experts. Personally, I haven’t tried it yet.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“It’s a trusted dating app.” (Serghei)women-yocutie

Editor’s Notes:

  • Free dating apps means there is no risk – you are not paying for this dating service. But those who can’t take a risk also can hardly ever get any great results. Therefore, if you are looking for a fantastic relationship, maybe you’d better consider other options which involve a certain level of risk that you can take. Perhaps you can take a calculated risk and improve your love life in that way.
  • On YoCutie dating app, all you need to do is to swipe through pictures and videos of other Cuties, send Yo’s. Whenever there is a match, you are able to start chatting with that person immediately. It’s an easy way to meet new people online and have instant dates offline.

Executive Summary:

YoCutie is a 100% free dating app offered by a company in Europe, but its members are from both Europe and America. Actually, it has a worldwide database. A lot of users have found their true love via this platform, so it is obviously a useful dating product for singles looking for love on the Internet.

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Some people say Yo; others say Jo. But it is YoCutie; it’s not JoCutie or Jo Cutie.

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  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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