Transdr dating app review (No. 1 transgender dating)

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Transdr dating app is considered to be the best transgender dating app on the market because it has thousands of positive reviews on iTunes alone. Small wonder it has reached its No. 1 position in this industry.


  • Infinite trans resources: Transdr dating app gathers transgender, transsexual and transvestite people together. This is the paradise for FTM, MTF and LGBT daters looking for love online.
  • This is an inclusive community for the transgender subculture. No matter you are a ladyboy, shemale, male-to-female, female-to-male, cross dresser, panty boy, sissy boy or their admirer, you can join this app because it’s very open-minded. The culture on Transdr dating app is free from judgment.
  • Every dating profile is manually verified by the staff members of Transdr dating app to make sure you have a safe and healthy dating environment that facilitates transgender dating in a positive way. Every suspicious activity is strictly monitored by this app. All fake profiles and scammers are blocked by its staff.
  • Members’ privacy is safe: Your private information will never be given away. Your data is yours only.
  • You can send text messages to members you like, but you have to pay a fee for that.Transdr-dating-app-review


  • Transdr dating app is beautifully designed. Its interface is very user-friendly, streamlined and modern.
  • It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so it’s very easy to use no matter which device you have.
  • Its membership fee is affordable.
  • Transdr dating app is the biggest transgender dating community in the world.


  • Some positive reviews on iTunes are exactly the same, but the users’ names are different and seem to be generated by a robot. That means you shouldn’t trust all those five-star reviews on App Store and you must do your own research before joining this app.
  • Everyone on this app has to pay a VIP membership fee in order to contact others. This isn’t fair because other reputable transgender dating platforms offer transgender people free services and only charge those who want to date transgender individuals.tans-men

Users’ comments:

“I have bills to pay, so I’m unwilling to buy a VIP membership on Transdr dating app. That’s why I have to wait until someone contacts me on this app first, which isn’t the best thing to do.” (Caroline, 29, Toronto)

“So many people on Transdr dating app just see us transgender individuals as objects or fetishes. I’m sick and tired of meeting those people because I really want to have a real relationship that lasts forever.” (Lorelle, 27, Michigan)

“Transgender women on this app are absolutely, positively sexy, hot and attractive. I’ve met several trans women via Transdr dating app and I absolutely love this online dating experience. I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done!” (Jason, 32, Oregon)

“Transdr dating app is legitimate. I’ve tried this service and now I’m totally obsessed. I’ve met the most beautiful woman in the world. Now I’m very happy and this app is seriously perfect!” (Jake, 34, Idaho)

“I saw a local drag queen’s show in Melbourne City last year and since then, I’ve been very attracted to crossdressers! I’m a straight woman, but I’m now very interested in dating crossdressers. Although the drag queen that I met is a gay man and isn’t interested in me, I’ve discovered Transdr dating app! Now I don’t have to keep thinking about the local drag queen anymore and I can meet other crossdressers on this app easily.” (Charlotte, 25, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


Experts’ comments:

“I understand why this app is so successful – subcultures always win! Because there aren’t too many transgender dating apps out there, the conversion rate on Transdr dating app is definitely higher. And they don’t have a lot of competitors anyway.” (Jade Seashell)

“This app is run by a very experienced company based in Asia, and they have nearly two decades’ experience in doing online dating businesses and have high-end dating products worldwide.” (Curt Coch)

“Transdr dating app looks very well-designed, chic and gorgeous. My only question is: why do I see Miranda Kerr’s photo on their iTunes’ screenshots? You can check it out as well. I don’t think Miranda Kerr is a member of this app. Perhaps they have a member who looks like Miranda Kerr?” (Serghei)transdrapp

Executive summary:

Transdr dating app is a pioneering dating product in the transgender dating industry, and it has over two thousand reviews on iTunes App Store (most of these positive reviews are five-star reviews). Since it’s run by a very seasoned team with nearly 20 years’ experience in the online dating industry, its performance is generally very good on iTunes App Store. Having said that, we don’t know why Miranda Kerr is their product endorser (it seems that their screenshot on iTunes is Miranda Kerr’s photo) because we searched Miranda Kerr’s news on Wikipedia and couldn’t find any information about her being the product endorser for Transdr dating app.

We admire people who live an authentic life. If you think your gender should be different, it’s perfectly okay to change your gender and become a transgender person, because you only live once – you should live your life as you wish and don’t be afraid to trust yourself and your truth. Your real identity matters. Transgender dating apps like this encourage you to be who you really are and embrace your love life with a brave heart.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money

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