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Best Dating App for Hooking Up: The Origin of the Hookup Culture

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Today I interviewed the CEO of the best dating app for hooking up Bobbie E. who has shared her understanding of and knowledge about the hookup culture. This is something that I’m very curious about, so the discussion is really deep.

  • The beginning of the hookup culture started in the early 1800s.

Yes, the hookup culture is a quite recent thing in human history because it’s been around for about 200 years only. At that time planter class white men hooked up with enslaved black women & white male university students hooked up with both black and white women.

“In the 19th century, many white men hooked up with prostitutes, enslaved women and poor women,” says Bobbie E., CEO of the best dating app for hooking up, “Also, gay men hooked up with each other in the 1800s by meeting in boarding houses and hooking up together.”men hookuping

In the 1920s, the dating dynamics began to change from an age of courtship to an era of hookup because technological developments like cinemas and cars allowed young people to leave their parents’ houses easily. In this way, youngsters were not watched by their parents, so they had more flexibility to hook up with others.

“The more advanced modern technology becomes, the more casual hookups people have,” says Bobbie E., “That’s why after we’ve introduced the best dating app for hooking up to the market, it’s been a huge success – people love the idea of hooking up with someone via their smart phones now.”

  • The loosening of sexual morals facilitated more hookups in the 1960s.

Many people have watched a well-known TV show called Mad Men which is best characterized by casual hookups – in that historical drama, everyone is cheating on everyone. Loyalty is absent.

“I watched Mad Men several years ago and I was so in love with Donald Draper. One night I had a sexy dream about him, and when I woke up, I thought he was lying on top of me, so my breathe was getting intense,” says Bobbie E., “Then I suddenly came up with the idea of starting the best dating app for hooking up.”

Indeed, 2007 was the year when smart phones were invented and that’s also exactly when Mad Men released its first episode. When the most convenient tool in human history was created at the time when the most popular hookup show was on TV, we know what could happen – the introduction of the best dating app for hooking up.hookup real girls

So, a few years later, Bobbie E. launched the best dating app for hooking up which has become extremely popular on the market due to the influence of pop culture these days.

Mad Men is a drama about what happened in the 1960s – at that time, people didn’t have to get physical pleasure from their relationships only. In fact, non-marital intimacy became more socially acceptable in the 60s. That’s why Donald Draper is a lady killer, and women know what he is like,” says Bobbie E., founder of the best dating app for hooking up, “As a matter of fact, dating decreased and hooking up increased in the 1960s.”

  • People get married at ages later than older generations now.

In the 1990s, casual hookups became totally acceptable among young people, especially university students. Most people had their most sexually active years at university. Actually, nowadays a lot of people still have their most sexually active time at university.

Because more and more people are going to university, individuals tend to get married at ages later than previous generations these days. Therefore, when sexually mature people aren’t married, they just need a way to satisfy their sexual needs – no wonder the hookup culture has been thriving since the 90s.

“The cost of living is rising and the competition at work is increasingly stiff, so lots of young people are not ready to settle down and start a family after they have become sexually mature,” says Bobbie, founder of the best dating app for hooking up, “When this phenomenon becomes mainstream due to the influence of Hollywood movies and TV shows, the hookup culture is commonplace in western countries.”dating app for hooking up

Both scientific research and the popular media are showing much interest in the topic of casual hookups right now. Many fields such as psychology, sociology, medicine, public health, biology and anthropology have done extensive studies about hookups. Also, since contraceptive methods are very well-known in this day and age, more and more people are willing to try casual hookups.

“People hook up with random individuals for various reasons, such as pleasure, a feeling of being adhered to, a feeling of being loved and having friends with benefits,” says Bobbie, spokesperson of the best dating app for hooking up, “Some people even think there is some potential of the hookup becoming something more serious.”

In 1988, the average young adult above 18 in America had 5 sexual partners. By contrast, in 2012, the average young adult above 18 in America had 6 sexual partners. That means although people are becoming more and more open-minded, it doesn’t mean we are more sexually liberated than our parents’ generation.

“In theory, we might assume that since we have the best dating apps for hooking up in today’s day and age, we should have more sexual partners right now. But in reality, this isn’t true,” says Bobbie E., “According to my research, people had a lot of hookups thirty years ago as well – they just found sexual partners in different ways.”casual hookups.

Based on a recent study conducted by Bobbie and her team, it is clear that 30 years ago, people hooked up with their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. But today most people hook up with individuals on the best dating apps for hooking up. That is to say, how people find sexual partners has changed, but the libido is the same.

A final key point provided by Bobbie is the popularity of bars and clubs where men and women meet each other and hook up instantly. This phenomenon has been popular since the 20th century and it has facilitated the popularity of the hookup culture as well.

“Another interesting finding that I’m happy to share with you is the fact that very successful men actually hook up more frequently than less successful men,” says Bobbie E. from the best dating app for hooking up, “One reason is successful men are usually growth-driven and their testosterones are stronger, which means their libido is higher. Therefore, they tend to need more intimacy than other men. Of course, many successful men are surrounded by hot women anyway – that makes hooking up more convenient because these women already want to open their legs anyway.”best dating app for hooking up

In actuality, the hookup culture is not only common in western countries, but also common in eastern countries. But people in eastern countries don’t want to talk about it in public. Maybe one day the hookup culture will become socially acceptable globally, and then this article will be sent to an internationally well-known website.


Humans are not biologically programmed to be monogamous. We are just trained to be monogamous under certain circumstances.


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