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What I’ve Learned After Meeting Someone from a Millionaire Dating App

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I joined a millionaire dating app last month and have met a very intelligent, successful high-achiever who knows how to make a lot of money. More importantly, I learned the right mental associations with money from this individual.

  • Does money represent the root of all evil or the source of happiness?

Your mental associations with money give you the answer.

The principle that I learned from the Chinese woman that I met via the millionaire dating app is only maintain positive associations with money. Whenever you have negative associations with money, just keep filling your brain with positivity in this regard, so that negative associations with money have no space in your brain.

In western culture, money is a taboo topic. It is said that most westerners would rather talk about their sex lives and they want to avoid talking about their money. Yes, money is probably the No. 1 taboo topic in western culture, and many westerners have negative associations with money. But when I entered my rich Chinese friends’ social circle, I realized that these people have a different understanding of money – their mental associations with money are very positive. During Chinese New Year, they always say this to each other, “I wish you good fortune and prosperity in the new year.” And that’s their most common greeting in the festive season. When they say “good fortune”, they mean “a lot of money”. Also, it’s perfectly okay for my Chinese friends to talk about how much money they make (they can ask each other how much money they make), and they actually help each other to come up with better ideas which will help them make even more yachts

  • The true storybegan after using the millionaire dating app:

When you go to see a movie, have dinner in a restaurant or buy a new watch, you enjoy the entertainment, the joy and the excitement. While doing those activities, how often do you think about the business side of those ventures (their revenue, expense and profit)? Similarly, when you are very excited about your new business idea, you are dreaming about your beautiful website, your elegant business card, your fantastic product or service… How often do you think about the business side of your potential business (your revenue, expense and profit)? When I was starting my first business, I was passionate about what I had to offer. But my rich Chinese friend Sapphire gave me surprisingly different ideas.

Sapphire is a successful Chinese businesswoman who has invested in many successful businesses. She is the very definition of a successful business owner. When I told her that I was about to start a business, she listened to me talking about my new idea passionately for about 10 minutes, and then immediately she asked me, “So, what’s your exact business model?” I explained my business model to her, but then she asked me again, “What exactly is your business model? Please be more specific.” Then I realized that Sapphire operates at a different level. Thank God – I joined the millionaire dating app and met her!rich dating app

I only had a vague idea about what I was about to start because I was so excited about my new business idea. Yet Sapphire could use her logical brain to analyze what will work and what won’t. That’s not because Sapphire is an extremely analytical person; that’s because she believes that a detailed business model is much more important than a great idea. This world is full of great ideas, but how often do you see a detailed business model behind a great idea?

Honestly, when she asked me those questions about my exact business model, I felt a little bit offended, because I was so proud of my creative idea and I believed that if my product/service is good, money will automatically come. I know many artists think like that as well – their art is the most important thing; talking about money brings negative associations.

However, without an effective business model, there will only be starving artists. The real difference between a talented wannabe and a talented celebrity is their business models. A talented wannabe has talent, but probably doesn’t have a business model that is working. In contrast, a talented celebrity has obviously figured their business model out. How many times have you seen a really good local performance and then wonder why this singer/comedian doesn’t have mainstream success?

When I was writing the outline of a book, Sapphire had a look at my outline. Immediately she said to me, “Don’t write a journal for yourself to read. No one wants to buy your journal. Start from what your audience want to read because you are not paying your bills – people who buy your book are paying your bills.” I’m grateful for the millionaire dating app that introduced this lady to me.millionaire dating app

When I was designing my website, Sapphire had a look at the theme color and said, “That’s your favorite color, but what’s your target audience’s favorite color?” The lady from the millionaire dating app is a real eye-opener.

When I was about to print my business card, Sapphire had a look at my design and said, “You’ll need to print three types of business cards because if you list all of your products/services on one business card, people can’t buy things from you fast. Let me put it this way: When you go to an upscale French restaurant and the waiter/waitress gives you several long menus, you’ll need 10 – 15 minutes to read the menu and then you can decide what you want to order. By contrast, when you go to a junk food restaurant such as McDonald’s or KFC, their menu is listed right in front of you on a big screen – only a few options, so you will decide what you want within one minute. I can almost guarantee that a junk food restaurant makes more money than an upscale French restaurant in America. Similarly, Kmart definitely makes more money than David Jones in Australia.” (By the way, Kmart is a discount store full of cheap items, whereas David Jones is a high-end department store in Australia.)happy women

A rich Chinese doesn’t have any negative associations with money. They feel good when they make money or think about how to make money. They are happy to discuss how to make more money with their friends. They believe that although money can’t guarantee happiness, lack of money can guarantee unhappiness, no matter how talented you are.

You can be the most talented person in the world, but the only way to become financially successful via your talent is to think like a Chinese when you want to achieve career/business success. Remove your negative associations with money by filling your brain with positive associations with money, and remember to think about the business side of your work without any judgement.

Meeting this successful woman via the millionaire dating app is a perfect experience. I cherish this opportunity to connect with such a wonderful Chinese woman who happens to be a multi-millionaire.

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