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Mingle2 Dating App Review (Online Dating Chat App)

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With more than 30 million members worldwide, Mingle2 dating appis a successful dating product for singles around the world to find love on the Internet.


  • Meet local people near you instantly.
  • Join online chat rooms any time.
  • Send and receive unlimited number of text messages (free feature).
  • Use nudges, winks and hugs to customize your communication with other users (free feature).
  • Add unlimited number of friends to your profile (free feature).
  • See who’s online and start conversations immediately (free feature).
  • Receive recommended matches daily (free feature).
  • Play mutual match with unlimited members (free feature).
  • It only takes 30 seconds to sign up and join this community.
  • Creating a profile is super easy here.
  • Browse dating profiles in your local area.
  • Add someone as friends if you like them. This is also a good way to break the ice.
  • Send someone a nudge to break the ice.
  • Block a user with one click only.
  • With so many free features, you know it’s not a dating app for the rich.mingle2 search


  • 3-month membership: US$29.99;
  • 6-month membership: US$47.99;
  • 12-month membership: US$69.99.
  • Please note that these prices are for MinglePlus subscriptions.


  • It’s a free dating app. Mingle2 is free to join and use.
  • It keeps improving its product and service. Now the app performance has been optimized again and it runs smoothly on a user’s phone with less battery usage.
  • Even if you decide to upgrade your membership and purchase MinglePlus subscription, it’s not really expensive.mingle2 profile


  • Because it’s a free dating app, there are many scammers and spammers on this app. Scammers and spammers are unwilling to pay for memberships on high-end dating apps, so they join Mingle2 to scam people.
  • Women’s dating profiles on Mingle 2 dating app are more likely to be scammers’ profiles because a lot of them simply ask for men to send them iTune gift cards within a few days.
  • There are some prostitutes on this app. They ask men to pay them for camera sex. It seems that there is always a price to pay. If you join a free dating app, you pay a different price! But if you join an upscale dating app, you meet decent people.

Users’ comments:

“I purchased a 1-month membership, but this app charged me a 3-month membership instead. I can’t trust Mingle2 dating app now. I contacted their customer support team, but I never hear from them. So bad.” (Megan P., 27, Melbourne)

“This app is full of African scammers. Avoid at all cost!” (Samuel A., 28, New York)

“I’ve seen the same photo with different display names. Those must be robots.” (Lucy K., 29, Toronto)

“It’s totally strange. This is a dating app, but there are many people selling houses/tours and even looking for jobs. WTH?” (Ann C., 30, London)

“Its free version has too many annoying ads. It’s just a waste of time and energy.” (Connie G., 21, Manchester)anastasia mingle2

Experts’ comments:

“Mingle2 dating app is a free dating community for people to meet each other and find dates. Perhaps it should filter certain people and make sure it’s a quality environment for daters to look for love online. Also, there will be fewer scammers and spammers if every dating profile is verified by Mingle2.” (Jade Seashell)

“Some scammers on this app are just as annoying as certain phone calls from Victoria.” (Curt Coch)

“Usually, a free dating app with a big database is vulnerable because that’s where scammers and spammers want to go.” (Serghei)


  1. What kind of dating apps are popular?
  • Most people search key words such as “free dating apps” and “trusted dating apps” on Google. Yes, people want to use something for free and don’t want to meet scammers. But the problem is if something is free, you should wonder why it’s free – nobody has the responsibility to find a husband or a wife for you. Also, if it’s a free dating product, what makes people trust it? These are key questions that you need to figure out first. Of course, there are some established dating apps that are completely free (e.g. Tinder) because they know how to sell ads in the right way.
  1. Is Mingle2 dating app the only dating platform which offers chat rooms?
  • No, there are some other dating apps that also have chat rooms. This is not a unique feature.
  1. How can I meet high-quality people on a dating app?
  • Most high-quality daters aren’t on free dating apps. You should invest in your love life and join a luxury dating app if you’ve decided to meet the rich and marry well.

Executive summary:

Mingle2 dating app is a free dating product for people to chat online and find dates. Although it has millions of members worldwide, its user experience isn’t getting better these days because there are many robots and scammers on this app. Overall, if you can’t afford to join an upscale dating app, you can still try this app.

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Mingle2 dating app is a successful dating app, but you also need to look at whether this app can make you successful or not.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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