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The real reasons behind the popularity of Asian dating apps

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Yesterday I checked the popularity of keyword search results and discovered that “Asian dating apps” is one of the most popular keywords on Google. I’m not surprised because I’ve dated many Asian women & have some insights into this phenomenon.

  • More and more western men have realized that Asian women are the most feminine women in the world.

According to a recent study in Australian universities, Anglo-Saxon culture is the most masculine culture in the world, and Asian culture is the most feminine culture on the planet. Therefore, western men and Asian women are the perfect match. No wonder Asian dating apps are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Those who say they dislike seeing white men dating Asian women are just sour grapes. Stop being so jealous and give me a break!young asians

I’m a White guy and I love dating Asian girls. There is nothing wrong with that. I’ve met many Asian women who are very feminine, traditional, open-minded and caring. Yes, many of them are traditional and open-minded at the same time.

By that I mean girls on Asian dating apps have traditional values, i.e. they believe in marriage &family and want to have kids. Meanwhile, they are happy to experiment with new adventures in life. That means in the long term, they want to get married and have a family life. But right now, they are willing to enjoy some flings when they still can.

  • Asian women are very, very, very, very practical.

The majority of Asian girls that I’ve met are extremely practical. They aren’t looking for artistic men who don’t have stable income. I’m not saying every artistic man is a starving artist. I mean Asian beauties are very down-to-earth – they want to date men who have resources, yet they don’t necessarily depend on their men.

Most Asian beauties asked me this question very early in the interaction, “What do you do?” They want to find out whether I’m a practical guy with a stable income because they hate dating losers who want to use them for s*x and money, which is totally understandable.

Last year, I was dating an Asian girl who was only 21 years old. I met her on an Asian dating app. We had a one-night stand and in the morning when we woke up, I asked her how she was going to go home as she told me she must leave before 11am.

“I’ll get a taxi,” says the Asian asian girls

“Who’s going to pay for the taxi? You don’t have a job because you are still studying at university.” I asked her.

“Oh, my dad gives me money regularly, so I’m okay,” says the Asian girl.

In fact, this 21-year-old Asian beauty belongs to the younger generation who believe that women can be financially independent and women don’t really need men in this regard. In this case, either her dad will pay for her hookup or I will pay for her hookup because she doesn’t have a job.

In the end, I didn’t pay for her hookup because she insisted on paying for the taxi.

Interestingly, I met a 26-year-old Asian stunner this year on an Asian dating app and we had a one-night stand. This girl graduated from university several years ago and now she probably has figured out that the career thing wouldn’t work in reality, so when I asked her how she was going to go home in the morning (she told me she had to arrive home before 10am as her aunt was going to visit her), she didn’t insist on paying for the taxi.

I was amazed by how practical Asian stunners are.

  • When I hooked up with Asian women and it was my turn to leave in the morning…

Yes, sometimes I go to Asian ladies’ places and stay the night there. For example, last week I hooked up with a lady from Asia (I met her on an Asian dating app as well). Because I didn’t have to leave in the morning, I was wondering what I should do.

After reading some articles about Asian culture, I thought Asian women are probably more traditional than western women. Therefore, in order to be polite, I was staying at her place in the morning and we had breakfast together.

I even did the dishes for her in order to further make her happy. I’m a very kind guy.

But from her reaction, I could tell her subtle feeling. She was probably thinking… “So, when is this guy going to leave?”

Anyway, I left at around 11:30am that morning and we both had a good asian girls on apps

In conclusion, not all Asian ladies are looking for serious relationships on Asian dating apps. Many of them are only looking for casual flings. And that’s absolutely okay.

Yes, Asian beauties are more open-minded than you think.

According to my experience, most women from Asia want to have a quick go with White men, but they don’t necessarily want to marry White men, because they are very practical.

In my case, currently I only want to hook up with girls from Asia and I’m not looking for a long-term relationship at the moment. Hence, this is how I oftentimes communicate my intentions in an honest way:

After my ejaculation, my Asian lover usually wants to have a shower because most beauties from Asia are very clean. After she finishes the shower, she can see that I’m fully dressed. That means I’m not even planning on spend the night with her. So, she would know either she will leave or I will leave after s*x. It’s only a quick go which is very common on Asian dating apps these days.

Of course, sometimes I stay the night with my Asian lover if I feel like doing it. And that happens once in a while.

Usually, I don’t spend the entire night with my Asian stunner because I tend to sleep better when I don’t share a bed with someone else. Yes, I sleep better after ejaculation in my own bed without a woman.

  • What do Asian women want from men?

Here is my discovery: Most stunners from Asia don’t really have any expectations; they have high standards.

The majority of Asian girls that I’ve dated don’t expect anything from me, but they do choose high-value men.

A high-value man is intelligent, humorous, good-looking, well-educated and well-calibrated. A high-value man is asian women

An Asian girl told me that whenever she is on a date with a man, she always observes the guy’s behavior and calibration, i.e. she often wears high heels and if the guy is walking too fast, she knows this guy isn’t well-calibrated at all – she wouldn’t want to walk that fast in high heels. Therefore, she could guess that this guy isn’t very good in bed – lack of calibration indicates bad skills in the bedroom.

Another example is when she goes to a restaurant with a man that she met on an Asian dating app, she would let him enter the restaurant first and see how he does it. If he enters the restaurant without holding the door open for her, that means this guy is probably bad in bed – he can’t observe the situation and react accordingly.

Asian women are best characterized by smooth skin, youthful appearance and tighter boxes.

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