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Transdr dating app review (No. 1 transgender dating)

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Transdr dating app is considered to be the best transgender dating app on the market because it has thousands of positive reviews on iTunes alone. Small wonder it has reached its No. 1 position in this industry.


  • Infinite trans resources: Transdr dating app gathers transgender, transsexual and transvestite people together. This is the paradise for FTM, MTF and LGBT daters looking for love online.
  • This is an inclusive community for the transgender subculture. No matter you are a ladyboy, shemale, male-to-female, female-to-male, cross dresser, panty boy, sissy boy or their admirer, you can join this app because it’s very open-minded. The culture on Transdr dating app is free from judgment.
  • Every dating profile is manually verified by the staff members of Transdr dating app to make sure you have a safe and healthy dating environment that facilitates transgender dating in a positive way. Every suspicious activity is strictly monitored by this app. All fake profiles and scammers are blocked by its staff.
  • Members’ privacy is safe: Your private information will never be given away. Your data is yours only.
  • You can send text messages to members you like, but you have to pay a fee for that.Transdr-dating-app-review


  • Transdr dating app is beautifully designed. Its interface is very user-friendly, streamlined and modern.
  • It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so it’s very easy to use no matter which device you have.
  • Its membership fee is affordable.
  • Transdr dating app is the biggest transgender dating community in the world.


  • Some positive reviews on iTunes are exactly the same, but the users’ names are different and seem to be generated by a robot. That means you shouldn’t trust all those five-star reviews on App Store and you must do your own research before joining this app.
  • Everyone on this app has to pay a VIP membership fee in order to contact others. This isn’t fair because other reputable transgender dating platforms offer transgender people free services and only charge those who want to date transgender individuals.tans-men

Users’ comments:

“I have bills to pay, so I’m unwilling to buy a VIP membership on Transdr dating app. That’s why I have to wait until someone contacts me on this app first, which isn’t the best thing to do.” (Caroline, 29, Toronto)

“So many people on Transdr dating app just see us transgender individuals as objects or fetishes. I’m sick and tired of meeting those people because I really want to have a real relationship that lasts forever.” (Lorelle, 27, Michigan)

“Transgender women on this app are absolutely, positively sexy, hot and attractive. I’ve met several trans women via Transdr dating app and I absolutely love this online dating experience. I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done!” (Jason, 32, Oregon)

“Transdr dating app is legitimate. I’ve tried this service and now I’m totally obsessed. I’ve met the most beautiful woman in the world. Now I’m very happy and this app is seriously perfect!” (Jake, 34, Idaho)

“I saw a local drag queen’s show in Melbourne City last year and since then, I’ve been very attracted to crossdressers! I’m a straight woman, but I’m now very interested in dating crossdressers. Although the drag queen that I met is a gay man and isn’t interested in me, I’ve discovered Transdr dating app! Now I don’t have to keep thinking about the local drag queen anymore and I can meet other crossdressers on this app easily.” (Charlotte, 25, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


Experts’ comments:

“I understand why this app is so successful – subcultures always win! Because there aren’t too many transgender dating apps out there, the conversion rate on Transdr dating app is definitely higher. And they don’t have a lot of competitors anyway.” (Jade Seashell)

“This app is run by a very experienced company based in Asia, and they have nearly two decades’ experience in doing online dating businesses and have high-end dating products worldwide.” (Curt Coch)

“Transdr dating app looks very well-designed, chic and gorgeous. My only question is: why do I see Miranda Kerr’s photo on their iTunes’ screenshots? You can check it out as well. I don’t think Miranda Kerr is a member of this app. Perhaps they have a member who looks like Miranda Kerr?” (Serghei)transdrapp

Executive summary:

Transdr dating app is a pioneering dating product in the transgender dating industry, and it has over two thousand reviews on iTunes App Store (most of these positive reviews are five-star reviews). Since it’s run by a very seasoned team with nearly 20 years’ experience in the online dating industry, its performance is generally very good on iTunes App Store. Having said that, we don’t know why Miranda Kerr is their product endorser (it seems that their screenshot on iTunes is Miranda Kerr’s photo) because we searched Miranda Kerr’s news on Wikipedia and couldn’t find any information about her being the product endorser for Transdr dating app.

We admire people who live an authentic life. If you think your gender should be different, it’s perfectly okay to change your gender and become a transgender person, because you only live once – you should live your life as you wish and don’t be afraid to trust yourself and your truth. Your real identity matters. Transgender dating apps like this encourage you to be who you really are and embrace your love life with a brave heart.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Alexander says

    I learned about it only when I saw the section in the frequently asked questions, when I studied the instructions (the interface is incomprehensible). I do not exclude that it is written somewhere in the terms of the contract in small letters. A decent website would not do such a thing: if people like, it will always prolong the payment itself. spam protection is good: protect from everything, perhaps even from Dating.

