Topface dating app review (real meet-up, date and hook-up)

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Topface dating app is an international dating service for singles to meet interesting people online. It has connected more than 100 million guys and girls who share similar hobbies and interests all over the world. You can find friends, dates and true love on this app.


  • It’s a free dating service, so it has millions of users quickly.
  • Just use your Facebook account to create a dating profile on Topface. Alternatively, you can also register a profile manually.
  • It is said that the average user attracts over 50 people within 5 minutes after joining this app. The average dating profile gets over 100 likes and 20 comments under their photos.
  • Optional VIP upgrades allow you to use extra features: free adorations sending, invisibility mode, blacklisting, personal profile design, view profile guests, and many more.message topface


  • 1-week membership: US$7.99
  • 1-month membership: US$9.99
  • 3-month membership: US$26.99
  • 6-month membership: US$49.99
  • 1-year membership: US$89.99prices topface


  • Topface is extremely user-friendly and streamlined.
  • Topface dating app has many more real users than most other apps.
  • This app doesn’t crash.
  • Since it’s an international dating app, it has many languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, etc.


  • When this app isn’t open, Topface may still use your location information, thereby decreasing battery life. (Well, Instagram does the same thing as well. Therefore, we should probably unplug social media accounts for good and only use dating apps to get what we actually want online.)
  • Your account can be blocked if you type any swear words in the community. (Well, Gary Vaynerchuk swears all the time and his account isn’t blocked by social media platforms.)beauty girl topface

Users’ comments:

“I like Topface dating app because it’s so easy to use. It’s much better than other hook-up apps because it allows me to find new friends without the pressure of hooking up with them immediately. I find it much nicer!” (Anita A., 23, Cockermouth, England)

“I use Topface to meet new people while travelling. It’s a great app because I’ve met some high-quality friends and lovers via this app.” (Shae G., 31, Scotland)

“Topface dating app is a bit like Bumble, but it’s still different. Bumble allows me to find dates or business connections, whereas Topface helps me to find dates or friends who share similar interests. I think Topface is more scientific because people with the same hobbies should talk online and meet up offline. Yet those who are looking for business connections are basically trying to use each other. Sad!” (Jane H., 30, Ireland)

Experts’ comments:

“Topface is a social networking app which was created for people to meet new friends or find dates online. Because it’s internationally well-known, it has millions of users already. Having said that, I don’t know why this app only has 32 reviews on iTunes today – the number of reviews can’t justify their big database.” (Jade Seashell)

“I think Topface dating app is a useful dating product, but if you want to make full use of all the app’s features, you have to allow background geo-positioning, meaning your device’s battery life will be decreased.” (Curt Coch)

“Topface is slightly confusing because it’s known as an international dating app. However, does it specifically introduce international daters to each other? Or is it a travel dating app?” (Serghei)girls topface


  1. Who’s the target audience of Topface?
  • Topface dating app’s target audience is young people in their early 20s, so the subscription fees aren’t very high – they know most people in their early 20s just want to socialize with each other and aren’t making a lot of money yet. Usually, most people’s careers take off in their 30s – and that’s when they don’t have time to join social networking apps (at that time, they will want to use Bumble to either find real dates or meet business connections).
  1. Are people on this app attractive?
  • Well, it depends on how you define “attractive”. If you think good looks indicate attractiveness, then yes, people on this app are very attractive because they are young and hot. Nevertheless, if you believe that having high status and money means attractiveness, then you probably should look at luxury dating apps for millionaires.
  1. Why do app developers want to develop an app like this?
  • Because casual dating apps are more sustainable – it’s easier to keep customers for a very long time when these people are just looking for flings and hook-ups (they want to keep looking for new excitement and fun all the time and won’t leave the app easily). That’s why this niche is more profitable than other niches.

Executive summary:

Topface dating app is a high-quality dating platform for singles to meet and chat with each other online. Since it’s an international dating service, it has users all over the world. Are you ready to meet new friends or find dates on the Internet? Please write a comment below and let us know!

You have a 3-day free trial on Topface, so you have enough time to decide whether you want to buy a premium membership or not.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money

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