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Tantan Dating App Review (Chinese dating app 2019)

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Tantan dating app is an international dating community for westerners to date Chinese. Developed in Beijing, this dating app has at least 100 million users.


  • View profiles and photos of the singles near you.
  • Decide who is your favorite member.
  • When somebody likes you back, that’s a match. Congrats!
  • Look at other users’ interests and see who deserves a like.
  • You can send text messages, voice messages, videos and photos while chatting with other users online.
  • Understand your matches better by following the life moments shared by them.
  • You won’t receive unwanted messages from random strangers because you can only communicate with people you’re matched with. No harassment, no worries.
  • You can hide your contacts. In this way, the contacts in your address book won’t be revealed. Make your social life private.
  • Tantan dating app has an ice-breaking feature: Ten playful questions help you to understand your matches better.


  • VIP membership: 30RMB per month.
  • Prices may vary in different countries, because on iTunes it also has US dollars as VIP membership fees.


  • This is probably the biggest Chinese dating community in the world. You can meet Chinese lovers instantly on Tantan dating app.
  • It has many long-term members who use this app to date Chinese girls for years. Obviously, it can bring value to western men who have Asian fetish. Small wonder this app has attracted a large number of male members from western countries.
  • Its reputation is better than other social networking apps in China.




  • Because not every dating profile is verified, there are many scammers on Tantan dating app. When you chat with them, they send you unwanted messages from a third-party platform. These con artists should be eliminated from this app.
  • Some male members have reported that this app has too many prostitutes. Prostitution is definitely illegal in China, so this app has violated the Chinese law by ignoring those prostitutes’ profiles. Having said that, if you report an inappropriate dating profile to Tantan’s customer support team, they will permanently block that profile. However, it seems that preventing prostitutes from joining this app is the app developer’s responsibility, because most users don’t have the time to identify prostitutes and then report each and every inappropriate profile to the app. Also, after a prostitute’s profile is blocked, a new prostitute’s profile is created because the same prostitute just used a different user name to join Tantan dating app again, which is extremely disappointing.
  • Some members claim that they got charged twice even after they’ve deleted their dating profile on Tantan. Nevertheless, perhaps these users think deleting their profile means cancelling their subscription, but that’s not true. Their subscription is linked to iTunes, not directly linked to Tantan. Therefore, these users would be well-advised to check their iTunes’ account and manually cancel their Tantan subscription when they delete their dating profile on this app. Please note that iTunes takes a percentage of Tantan’s profit, so iTunes is the real giant platform for all these apps.
tantan chinese date app

Users’ comments:

“Tantan dating app is similar to Momo, the only hook-up app in China. However, Momo seems to be more legitimate than Tantan because people on Momo genuinely want to look for casual flings only. Anyway, I still enjoyed Tantan because some Chinese women on this app are very, very hot.” (Timothy, 30, Brooklyn, New York)

“I don’t need to work on my Chinese language in order to get Chinese women anymore. Now I can simply use Tantan to get Chinese girls – if they can speak English, they will respond well and I know those are eligible leads. If they can’t speak English, they won’t talk to me anyway. So far so good!” (Seth, 31, Manhattan, New York)

“This is probably one of the best Chinese dating apps in the world. Although it has some issues, it’s still quite good in my opinion because it’s not easy to find a legitimate Chinese dating app these days.” (Mathew, 28, Washington)

“Tantan is a legitimate and reputable app run by a well-known company in Beijing. Because my English is not good enough, I can only provide limited comments on this app. But in general, it’s not a bad app.” (Lina, 22, Beijing)

Experts’ comments:

“Tantan was developed by a famous company in Beijing, so it should be a reliable dating app.” (Jade Seashell)

“Tantan dating app is a leading Chinese dating app on the market. Most other Chinese dating apps can’t even compete with it. I guess that’s because Tantan is run by a powerful company which has the resources to promote this product worldwide.” (Curt Coch)

“Tantan is a trustworthy app, as long as you know how to filter people on this app by yourself, because their staff members don’t manually check every dating profile. Well, if an app has over 100 million users, its staff members practically can’t check every profile.” (Serghei)

Executive summary:

Tantan dating app is a pioneering Chinese dating product for Chinese and westerners who are interested in dating Chinese. Because of its huge database, you can easily find a date on this app instantly. But please note that some profiles are inappropriate and you have to be more careful. Remember to report fake profiles to their customer support team immediately so that fake profiles can be blocked permanently.

 Most Chinese dating platforms don’t join the international community because the majority of dating apps require Facebook login, but Facebook isn’t available in China.

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  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Ari says

    I’m not Chinese, but looks like a smart idea, instead of going though thousands of profiles to find what you are looking for, they have it all there, congratz for them! But i think if someone made an app for people to just date their own race, like only white, or only African American, it would get really bad comments, does anybody else thinks the same?

    1. Jade Seashell says

      Hi Ari,

      Thanks for the comment.

      All Muslim dating apps only allow single Muslims to join. I don’t think they’ve got any negative comments because of that.

      Jade Seashell

  2. Mary G says

    Decided to register for the application e Dating to find a partner. For its purposes, chose the application and a few more applications. Everywhere you need to pay, because there is little free that you can get. Sat and on free, and there such scum… What I just wrote! In short, a nice guy met on the app and so now only trust this app and suggest to friends.

  3. Daniel G says

    Registered recently. It has not been more than a month, and I was already on dates with three girls – for such a promotion in my personal life do not even feel sorry for the money spent))) This is the only Dating site where I am registered, so there is nothing to compare, but in General I liked it – you can see the difference when you pay money for the service – there is no advertising, and do not that horrible, and what you ask. in the sense that pick up people successfully, from all contacts there was no inadequate girl. a plus))

  4. Keith Anger says

    I work as an it specialist, not only that time with such work does not remain, also the skill of communication with normal people is lost)) Who would have thought that on Dating sites there are such people… But there)) I can put the site rating 4, less is not deserved, and more does not allow conscience. As for pluses: friendly interface, security, the idea itself. As for minuses: automatic premium renewal, you can not choose the people-only those that offer a robot. naturally, like many other sites, designed for a stupid user who will put a check mark everywhere without reading, but I’m in connection with the profession do not do so, and I advise others to read carefully, with which I agree, then not to send claims to the creators and to myself. psychological portrait-cool thing. I don’t really believe it, but I’ve noticed the resemblance a couple of times. looks like there’s something to it. at least I remembered how all the girls to chat))

  5. William12 says

    As a person who sits on Dating sites for a long time, just say – this is the best of all that I’ve seen!! The big plus is put for the absence of indecent proposals! Other sites are just teeming with this, although everywhere there are appropriate selections. I am glad that this is not a stupid social network, where you just write messages, and a lot of all sorts of chips – such as psychological tests, compatibility tests, I like it. You can understand a lot about a person! For the price – I think that is acceptable, but then to each his own. I like everything, plus.

  6. Pamela O says

    Oddly enough, but his wife I found in the application. We met her here. We met and decided to get married. We are the happiest people on earth. Thank you for my wonderful companion in life is this site.

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