    1. Garcia says

      Women think that men and women have been brainwashed by society into thinking that they should be perfect in every way. Men are taught that they are not attractive if they don’t have any physical flaws. That is why they go for the less attractive women.

  2. James C. Harris says

    Stupid website. Bought an account for three months. As a result, the hundreds of guests, many who wrote it, and there’s NO real answer, not counting all sorts of smiles and classes. It turns out that for the most part people sit on free accounts and just can not answer. Another of the cons-removed the ability to see when people were last on the site so you now do not understand it makes sense to write or not

    1. George says

      Most women don’t realize that there are more attractive men than attractive women. They think that being tall, dark, handsome and muscular is the height of beauty. They believe that they should aspire to that.

    2. Frank says

      I’ve questioned individuals in particular person. However I sense of guys, we need to make the work of specialist pictures as a result of perfectionist community, and then for example London ranking second from base with reduced matches males, above Copenhagen with all the least variety of match up. I have to get decent pictures.

    3. Austin says

      Most of the popular dating apps offer services such as hookup, friendship, flirting and romance. In most of the cases these are the same services that men and women want. Women may think that these services are just a waste of time.

  3. Patricia says

    Listen carefully !!! AUTOMATIC PAYMENT IS not working properly….

  4. Zachary says

    The previous review does not contain all the information. I agree completely with the negative reviews. I have the feeling that the questionnaire non-living people. The test is the poorest. Offered paid service (without which is on the site is meaningless), the price is for a month, the money is removed for three. She demanded to return me the money for the unused two months, because I do not see the point in further finding there, here is the answer: “at Your request, we have deactivated the automatic renewal of the subscription, its validity expires.

  5. Steven A says

    According to the User agreement, which You accepted at registration, ” the Will to conclude the contract can be withdrawn within two weeks without specifying the reasons in writing (letter, Fax, e-mail). The term begins to flow from the date of receipt of this explanation, but not before the conclusion of the contract and not until the execution of the information duties of the Annex.” Unfortunately, since the term set by the User agreement for the withdrawal of the contract has expired, the refund in this case is impossible. “Well, that is, a refund is possible if you do not use the site for two weeks after payment. Which, of course, is almost impossible. I tried once more to return the empty little money, but a matter of principle: “Dear German-Russian friends! Not everything in this life is measured by user agreements, especially in Russia.

    1. Evelyn says

      For individual people you should try a feng shui to attract a partner- the most effective the first is Marie Precious stone. She is training which our properties are three dimensional sight panels, exactly where we visually symbolize our desired goals and best wishes … When you are single and interested in attracting adore, don’t suspend a picture of a single person since this is not what you are actually having dreams about. Instead, dangle a photo of the sensitive couple.

  6. Betty R says

    There is such a thing -“customer focus”. This is a key parameter in the provision of services and trade in our country. Especially in times of crisis and increased competition. And yet, in Russia we have one rule in marketing – one satisfied customer will lead 5 more of the same, one dissatisfied-will lead 10. I advise you to think carefully about this question – what are you willing to lose – a little less than 2000 rubles or your face? I urge you to leave me in the status of a satisfied customer. Once again, thank you for your understanding and scrupulous understanding of the mentality of the Russian people and, in particular, the spiritual organization

  7. Daniel says

    Adored your previous online dating video Louise, could completely correspond with your experiences aside from the quantity of times you’ve been taking place…reasonable play! You must turn this in to a suitable internet dating sequence. Color is fab to you way too btw by

  8. Lucile says

    You might be absolutely beautiful, your amusing also :))) day me!!!!

  9. Lucas says

    Of course which includes the reality that you’re trans in your bio is really significant! I live in Germany and I’ve experienced only optimistic encounters on internet dating software regardless if folks weren’t into me these were very courteous and type regarding it!

  10. Dennis says

    I want there to be an app that doesn’t reprimand you by showing you people that you aren’t interested in even though somebody else still left swiped you

  11. Hattie says

    Thank you you

  12. Jensen says

    My friend always encouraged me to go on tonnes of dates after i was one! She utilized to say “it will be either an effective particular date or perhaps a excellent story” feel she’s correct! Really like your videos Louise! Keep these arriving! Xx

  13. Jenkins says

    Men and women have the same interest in sex. They just don’t talk about it in the same way. Men enjoy talking about sex and women enjoy talking about it. And even though there are different views on how it should be discussed, there is no doubt that both sides find enjoyment in talking about sex.

  14. Ian says

    Some people believe that women will go out and find some sex. They try to contact men on the internet to hook up with them. But most men don’t do this because they feel that they have already had sex with them before.

