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Single Muslim dating app review (2019)

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Single Muslim is an online dating app created for Muslim singles to meet each other on the Internet and fall in love. Because the hook-up culture doesn’t exist in the Muslim community, this app is for people to look for serious, long-term commitments only.


  • Log in with your account. That means you need to create a dating profile on first (their website was created before this app).
  • View Muslim singles’ dating profiles nearby.
  • Add information to update your dating profile.
  • Upload photos to enhance your profile.
  • Photo gallery helps you to see who is online now.
  • Send and receive text messages anywhere, any time.
  • See who has viewed your dating profile.
  • Search dating profiles with the help of extremely advanced search criteria, so you’ll find exactly what you are looking for on Single Muslim dating app.
  • See detailed dating profiles in your local area.
  • It’s for Muslim folks in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Arab.
  • The latest technology of Single Muslim dating app is used to make sure your privacy is protected well.


  • 1-month membership: £29.99;
  • 6-month membership: £59.99;
  • 12-month membership: £119.99.
  • Prices are in British Pounds on iTunes. Prices may vary in other countries and can change without prior notice.


  • Single Muslim dating app has more than two million members worldwide. Apparently, the database is huge – you are very likely to meet someone suitable fast and make the relationship last.
  • Verified profiles = reliable community.
  • You can remotely log out yourself on all other devices easily.


  • Although this company has a successful Muslim dating website, Single Muslim dating app isn’t very well done, as evidenced by a large number of negative reviews on iTunes App Store.
  • It is reported that this app is actually a fraud because if a guy creates a dating profile on this app without uploading a photo, he will still receive a lot of messages from women. How realistic is that? Not very realistic at all! So, basically, you are paying a membership fee to read fake messages anyway. If that’s the case, please be aware.

Users’ comments:

“This is the most polarizing dating app I’ve ever seen on iTunes. About 50% of its reviews are positive & 50% of all reviews are negative. This is very uncommon, so I’m wondering who wrote those positive reviews. A possibility is that Single Muslim dating app wrote those positive reviews by themselves and most negative reviews are written by their competitors.” (Tania, 26, London)

“Single Muslim dating app is too expensive. It’s much more expensive than other similar dating apps and is definitely a rip-off compared with mainstream dating apps and websites. I wouldn’t recommend this app because it’s not only too expensive, but also terrible – it just doesn’t work at all.” (Muhammad, 32, Birmingham)

“Single Muslim dating app is such a joke. It’s actually a fraud. Don’t download this misleading app which poses as a dating app for Muslim folks but is literally a con artist.” (Amir, 25, Toronto)

Experts’ comments:

“I don’t know why this app has more than two million members all over the world, because it doesn’t seem to be very popular anywhere. Perhaps they never delete their previous members’ dating profiles and everyone’s data is still saved in the database.” (Jade Seashell)

“Single Muslim dating app isn’t the best dating platform form Muslim singles at all. There are several much better dating products for Muslim folks to do online dating and find dates. I wouldn’t recommend Single Muslim because I haven’t heard anything positive about this app yet.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

We are not sure why iTunes keeps Single Muslim dating app on App Store – it has too many negative reviews to stay on iTunes. It seems that most app developers prefer iTunes App Store because the quality of users on iTunes is much higher than that on Android. Indeed, people who use Android phones tend to spend less money on their phones and apps. That’s why most app developers don’t enjoy launching products on Google Play Store and want to explore iTunes App Store first. Having said that, iTunes must work harder to monitor every app on App Store so that iPhone users can have a better experience here. An app like Single Muslim is probably legitimate, but it requires more positive reviews to prove why this app should exist.

You can only send, read and reply to text messages from other users when you become a premium member. Free members can’t access messages at all, so it’s a useless app if you choose to be a free member only. Single Muslim dating app keeps your messages for 30 days maximum. After one month, your old messages will be deleted so that the storage can be freed for future messages. Also, premium members can get priority customer support from Single Muslim team.

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  • Value for money
  1. Cindy says

    Useless application trial period for a sucker 3 free and then money from the card and to activate the screwed period need a card number ) to find a person is unrealistic, do not download the application do not waste time in vain.
    update – it’s wonderful! But I have now constantly mistake obtain locations, and bug reports, too, not work (

  2. Maureen says

    Now problems with the registration were removed, but to the nearest people for 350 km, in the largest cities. By the buttons there are no questions, there are questions to the jacket…

  3. Cody A says

    The app is good, but I have little money(.. I will be glad if the admins will adjust the subscription)

  4. Bertha says

    I wanted to try how it is, and then everything is paid!!!…

  5. Clifton says

    Used to search for a good company, very positive experience! More would be known to this application! And correspondingly good girls of all ages

  6. Daniel22 says

    there were problems with geolocation, talked to technical support helped, for which they thank you very much!

  7. Milagros says

    Let’s order. I do not think that the application – another Scam. I wanted to look at him from the inside. Designed trial access, look that as a Yes. It was interesting to implement the functionality. As a result-any found person in the city of the millionaire, candidates were given as from other countries. Nice…

  8. Donna says

    I came across an article on the website vogue as a girl editor successfully found a guy, immediately met in the center, had a cool time with him and was very pleased. That friend and in General, all very cool, the article was well too similar to advertising, all very smoothly in the story and the guy’s not bad…

  9. Jorge D says

    The application put out of curiosity. The concept itself was interesting. The application is not enough advertising.. Everyone screams that they cheated.. So, Bunny, you are like young men who came to the club, nobody took off and demand a refund for the entrance ) it’s just a possibility.. For 100% guarantee there are ladies with e-mail…

  10. Gloria says

    Good app, but no people. P. S: the positive is put for the idea.

    1. Francis says

      Guys, after the update it does not start. In September on year bought, remained without applications. Here it is worth noting that I lost a little. The ratio of guys/girls about 10:1 and the living ladies will not meet. But a lot of bots that beg for phones or money. They’re not even templates.…

  11. Sharon says

    The app does not work in Thailand, Laos, Philippines. All over Southeast, I guess. Addressed to technical support, long, more than 2 days waiting for a response. In General, the correspondence is not called friendly. Payment to return for non-working application refused. Referring to Google though the decision to refund after 48 hours…

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