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Moco Dating App Review (Chat, Flirt and Meet New People)

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Moco dating app is another mainstream dating platform that is trying to get your attention. The online dating space has become more and more crowded these days because the Internet is not at its infant stage anymore. Now the Internet is becoming more mature, so the competition amongst dating apps is very fierce in this day and age. Those dating apps/sites who are successful started early. Well, that’s actually good news for the regular dater because that means every dating app has to keep improving its product and services in order to keep their customers.


  • Search by gender, age, location and sexual preference.
  • Gay and lesbian daters can join this app, too.
  • Video calls and voice messages are available.
  • Users can choose private chat or group chat.
  • Hundreds of forums and chat rooms are on Moco dating app. Seriously, they still have chat rooms in 2019!
  • Stickers, emojis, themes, colors and fonts can be used to customize your messages.
  • Play free multiplayer and social games to meet new friends (e.g. Street Wars and MatchMe). This feature has definitely attracted a big younger crowd.moco sign up


  • 500 Gold: US$4.99
  • 1100 Gold: US$9.99
  • 500 Moco Gold (only for 1st Time Purchasers): US$0.99
  • 3100 Gold: US$24.99
  • 6500 Gold: US$49.99
  • VIP (1-month Legacy): US$19.99
  • VIP (1 month): US$7.99
  • VIP (3-month Legacy): US$49.99
  • VIP (3 months): US$20.99
  • VIP (6 months): US$35.99moco prices


  • Moco dating app has been extensively featured in the mainstream media since its inception. And USA Today famously stated, “Mono has emerged as a favorite in the United States.” Also, MonoSpace was featured on MTV’s Catfish in a high-profile way. Apart from that, it is known as Google Top 10 Trending Social Media Site. Obviously, its success is huge.
  • MonoSpace, the company that runs Mono dating app, is the biggest social network of Latinos and African Americans in the world.
  • Its interface is very user-friendly and smooth.
  • It’s a very inclusive dating product. Cultural diversity is celebrated


  • MocoSpace has been hugely successful since 2008. Yet it seems that their business has been on autopilot for many years already because they rarely update their product and there are many bugs on this app now.
  • Mono dating app shows too many ads to its free members. As a free member, these ads will even block your conversation with another user because ads are huge and annoying.
  • This app bribes its members: If someone writes a good review for them on iTunes, this person will be rewarded by the app. Seriously? Where is their integrity? Hopefully that’s not the only reason why they have positive reviews on iTunes.
  • You have to verify that you are a real human if you want to play games on this app. They ask you to verify your identity for so many times that you don’t even want to play games anymore.
  • Many members join this app in order to play games rather than dating, so if you are looking for true love, this app probably isn’t the best place for you to look at.
  • If someone reports you for whatever reason, you account can be blocked forever and you can’t even complain.moco search

Users’ comments:

“As a well-known dating app, Moco dating app has dominated the Hispanic and African American daters’ market. It is indeed the biggest dating platform for minorities in the United States. Although its design is very good, it’s gradually getting worse and worse these days. I’m not sure what the founders are doing right now. Maybe they don’t care anymore?” (Julie A., 31, NYC)

“Oh, I really wanted to say that I love this app because I’ve been using Moco since 2010. I’m one of their early users. However, recently I’ve discovered too many bugs on this app and I’ve been put off a bit. I hope the app developer can do something to fix some major bugs that are ruining user experience online.” (Anna K., 35, L.A.)

“I joined Moco dating app to look for dates, but almost everyone that I’ve met on this app is here to play games only. I’m disappointed and confused. Isn’t it a dating app in the first place?” (Crystal H., 30, Miami)

“Some older people on this app are not very friendly to younger people. I only wanted to date mature men, but they don’t like me and are very rude to me. I might as well join a sugar daddy dating app instead. But sadly, all sugar daddy dating apps are removed by Apple, so now I need to get an Android phone and download sugar daddy dating apps from Google Play Store!” (Amber W., 23, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

“Moco dating app is very cool. I love its games, chat rooms and hot girls! This is the perfect place for guys like me.” (Paul V., 26, Boston)moco profiles

Experts’ comments:

“MocoSpace is a successful business established by passionate founders who want to bring good value to Latinos and African Americans. Hopefully it will keep up the good work today and tomorrow.” (Jade Seashell)

“It seems that at least 90% of its members are in the United States. It will be better if it’s more global.” (Curt Coch)

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Executive summary:

Moco dating app has English and Spanish (two default languages) for members to choose because its Hispanic community is huge. Theoretically, you can meet people nearby or around the world on this app. But realistically, approximately 90% of its users are in the United States.itunes download new

Moco is marvelous, magnificent and magical.

  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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