  15. Clayton says

    Females and gentlemen you should lend me your ears and listen courting website absolutely absolutely 100% bullshit why people who moves there would you don’t head to find a person special they simply moving why managed continue on Facebook yes on Facebook they’re leaving behind their Instagram to allow them to gain supporters and attention that’s all Believe me when i state it’s only a total waste of time I used to be wanting I can find someone specific nevertheless it turns out these were only key objective she say she wants something serious partnership and once I got connected she stated she never say anything such as that I found myself just joking alright then I’m off to few other people they explained they’re seeking a critical relationship they think their Instagram I got in contact do you know what five time no answer I texted her and five days and nights no respond always trying to find interest she got 1000 readers anyways keep going up and find out a few things i mean total waste women these generations don’t seeking something serious only for focus that’s their daily life and that’s how they will expire happily alone I swear I don’t know why even take the time why they’re happening dating sites are seeking one thing if you’re not so significant or perhaps looking for consideration if you want followers remain on Instagram when you wanna talk as friends continue to fucking Facebook straightforward as that dating sites is anyone to realize that specific man or woman and something day time to end up happily together but no these girls manufactured another era bullshit Instagram/Facebook and that is why dating website is only total waste

  16. Wood says

    Men have the opposite idea. They feel that they have to talk about sex as they feel like it’s their duty. Their women know that they like to talk about sex, so they tend to go along with the idea.

  17. Hallie says

    Incredible your very hot

  18. Susan says

    Why are you literally me, this looks like I created this online video

  19. Keith says

    Men and women have always had an interest in each other’s company on the internet. Most men use the internet to communicate with friends and family. They want to know how their friends are doing. They want to see what their families are up to.

  20. Ballard says

    But women who go out and look for sex never meet a man she was interested in. It is like there is a negative effect on the relationship. Once the relationship begins, it becomes unspoken that both sides enjoy sex and don’t care if the other person has sex with him or her.

  21. Sandoval says

    I’ve had no good fortune locating transgender girls on online dating applications. Say thanks to Our god I know a wonderful trans girl. That hopefully I can carry in my hands soon

  22. Florence says

    Hello there! thank you for all of the sound advice! could you send me to raya?? my exhusband already discovered his lover after providing me 4 days and nights ago… attempting to proceed….

  23. Burton says

    I was thinking Raya was for wealthy famous individuals only. Most questions on online dating programs are biased against ladies. You say you do have a respectable earnings and higher degree and men don’t would like you or consider you aren’t artistic or fun. I don’t desire to be evaluated by my occupation or perhaps the truth I gained every thing I own. The United States is incredibly hateful towards ladies (why there exists a turd rather than a girl director right now). I would personally placed “NOYB” for most inquiries. That’s what dating is made for (to get to know men and women). Technologies have messed up internet dating for girls permanently. They are all crap. Go one visit to a different region . . .that’s the best choice. Other than, we can’t accomplish that at the moment.

  24. Winnie says

    I enrolled for Lots of Fish mainly because they market it’s totally free, however it charge cash to actually meet men. Also I’m vegan and that was an issue for a lot of (producing emails is free of charge however, if I composed let’s meetup I never listened to back & was prompted to pay a monthly charge). I will be exploring vegan online dating apps & activities.

  25. Bradley says

    There are so many apps available on the internet, but the app that I recommend is called Tinder. It is an app that allows men and women to meet each other using Tinder. You swipe left or right to indicate whether you want to meet them.

  26. Ross says

    The celeb app you talked about is indeed acknowledged amongst influencers! I truly feel it is pretty much full of “very carefully selected’ individuals based on their feeds. Which for me isn’t genuine but I know so many individuals in the industry adore it while they carry on days with famous individuals, some men even pay for luxury holidays which to me isn’t just actual.

  27. Robinson says

    But once women start talking about sex there is usually a storm of argument. Women think that men are afraid of talking about sex. They think that it’s too embarrassing to discuss.

  28. Ophelia says

    But most men think that the only way to attract women is to use internet gay websites or to pay women to be their date. Many women have the same ideas. But most women aren’t aware that these are things that men use online to get dates.

  29. Garcia says

    This is the way that men maintain relationships with women. They don’t need to spend time with their friends. They can enjoy the company of their women and make sure that they are happy in the relationship.

  30. Watson says

    Are there any online dating apps for trans people?

  31. Justin says

    Dating software are the more serious! I sense bad for my friends, lead to it’s all about appearance than persona. Nothing at all a whole lot worse than meeting someone desirable without having individuality ?

  32. Kelley says

    Your are so wonderful. Should you be my gf id take care of you prefer a queen I adore your individuality a lot.

  33. Gertrude says

    I live on an island so it’s definitely tougher getting somebody very good up to now once the population is 70,000. More visitors than residents. Figured internet dating programs can be quite a good thing to test out haha ?

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