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Meet a Cougar dating app review (dating and chat)

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Meet a Cougar – dating & chat is a sugar momma dating app that helps mature women to meet sexy young men. As one of the most popular cougar dating apps on the market, Meet a Cougar dating app has been quite successful these days.


  • Sign up on your phone with ease.
  • The matchmaking system will help you find suitable matches within 24 hours.
    When you browse other users’ profiles, simply leave a like on an attractive member’s dating profile & if both of you like each other, you can start a conversation and arrange a date instantly.
  • Long conversations aren’t encouraged. Basically, Meet a Cougar dating app wants you to meet other users and show your affection, and then it’s time to go out for a real date!
  • This cougar dating app has eight languages for different versions: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. Apparently, most of its users are either in English-speaking countries or Europe where there are a large number of sugar mommas looking for love and connection online.


  • Free to download and use.
  • 1-month VIP member: $39.99.
  • 2-month VIP member: $49.99.


  • Meet a Cougar dating app has many mature women, which isn’t common in today’s day and age because it is said that sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns. Yet this sugar momma dating app seems to be legitimate as its female database is huge.
  • You can send photos when you are chatting with another member online.
    Men on this app are very, very hot!
  • Its matchmaking technology is quite advanced and works pretty well.


  • It is reported that a lot of women on Meet a Cougar dating app aren’t very attractive. They look malnourished. Well, of course, if a mature woman at the peak of her libido can’t get it from men in real life, she will look malnourished & that’s why she needs to join this app!
  • Meet a Cougar dating app doesn’t verify its members’ dating profiles, so you never know who is a real person and who is a robot.
  • It doesn’t send you new users regularly because this app keeps sending you the same profiles again and again, which is disappointing. Maybe it doesn’t have enough active users?

Users’ comments:

“There is only a like button. I can’t do much on this app. I’m not interested. Actually, I prefer more comprehensive dating apps.” (Darren, 18, London)

“I live in L.A. and my goal is to become a successful movie star. In this city, there are so many successful mature women who have made it, yet they are lonely. So, I think it’s a good idea to find a sugar momma who can become my mentor so that I don’t have to spend 20 years trying to be successful. Yes, that’s the best short-cut. Luckily, I’ve found my cougar on Meet a Cougar dating app and I really appreciate this dating service. Now my sugar momma is helping me with my career – I’ve just got my first modelling gig. Super happy!” (Patrick, 20, Los Angeles)

“I’m very happy with the service provided by Meet a Cougar dating app. There are so many handsome young men for me to choose. What a delicious buffet! I highly recommend this cougar dating apps to any lonely women out there because it works so well.” (Mary, 48, New York City)

“Unfortunately, most men that I’ve met on this app think an arrangement is a transaction, so I’m unhappy with the quality of male members on this app. They only want to offer intimacy in order to get paid. But in my opinion, an arrangement is also a relationship – I want to build a genuine connection with a younger man so that we can look after each other in the long term. Mutual benefits must be a priority so that the relationship can be sustainable – there is nothing wrong with that. However, I don’t think it’s healthy to ignore emotional connection in an arrangement.” (Cynthia, 47, Chicago)

Experts’ comments:

“Meet a Cougar dating app is a relatively new dating product which was launched in 2017 on iTunes App Store; therefore, I haven’t seen many comments on it yet.” (Serghei)

“These days ‘sugar momma dating’ is a taboo phrase on iTunes App Store, so Meet a Cougar dating app only displays ‘cougar dating’ instead.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Some users of Meet a Cougar dating app have reported this app to iTunes because they were asked to confirm a payment during their registration process – be careful: the touch ID on your iPhone can be used too easily. Clearly, it’s not the best dating app for sugar mommas and attractive men. You can do better by choosing another cougar dating app that we have previously analyzed on this website. Good luck!android-download

Meet a cougar, change your life.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Karen P says

    Bottom line as for me: extremely negative sediment left from this site, do not waste your time and money on it and do not believe those who write that everything is rosy and beautiful, everything is not so

  2. Mary T says

    Have You tried to cancel the automatic renewal? Written there is really very accessible… only it is almost impossible to do it… Following the instructions, you all the time” turns ” between the form to refuse and a list of questions… it’s just technically impossible to find the proverbial opt-out form and send a complaint to support too…. If You know some magical way of how to do it, please share….

  3. Joe V. McLeod says

    Not completed the registration, first, the whole brain was killed endless, I will emphasize the INFINITE, the questionnaire of a hundred thousand questions, anyone it’s all thoughtfully placed, I on the second page and began reading to participate the first option and by 9 page I was furious, but I found the last crinite that the choice of Leningrad region have to choose the district, then the city and faced with the fact that Saint Petersburg is generally there XS where, in General, not finding it so I closed the tab with this bad stuff. regret spent half an hour time. I’m definitely never going back there again.

  4. Wendy D says

    BUT ALAS… Previously, I considered the site normal, paid and used. But recently I had the same story as most, when buying a subscription was a tick, which is not removed, for automatic renewal, then a similar example in all of the above reviews. Divorce for money. I corresponded with the site, but they have one answer that I put a check mark when registering for compliance and consent to the user agreement (contract). Strange administration of the site, they money people are, willing to pay fair, and they refuse.

  5. Pearl says

    That it seems, according to the proposed candidates that live in Russia some drunks, convicted and just straaaange people . For three days already disappointed in the site

  6. Elena says

    Site divorce for money. Send money. And no result. They respond to emails, brains as though I double-checked and once with an error in the emale. And allegedly money got there. Visit the site through a properly registered email and please communicate via paid .Went back to fill out a questionnaire. At all are spinning you around the circle and no outcome.

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