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JustDating dating app review (Chat, Meet, Date)

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JustDating dating app is a relatively new dating product on the market. Thousands of users are looking for sexy singles to flirt, chat and date every day. It’s created for people who are looking for casual flings.justdating-first-page


  • Use advanced search options and filters to meet the right people.
  • Hook up with local singles instantly.
  • People can use JustDating app to look for long-term relationships. In fact, most long-term relationships start as short-term flings and then become serious relationships anyway.
  • You can not only meet people nearby, but also meet people across the world.
  • If you like a dating profile, you just tap the heart. Otherwise, just tap the ‘x’.
  • Send a message to those you actually like.
  • Look at activities posted by other members and join them.
  • Post your own activity/date and wait for someone hot to join you.
  • Group dating is available.JustDating-biling


  • Private subscription: US$4.99 per month.
  • VIP subscription: from US$15.83 per month to US$39.99 per month (this depends on the period of time you buy).
  • Auto-renewable subscriptions can be purchased as monthly, quarter, semiannually and yearly options.JustDating-likes-buy


  • JustDating dating app’s customer support team works 24/7, so you are always looked after by them!
  • It’s like a fun party – you can join other members’ activities without worrying about going out on a formal date.
  • Group dating is a lot of fun!
  • The casual ambience in this community attracts a lot of high-quality daters because most confident and high-value people don’t need to look for serious, long-term relationships urgently. They are very happy with their own lives, so they have the bandwidth to look for casual flings online.


  • Gay or lesbian daters can’t use this app because you can’t search for people of the same gender as yourself.
  • Sometimes JustDating dating app crashes when you tap heart.
  • Free members can’t really do anything on this app. As a free member, you will receive many users’ messages that don’t look real (and you have to buy a membership in order to read their messages). Who wants to read fake messages anyway?
  • This app has many scammers, so be careful! If you see a CC0 photo, that must be a scammer!JustDating-search

Users’ comments:

“JustDating dating app is pretty cool. I’ve had some great fun via this app. People that I’ve met here are amazing. They are relaxed, confident and sophisticated. I think I have become more confident as a result – after dating so many successful men through JustDating, now I look more radiant and elegant.” (Emma P., 30, Michigan)

“This is probably the only dating app that offers western languages and Asian languages in its setting. I met my Chinese girlfriend via JustDating app – this is seriously perfect. If you are interested in dating Asian ladies, you should try this app as well because there are a lot of Asian girls on this app.” (Justin L., 27, Seattle)

“I like the interface of JustDating– it’s intuitive, sexy and chic. I think the theme color (violet) is very upper class. Also, because I study psychology at university, I know this color is also very sexual – many people associate violet with sexuality in their subconscious mind. Better still, this app never crashes and has no glitch. That’s my honest opinion based on my personal experiences on this app.” (Charlette R., 21, L.A.)JustDating-women

Experts’ comments:

“JustDating dating app is definitely future-proof because it has a group dating feature. Also, joining other users’ activities allows new members to find something cool to do immediately, thereby increasing user engagement. This dating app is very innovative and creative in this regard.” (Jade Seashell)

“As one of the best casual dating apps on the market, JustDating is a leading dating platform for people to find casual flings online. This community is best characterized by a sexy and relaxed aura that attracts high-quality daters on a daily basis. No wonder it’s a very strong community.” (Curt Coch)

“JustDating dating app is very well designed because it has utilized the most advanced and cutting-edge technology in the world. Apart from that, users’ privacy and safety are ensured, so there is nothing to worry about really.” (Serghei)JustDating-chat

Executive summary:

JustDating dating app is a creative dating product for singles to look for fun on the Internet. Because of its community-based dating approach, new users who have just joined this app can find dates immediately because they can join other users’ activities that are posted on this app. If you don’t have anything to do this Friday night, you may want to download JustDating and try something different for the weekend!JustDating download itunesJustDating android-download

90% of its members are looking for casual relationships, one-night-stands or flings. Only 10% of its members are looking for true love/long-term relationships. Are you sure you want to join JustDating?

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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